Anything that needs signing up for can be found here. This should be the first place you go after being accepted.

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Sign up for character-owned business boards here. Fill out the form below and reply in this thread, and the admins will get right on it.

Important: North End businesses will the be largest, most profitable, while South End businesses can be smaller. We are accepting businesses in all four city sections. West Side businesses can be in the West Side mall, or of the smaller street-businesses, as large, hustle-bustle businesses in this residential area are generally frowned upon. East Side businesses are rarely very large or well-known, but a handful might be rather profitable, depending on the business in question.

FOR BUSINESSES: If you have a list of employees needed, just PM it to Birthe or Heidi, and they'll add the occupations to the master job list.

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[b]Business's name:[/b] 
[b]Character's name:[/b] (the owner of the business)
[b]City-section:[/b] (where in the city it's located)
[b]Description:[/b] (description of the business)
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