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  • ”Another two Amaretto and cokes. And two shots of Sambuca…” Even leaning across the bar top, Mitch had to practically shout his order to the bartender, but eventually he was understood and the four glasses were pushed his way. Sliding his card across the bar – he’d only come out with a small amount of cash and that had long since gone – the bill was signed for before he started the somewhat treacherous task of moving back to the table with all glasses remaining unspilt. Granted, he had big hands and a lot of practice carrying glasses in bars, so it was technically possible to hold a glass and a shot glass in each hand, negotiating a crowded dancefloor unscathed was always going to be like crossing a minefield. Thankfully, however, he managed to make it across without incident, and was soon settling his hard fought treasure on the table. ”Enjoy!” Half stumbling (but acting for all the world as though that had been his intention all along) Mitch flopped back into his seat, picking up the shot glass and bringing it to his lips. ”To Fridays!”

    This wasn’t how either of them had been intending the evening to turn out. When Emily had suggested going to the bar on the corner for a quick drink to celebrate the end of another working week (and to make a rather dreary day infinitely better), a couple of drinks really had been the intention. But two drink soon led to three, the terrible music in the bar drove them to seek out something more pleasurable, and before either of them really knew what was going on, they were three sheets to the wind, had been happily dancing to cheesy classics, and were resigned to being more than a little worse for wear come the morning. It was almost as though they had reverted to a time when they were both students. Only, in Mitch’s mind at least, this was infinitely better. Not least because this time, Emily was single.

    The two of them had the sort of relationship that was hard to explain. At the start, Mitch had simply had the intention to love her and leave her, in much the same way as he had the rest of his college girlfriends. The boyfriend had put stop to that, however, and Mitch had found himself in the dreaded ‘friend zone’. It was a place he stayed though, finding himself genuinely enjoying her company. When she, along with her twin – Sam, needed somewhere to live in Bishop City just as he did, it seemed the most logical thing in the world for the three of them to share a house. That was when lines started to get blurred. Some would say that they were passing into the realm of ‘like brother and sister’. Mitch really hoped not. And judging by the way she responded to his flirting (he was a shameless flirt and always would be, there was nothing to be gained from denying it), brother and sister was the last thing Emily Raines was thinking about. Just as long as her actual brother didn’t notice. Especially Eddie…

    Finishing his drink, Mitch half scowled as he blinked up to the ceiling. The lights were on?! When had that happened?! He could have sworn it was only a little past midnight the last he’d looked. Glancing over to Emily, he grinned. ”does that mean we should probably go now maybe?” Though getting his limbs to cooperate would be another matter entirely. Using the table to help him, Mitch pulled himself to his feet, offering an arm out to Em. ”Your chariot awaits fair maiden! Or it would when he’d hailed a cab, anyway.</li>