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FULL NAME: Chung Ae Choi
NICKNAMES: Some of the yakuza sometimes call her "Little Choi" in Korean. But mostly, people just butcher "Ae."
AGE: 22
DATE OF BIRTH: February 13, 1992
OCCUPATION: junior at Bishop University


EYES: Her eyes are round and dark brown, the pupils difficult to discern, and are usually made up with either eyeliner or mascara.
HAIR: Her hair is cut in a jaw-length bob, or sometimes slightly shorter, and is usually dyed anywhere from blonde to black (which is her natural hair color).
HEIGHT: 5'3"
BUILD: She's slender and petite, with the barest a hint of muscle from tussling around with the more junior yakuza members.
ANYTHING ELSE: She has a few scars from childhood, remnants of scrapes on her elbows and knees and a scar from a particularly bad cut on her left shin. She also has a small tattoo of a flying bird on her hip that she hides from Hwa Young.
PB: Kwon Boa


Chung is, in one word, confident. She loves who she is and isn't afraid to show it. She laughs in the face of those who try to tell her she's too loud, too outgoing, too care-free. The majority of those who try to tame her fail. Of few who succeed, their influence only lasts for so long. Her indifference to expectations extends to school. She's smart, but she rarely tries in school. Most of her teachers have had her siblings as students before, and it's not unusual for Chung to hear about her siblings' academic achievements (or lack thereof). She's pretty much tired of it, and the only thing that forces her to not skip school is her mental picture of Hwa Young's disappointed face. Therefore not only does Chung Ae stay in school, but she makes a point to at least pass all her classes.

She's incredibly reckless, rarely thinking of consequences before carrying out an action. She's always up for anything exciting, as long as she doesn't feel that it could turn into a disaster. And she is unbelievably energetic. She'll stay up until one in the morning and still get up at nine at the latest.

The least wild or reckless area in Chung's life is where her friends and family are concerned. Anyone fortunate enough to gain her love or fondness will find that they've gained a loyal friend who would drop everything in a heartbeat if they cried out for help. She's quick to lash out at anyone who means harm to her loved ones, which half the time ends up with her being mistaken. Other than that, she's often a cheerful, surprisingly stable rock who will stick with friends and family beyond the end the of world.

  • <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'></li>
  • flirting with Nathan Shaw precisely because he's not interested
  • playing bass and drums
  • coaxing shy people into talking to her
  • dancing wildly to loud music
  • having the occasional deep talk with her closest friends
  • when her sister Hwa Young is proud of her
  • a good challenge (hence her tendency to flirt with Nathan Shaw)
  • <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'></li>
  • those damn Goncharovs
  • when people try to change her
  • stifling social conventions
  • when teachers compare her with her siblings
  • disappointing Hwa Young
  • Katherine Ventress, Ruth Silverman, and Raina Goncharov
  • <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'></li>
  • She's decent at playing bass and drums.
  • Despite appearances, she's really smart; she usually gets A's and B's on tests in school.
  • She is completely loyal to her loved ones. If they ever need help with anything, she'll drop everything and run to them.
  • She rarely, if ever, succumbs to a self-esteem crisis.
  • She always keeps her promises.
  • If someone succeeds in getting her to sit still for more than ten minutes, they'll find that she's a pretty good listener.
  • She's pretty good at pulling shy people out of their shells.
  • She can be remarkably patient when she puts her mind to it.
  • <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'></li>
  • She thinks she's better at singing than she really is.
  • When she has a crush on someone, it's obvious.
  • This girl only does homework when she's in danger of failing.
  • In any conflict, she will be heavily biased in her family and friends' favor.
  • She can be too challenging and loyal to a fault, and her disregard for norms and authority often get her in trouble.
  • She doesn't like to listen to criticism, even if it's meant to be helpful.
  • She can be a bit hotheaded.
  • Sometimes her carefree attitude can come off as uncaring and unsympathetic.

PARENTS: Suk-Chul Choi and Soo Yun Choi
SIBLINGS: Il-Sung Choi (deceased), Hwa Young Choi, Jin-Sang Choi, Tae-Hyun Choi
In the weeks before the Choi family's flight to the United States, there were concerns about whether Soo Yun would be strong enough to make the trip. In the end, she survived just fine, and a mere month after the Chois had settled down in Bishop City, the youngest of the Choi clan, Chung Ae, was born. She grew happily, playing between her many family members and sometimes a few of the most trusted yakuza members. She was a happy, carefree child even then. And though her family has never hid the yakuza business from her, she never knew the circumstances of her family's flight to America.

