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PBs are sorted by surname. As of 5/9/2014, unplayed canon faces are no longer listed here, so player of canons have to remember to claim their faces.


ACKLES, Jensen - Cash Givens
ALONSO, Clara - Jennifer Harrison
BAKER, Simon - Gideon Rush
BALE, Christian - Raffaele Fierro
BARNES, Ben - Aidan Kelly
BEECH, Josh - Maddox Monroe
BELLUCCI, Monica - Virginia Jenner
BOMER, Matt - Logan Garner
BRADFORD, Jesse - Pax Whitby
CALDERON, Ferran - Ardan Kennedy
COLE, Cheryl - Alexandra Striker


DAVENPORT, Travis - Samuel Raines
DONOVAN, Jeffrey - Briar Vlaskinov
DUFOUR, Jeremy - Mathieu van Outryve D'Ydewalle
EFRON, Zac - Mikael Fierro
FREEMAN, Leebo - Adrian Silverman


GIANECCHINI, Reynaldo - Ricardo Costa
GIOVINAZZO, Carmine - Luciano Fierro
GOODE, Matthew - Jack Wilkins
HALE, Lucy - Anya Brennan
HALL, Rebecca - Victoria Pryce
HAWKES, John - Issac Jones
HEDBRANDH, Marcus - Tristan Fossick


KELLY, Craig - Alexander Atwood
KURYLENKO, Olga - Anna-Maria Jenner-Carmichael
KWON, Boa - Chung Ae Choi
LAURIE, Hugh - Ian Anderson
LIBBY, Alex - Bennet Hawthorne


MADDEN, Richard - Calvin Frome
McKEE, Bonnie - Domino Kennedy
McKENZIE, Ben - Lanny Darling
MILLER, Sienna - Jocelyn Brennan


PINTO, Freida - Linnea McCoy
SIMPSON, Charlie - Kieran Jenner-Carmichael
TAYLOR, Ryan - Graysen Daniels
TEIXEIRA, Goncalo - Phoenix Delafield
TRETTER, Alexandra - Elisabeth Conley


VARTAN, Michael - Forest Sanford
VERDELHO, Mateus - Devon Chambers
VIGILANT, Ryan - Cooper Vale
WILLIAMS, Hayley - Charlee Westlake

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