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[b]Name of board:[/b] Home Sweet Crap Apartment
[b]Character's name:[/b] Juliet Blossom
[b]City-section:[/b] East Side
[b]Occupants:[/b] Just Jules
[b]Description:[/b] It is placed in perhaps one of the cheapest and run down apartment complexes on the East Side. But, seeing as how Jules is rarely there anyways, it doesn't matter much to her. Of course whenever she does go there, she runs all the way to her apartment, and immediately locks all five locks on the door behind her,  putting a chair in front of it as well. Just in case.

To the left of the front door is a very small kitchenette, that includes a dirty microwave, gas oven/stove that may or may not work, a fridge who's temperture changes like the seasons, and a pantry that has only enough sanitary space to hold about seven food items. 

Directly in front of the "kitchen" is the living area, which holds a red velvet couch with several mystery stains and has gone beyond being comfortable. A chipped coffee table is set in front of it, and a sickly green chair is set at one end. There is a place for a tv, but seeing as how Juliet doesn't have one, the wall in front of the assorted furniture is blank. Of course, "blank" is used loosely since the wallpaper, which has started peeling and turning a lovely burnt yellow, does provide something for the wandering eye to ponder.

On the right side of the living area, directly beside the red couch, is the bathroom. Surprisingly it isn't as disgusting as one would think, save for the fact that everything is permantly stained the color "smoker's teeth." Even the shower curtain, which was once covered in pink daffodils, has faded into that particular hue. 

Across the living area from the bathroom is the one and only bedroom, which perhaps holds the only pleasant colors in the apartment. A dresser sits to the right of the doorway, and is covered with photographs in cute frames, all of the same four people; Juliet, her cousin with a scar over one eye who towers above her, his plump and pretty wife Bec, and his mother, a mischievious looking Japanese woman. On the walls are various abstract paintings all with bright, cheerful colors that brighten up the otherwise gloomy apartment. The nightstand beside the bed holds an Oriental style lamp, and a box decorated with song lyrics which holds some of her prized posessions.

Tucked away in the drawer, which is locked, sits her Apple Mac, which has stickers covering it. When she IS home, she can be found hunched over  it's screen. 

Finally, her bed, which she is waiting to break at any moment, is covered in a bright pink quilt with various colored spots sewn in all over it. At the top of the bed sits a blue, fluffy, stuffed cat. It is a bit worse for wear, but it still manages to be cute. 

Besides the splash of color within her room, Juliet's apartment is bleak and a bit depressing. But, as stated before, she's rarely there, so it doesn't matter much.