When Chung Ae was one, her oldest brother was murdered by the Goncharovs. Chung Ae was too young to remember her brother much, and she was too young to even know that something had happened. The family generally avoided the subject, and it wasn't until she was twelve that Hwa Young finally sat her down and explained what had happened to Il-Sung. That was the day that Chung Ae started hating the Goncharovs.

Hwa Young was the one who took care of her, mostly. Her parents were busy taking care of the yakuza, so Hwa Young was like a second mother. She raised Chung Ae with a firm hand, providing the perfect counterbalance to Chung Ae's wild, carefree ways. Chung Ae may not answer to many, but she definitely answers to Hwa Young. When Chung Ae was younger, her siblings' threats to run to Hwa Young and tell on her was the only thing that could keep Chung Ae in line.

Growing up, Chung Ae was every bit the bubbling fountain of joy she was as a child. She was happy, she was loved; she confident in herself and her loved ones, and that was all that mattered. It didn't matter that the Goncharovs were constantly staring at the Chois in anger and jealousy. She had her family to count on. It didn't matter that the most popular girls in school thought she was trash. She had her friends Jared Silverman, Billye Shae-Hughes, and Jaye Shaw to count on. And if all else failed, she was friends with some of the more junior yakuza members; they may have had crude methods of solving issues, but they had their hearts in the right place.

After she'd graduated high school, Chung Ae was sorely tempted to take a year off from school. She was happiest without restrictions, and for her school was one big restriction. It took a few months and the occasional argument for Hwa Young to convince Chung Ae to continue school. By then, it was too late for her to register for the fall semester, so she waited until spring to start college.

Despite the fact that Chung Ae is now a junior in university, she's back to her old antics. University courses are more rigorous than those in high school, so it's a bit more difficult to slack off in university and still pass all her classes, but she somehow manages it. She skips classes sometimes to hang out wiht her friends (though she always makes sure that Hwa Young doesn't know). She still rarely does her homework. She plans on joining the family yakuza once she graduates, but there's no major for that. So on the surface, at least, she's a business administration major, and she's planning to graduate in a year and a half.


MEMBERSHIP TITLE: take your expectations elsewhere

It put a bit of a damper on Juliet's typically chipper mood when all Lark said in reply was "Ma'am." Honestly, after annoying him for so many years, she ought to be used to it. But once in a while, it still hit her kind of hard the way he could be so cold. Though this morning it seemed to be less coldness and more irritation stemming from a hangover. Juliet tilted her head and studied Lark. Dark sunglasses, an untouched breakfast, and a determination to avoid socializing. Yep, it was a hangover. Juliet suppressed a smirk and made it a point to lower her voice a little -- she wasn't so cruel that she would kick a fellow cirkie while he was down. Though she couldn't stop her snark from coming out in full force. "Sorry, was I interrupting your quality time with your phone?"

She pushed the food on her plate around a bit. Ugh, eggs. What a disgusting food. Didn't everyone know that they were basically chicken periods? Not to mention they reminded her of when she was pregnant with Charlie. How did people eat these things? She looked back up at Lark with a playful pout. "What shall I do to compete for your attention? Capture you with my charm? Entrance you with my mysterious stare?" Juliet picked up a strip of bacon. "Impress you with my table manners?" she added before chomping the strip in half. At least she chewed wth her mouth demurely shut.

To be honest, most of the time she had no idea what to say to Lark. When you devoted so much time to annoying one specific person, it was easy to run out of ideas. And she'd been after him for...ten years? Maybe more? That was a lot of ideas. At first, it had been anger that had motivated her, but by now it was just plain habit. And her inexplicable attraction. Oh, and her desperate need for entertainment of any kind. Juliet looked back up at the boy across from her and frowned thoughtfully. Honestly, what had she been reduced to? She sighed almost imperceptibly. Well, this was her life now. No use dwelling on old, dusty memories. With a mental shake of the head, her mindset make a complete one-hundred-eighty-degree turn, and she gave Lark a huge, sunny smile. "Anywaaaaay, what's up with you this morning, hm?"

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- Chung Ae was actually born in the US, not in Korea.

- It's doubtful that Chung Ae would be able to ask questions regarding her brother's death as a one-year-old. At that age, she would just be learning to speak. She probably wouldn't even remember her brother as more than a face in pictures unless the family talked about him a lot.

- If she's a freshman in college now, what has she been doing since she graduated high school? This one is mostly our fault though, since the canon information says she's a freshman. We've been meaning to update the info for a while now. So I guess you can choose whether you want to explain what she did between graduating high school, or if you want her to be an upperclassman or even out of college.

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