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it's time

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There were only so many episodes of Pinky and The Brain a guy could watch in one day.

Knox, however, was not just a guy, and it had been a day-long event, accompanied by a salad bowl full of fruit loops and an entire pot of coffee. (Quite literally, he hadn’t even put the stuff in a mug. It took a couple of guesses to get the amount of sugar right, but he’d managed.) He had used his sugar rush to throw some way over-due laundry into the machine downstairs in between commercial breaks but that was just about all of the productivity he’d managed. The sugar crash had been accompanied by a nap on the still warm pile of clothing he’d pulled from the dryer moments previously. It might not sound ideal, but with the night he’d had before, it was his current idea of a dream day off.

The 12-hour shift had gone by quickly, which usually meant a rough night for all of those involved. A motor vehicle accident, no casualties. A house fire – one person in critical condition and a toddler with a minor burn from an accidental brush with a hot pan. She had been the real trooper of the night. Once she’d realized her hand wasn’t going to fall off, she’d spent the next 45 minutes telling Knox that Batman was better ‘cause he had cool ears on his superhero helmet. He couldn’t agree more.

As it were, the marathon was over, at least for him, and when Knox looked over at the clock he realized he’d have just enough time to get over to Elisabeth so he could walk home with her, and he didn’t need to be convinced that his legs could use the stretch. He threw a pair of jeans on over his boxers and a baggy sweater over the white tank he had rocked for the last 24 hours and headed out the door, checking and double-checking the lock before he headed down the stairs of their apartment building.

The city was loud tonight – louder than usual. Dusk had just begun to settle and swarms of people made their way past him, consumed in their own conversations. It was comforting, actually. It didn’t matter how tired he was, or what he’d seen – the rest of the world went on as it should, as it always would. He ditched his cigarette on the side of the road, ignoring the glare from the short brunette onlooker who had obviously never made a bad decision in her life, while he rounded the corner to the familiar building. Knox parked himself lazily on a bench outside the building, in clear view of the door Elisabeth usually came out of.

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“There’s another guy, isn’t there?” Andrew’s accusation pierced Elisabeth’s fatigued mind. She was too tired to argue with him. Especially about this. She rested her head against the mirror in the dance studio and closed her eyes. With her free hand she attempted to massage the tension from her forehead. Andrew’s assumption was always that there was another guy involved if she didn’t want to go out to a club or restaurant in the evening. How he thought she met anyone else was a mystery to her. She’d only met him when he had mistaken her backstage. The only other guys she met wore leotards and tended to prefer the companionship of other guys who wore leotards. “Andrew, you know there’s no other guy,” she said wearily.

“Bon soir, cherie!

“Who was that, then?” Andrew demanded.

“Philippe. You’ve met him. He’s dating Charles. Actually I think they’re common-law.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. I’d turn straight for you.”

“I don’t think it works that way. I’m just tired. Honest. We had to re-block an entire sequence twice today and even then the choreographer wasn’t happy with the end result. And I had three classes on top of that. Everything is insane before the ticket gala. You know that.”

“It’s your roommate, isn’t it? There’s something going on with the two of you. Just tell me the truth.”

Elisabeth knew the drill, it was a conversation they’d had countless times before. Andrew would accuse her until she felt guilty and agreed to go to whatever function he had planned for them that evening. It didn’t matter how many times she reassured him that Knox was like a brother to her or that she wasn’t interested in any of her coworkers or even had time to meet someone else, it seemed that Andrew was incapable of trusting her. Tonight, however, she would not be swayed. She could see the blood soaking through her bandaged feet – a sign of how hard she had worked. Mauve circles darkened her eyes. “Tomorrow,” she offered quietly. “Make any plans you want and I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll even bring a change of clothes to work so we can meet right after.”

Andrew wasn’t happy. After another fifteen minutes of arguing, Elisabeth was able to get him to give up on going out that evening. With a promise that he’d drop by later to check on her, she’d hung up. Dating Andrew felt more exhausting than the schedule she maintained at work.

