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If you want to join a gang, or create a new gang, fill out the forms below and post here. But remember that not everyone can be gang-members! We can't guarantee admission for everyone; it's important that your character fits with the profile of the gang. If you want to join a member-owned gang, you have to clear it with the person that leads it first. We will not be accepting new character-owned gangs until all existing gangs have at least three members.
Important: Gangs will normally always belong to the East Side, so clear it with the admins first if you want to create a South End gang. North End and West Side are out of the question. Also: by owning a gang, you are responsible for giving the new members their gang-names. Your character's gang-name will be assigned by the gang-leader, but feel free to offer up some suggestions. If you absolutely hate the assigned gang-name, you may veto it.


The Silver Snakes [canon gang]
Leader: Michael Miller (Snake)
Members: George Harris (Chef), Quentin Hawkins (Hawk), Costel Novak (Picasso)
Recognized by: A tattoo of a snake wrapped around a dagger on the back of the forearm, always in all graytones.
Area: East Side Docks
Answers to the Goncharov family. The members bring the Goncharov drugs to the streets, making sure that the family itself isn't incriminated. They also supply muscle at the Strip'n'Tease, keep an eye on the Goncharov prostitutes and carry out errands for the Goncharovs, under cover of it being for Snake, of course, as only he answers directly to them.

The Kestrels [canon gang]
Leader: Alexandra Striker (Alley Cat)
Members: none atm
Recognized by: A tattoo of a kestrel in flight, always directly over the heart
Area: Red Light District
Answers to the Choi family. The members bring the Choi drugs to the streets, making sure that the family itself isn't incriminated. They also provide protection in the Red Light District, and carry out orders from the Choi syndicate.

Eiffel Acquisitions Ltd. [original gang, contact Beat]
Leader: Issac Jones (Eiffel)
Members: none atm
Area: HQ in South End
Professionals, and only professionals, are taken by the Eiffel group. Whatever you do, you're hired, not 'initiated', and you fill a slot. You clock in on the day, you clock out when the cash comes through, and if you get caught you know none of us. We are professional robbers, not some cheap back-alley shit. You'd better be ready to take the banks and depositories of this fair city quickly and efficiently. We are not aiming small.

Joining a gang:

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[b]Character's full name:[/b]
[b]Suggestions for gang name?:[/b] (optional)
Creating a gang:

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[b]Leader's name:[/b]
[b]Gang's name:[/b]
[b]Gang description:[/b] (what kind of people do they accept etc)
[b]Recognized by:[/b] (do they use any form of marks to identify members?)
[b]Answers to?:[/b] (If the gang answers to an organization/family, state so here, but remember to clear this with the admins/leaders of that family first)
[b]Area:[/b] (only applicable if the gang-members frequent, or "own", a certain area) 
[b]Gang lair description:[/b] (It's for the gang forum)
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