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M E M B E R S' . M O S T . W A N T E D

Have you seen a canon you really want to see played? Maybe you're playing a canon that's connected to him/her, or maybe you think he/she would be a good plotting match with your character? Or maybe you just think this canon looks cool. Whatever the reason, this is where our members can post their requests for canons. This can be a good place for new members interested in playing a canon to go, to see if there's any canons that's particularly needed or wanted.

So here's what you do; post the canon's name, city section, and either include all his/her information, or simply direct the reader to the thread said canon belongs to. Each player may only request two canons at a time, and we will be cleaning out the posts if the canons are filled, so it'd be nice if you just included one request per post.

Have at it!
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Ruth Silverman
Year of birth: 1992
Parented by Peter & Rochelle Silverman
Freshman at Bishop University
Portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg
Subplots: [x] [x] [x] [x]

>> she's daddy's little girl, spoiled from the point of conception
>> an absolute angel around her father, but a devil to just about everyone else
>> was part of the so-called 'power trio' when she attended West Bishop High, along with her closest friends, Kathryn Ventress and Raina Goncharov
>> strongly resented, and still resents, the low-popularity group from WBH consisting of Jaye Shaw, Billye Shae-Hughes and Chung Ae Choi
>> she has a nasty temper, and when it presents itself, she'll take it out on whoever's closest, usually the less popular
>> she's known as the bitchiest of her group of friends
>> loves reading, but is extremely secretive about it
>> she pretends not to care that her grades are lacking compared to Jared's, but in reality, it gets to her
>> she hides the gentler, kinder side of herself in fear of being perceived as 'weak'
>> often comes across as haughty or high-and-mighty
>> her father is her hero, and she refuses to believe anything bad said about him
>> never questioned the story of her older brother's whereabouts until she saw him in Bishop City
>> her ex-boyfriend, Mikael Fierro, cheated on her with one of her best friends, Raina Goncharov. For a while, she was in the dark about the whole thing, but it eventually came out and it wasn't pretty.

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I'd love to see Forest around again, for funs and drama.

Forest Sanford
Year of birth: 1969
Single and never married
Father of Alyssa Barthes (unknown)
Parented by Phillip and Nadia Sanford
Editor-in-chief and owner of A-line fashion magazine
Portrayed by Michael Vartan
Subplots: [x] [x] [x]

>> grew up in the power-house Sanford family, and was exposed to the press since birth
>> loathes tabloids and the paparazzi, and has become rather elusive over the years
>> was high school sweethearts with Amy Barthes, but she left him after his sister bought her off to stay quiet about her pregnancy - something he never knew about
>> only recently discovered that he has a child with Amy; before that, they'd had no contact since their teens
>> they are now trying to establish a working friendship for the sake of their daughter
>> anything but your standard playboy rich kid; he hardly dates, and hasn't had many serious ones since Amy
>> trust issues has kept him from forming relationships, especially romantic ones
>> was in a yearlong relationship with VICTORIA PRYCE, but it ended after he learned he had a daughter
>> is known for being a lone wolf, and it's not entirely untrue
>> it is rumoured that he's gay, but he refuses to comment, and frankly doesn't care
>> he has high standards in life, and only the finest of everything from food to clothes is acceptable
>> cold and stand-offish around strangers and employees, but warm and loving to his family and the few friends he has
>> he always wanted children, but lacking this, his niece, Kathryn, has become a substitute
>> has a close friend in Ciera Berryman, one of the few people who manage to make him relax. She also introduced him to Penelope Padgett