As she made her way to the locker room, she forced herself to smile. She didn’t have a right to complain. Andrew just wanted to spend time with her and between rehearsal and classes, her scheduled didn’t have much free time.

Opening her locker, she stared at the jeans and t-shirt neatly folded on the shelf. Real clothes were not happening. Instead she rummaged in her duffle bag and pulled out a pair of calf-length yoga pants and a blue tank top. After re-bandaging her blistered feet, she wasted no time changing from her workout clothes to, clean workout clothes. That night the only date she planned on having was with the couch.

Making her way from the building, she pulled her hair free from the messy knot she had thrown it up in and used her fingers to attempt to detangle the curls. She was about to pop in her headphones when a familiar voice calling her name caused her to turn. With a genuine grin, she recognised her best friend and all around favourite person, her roommate, Knox. “What are you doing here?”

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Being Elisabeth’s roommate definitely had its perks. She was the best part, of course, but the fact that her roomieage came with fresh baked goods and a whole ballet troop worth of legs was definitely one of them. He smiled lazily at a few of the girls who walked by, some of which glared at him in digust, a few of which giggled and hurried by with their friends. It was a good place to be, this here bench, and all of a sudden he had never had so much respect for such an uncomfortable seating arrangement. He knew she wouldn’t be long out now, but he was excellent at multi-tasking. He felt his phone buzz and pulled it out of his pocket to read a text message.

Eric says: pub tonite?[i/] Knox chuckled.
I say: no way dude. Brownies and disney.
Eric says: fag
I say: uh-huh.

Knox looked up from the exchange at the exact right time and a grin spead across his face. She looked grumpy. He could fix that. ”Elisabeth!” He called out to her and sawher turn towards him. He passed along a little wave and got up, shoving his phone back in his pocket as he strode over to her. ”Hey! He gave her a Knox-sized hug and left his arm over her shoulder as they walked away from the building. What are you doing here? Knox cleared his throat dramatically.

”Well, I was sewing a small child’s arm back on and thought ‘it would be a good night for a walk’. This is just where I ended up. So I guess it was a good night for a walk with my best girl.” He looked down at her and grinned, bending over just slightly to kiss her forehead. ”How was your day? Did you school ‘em all? Also, have you eaten? Because I ate all the fruit-loops this morning and I’m starving. Even you’re starting to look delicious and I’m not all the comfortable with cannibalism.”

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Knox’s lips brushed against her forehead and Elisabeth leaned against him with a sigh. From the depths of her coat pocket her phone had begun to incessantly vibrate. Andrew. Her fingers inched hesitantly towards it. She didn’t want to talk to him now, but didn’t want to deal with more accusations later. She paused a moment too long, and it stopped moving, clicking over to voicemail instead.

“Today was long,” she confessed. “I’m really looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow. I think the ticket gala might kill me. But what’s this about an arm?” Elisabeth shook her head in an attempt to clear the cobwebs that had begun to form in the fatigued corners.

“Also, have you eaten? Because I ate all the fruit-loops this morning and I’m starving. Even you’re starting to look delicious and I’m not all that comfortable with cannibalism.” Elisabeth smiled in response, straightening her lithe frame so that she no longer used her friend as a human crutch. Considering the only thing she’d paused to eat over the course of the day was a protein shake, there was no question that she was equally ravenous. She was just about to tell Knox that when her phone began to vibrate once more.

Elisabeth reached into her pocket with a sigh and retrieved the phone. Her eyes rolled unconsciously as she saw Andrew’s familiar smirk on the display. She glanced at Knox and mouthed “Andrew” as she raised the phone to her ear. It was better to get it over with.

The three minute conversation that followed involved a dozen assurances that she wasn’t screening his calls or upset with him. Most important of all (at least for Andrew) was that she wasn’t cheating on him. When the call finally ended with her telling him that she was turning off her phone so she could go to sleep, she offered Knox an apologetic smile. “Sorry about that. What were talking about? Food? The answer is yes. Please. Do you mind if we take it to go? I’m about as exhausted as I am starved.”