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Having trouble understanding Bishop City? Here you can find explanations of how the city works, how it is divided, and other information that is good to know, and usually important. Please read.

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City sections

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C I T Y . S E C T O R S

Keep in mind that this is a de facto, informal residential separation founded solely on financial means and political influence. The reality of the matter varies from case to case, and not all inhabitants of the four city sections will be exactly as described here.

T H E . W E S T . S I D E

It is the smallest city section there is, but also the wealthiest and most powerful. It houses some of the most important people in the city, and housing here is far from cheap. It is, in fact, the most expensive neighborhood in the city, and people here are expected to uphold a certain standard. If you do not meet their standards, chances are that the neighbors will not be pleased. It is mainly a residential area occupied by families headed by settled patriarchs or matriarchs of significant income. It is the place people aspire to when they are young, the neighborhood the 'commoners' dream of living in one day, if they win the lottery. It looks perfect on the outside, with beautiful houses, equally beautiful gardens, pools and pool houses, proud husbands, gorgeous wives, and intelligent children who all, of course, go to private school and are heading straight for their college or university of choice. But remember, things aren't always as they seem, and what looks perfect on the outside may very well look very different when you come up close and get a better look...

T H E . N O R T H . E N D

It might not be far from the East Side in size or position, separated only by the handy Bishop City Channel, but the way of life certainly is a completely different one. It's been called the business sector, the party sector, the money sector, and the part of the city that never sleeps, and this may very well be true. It's known to be a very youthful part of the city, housing most of the up-and-comers in Bishop City high society and business life, and there is a certain touch of glamour associated with many of the people who live in this city sector. It houses the finest hotels, the best clubs, the restaurants critics rave about, and it also the cultural centre of the city. It's not exactly an ideal place for raising a family, but it's certainly where you want to be if you plan on raising a fortune. The apartments here don't come cheap, though, so you're going to have to start off with some significant capital. Undeveloped land (what little is left) in this city section is the most expensive in the city, surpassing even West Side's undeveloped property.

T H E . S O U T H . E N D

It is the city's largest city section, and also what might possibly be called the most diverse one. Ranging from the upper-middle-class areas in the western most part of the section where housing is more expensive, to the lowest-middle-class areas in the east, which is where the city's own Irish area has taken shape and where you find the least expensive housing, this city sector offers a wide range of people, but they all, with few exception, have one thing in common: They're middle class. Most of them live mundane lives and mind their own - and possibly their neighbor's - business, hold standard jobs at a standard income, fluctuating between the higher regions of standard and the lower regions, and by all means, it's the realm of the average Joe. It's a good place to raise a family, with many sturdy school districts, and more often than not a safe environment for your kids. It cannot be denied that many youngsters grow up here dreaming of the glamorous life of North or the wealthy life of West, or that to many of them, the most hardcore criminal elements of East is a threat of close vicinity, and many people grow up wanting to get out, and end up never budging. "Safe" and "average" are relative terms, especially in this part of town; there is crime, like any other place - and a trustworthy police force that does its best to keep these criminal elements at bay - and in many cases, your average Joe isn't all that...average. It's a place that's full of surprises, in every way, shape and form, and it's where the majority spend their lives.

T H E . E A S T . S I D E

Where North End might not be ideal for raising a family, East Side is dreadful place to raise a family, but for many, it's the only solution as the only place they can afford to live. It is the second largest city sector, but barely larger than North End, and borders only to South End, bleeding into it at a steady increase. Homes are cheap and of low quality, the streets are mostly littered with junk, and it is greatly affected by being the home of some of the city's most hard core criminal elements, and being more or less 'claimed' by the city's gangs. It's a very dangerous part of town, and most people acknowledge this. This isn't to say that it's impossible to live there or make a home there, but it isn't a coincidence that the rate of shootings, assaults and various other criminal activity is several times as high in this part of the city as the rest. Many have sworn to clean up East Side, and many have failed. For now, it remains "the lawless city", home of drug dealers, pimps and whores, and a pretty nasty place to live your life.