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btw i gave cooper your address and he’s on the way over

Devon had to read the text from his sister three times before he really understood it. Another text buzzed in as he was on his third read and he scrambled to see the new text, panicked heat starting to pool in his torso.

don’t pretend you’re not there and leave him standing outside

They might have spent a good portion of their childhood living apart from one another but Amber knew him so well. Normally that would have made him smile but his mind was slightly more occupied with freaking out. The first text had been sent over an hour ago, while he was asleep - an unintended nap after a long stint of late shifts at the bar and extra shifts at the dock. He didn’t have an credit to reply with or make a call so it wasn’t like he could get in touch with Cooper to see where he was.

“Shit.” Devon muttered as he looked around his tiny apartment for anything that should be hidden or for some way that he could he improve the appearance of the place within the next ten minutes.

It wasn’t that Devon was particularly untidy - on the contrary he was some times more than a little obsessive about cleaning, but the fact was he lived in a tiny, cramped apartment with one room for his living space/bedroom/everything else he might need, connected to a small kitchen and an even smaller bathroom. The whole building was badly maintained and too near the docks, so everything smelled slightly of damp and fish and other people’s cooking or whatever they were smoking that day.

Cooper was no delicate flower; he didn’t need protecting and having not grown up in Bishop City he might not look down on the East Side, but Devon still couldn’t help the feeling of shame burning in his chest as he hastily neatened up the rest of his apartment.

A last minute scan of his bed reminded him of the sketches he’d stuck on the wall above it to add a little bit of interest to the dull space. A few of them were of Cooper himself, drawn from memory and Devon snatched those from the wall and stuffed them into a sketchbook which he then shoved onto a shelf. He didn't want to scare Cooper off.

The buzzer system on the main door into the building had been broken for nearly a year now, so when Cooper arrived it would likely be straight to his front door. Devon had hardly entertained that thought before there was a knock on his front door and he made a hasty trip to the bathroom mirror to straighten out his hair and clothing. Nothing much could be done about the pillow mark on his cheek, above the line of his beard, but he rubbed at it ineffectually anyway. As an afterthought he cleaned his glasses on the hem of his shirt, as thought that might help the situation somehow.

The spyhole in the door had been painted over by the last resident so he couldn’t see if it was Cooper but he thought it was generally safe to assume that was the case. Undoing the locks - there were a few of them - Devon pulled open the door to find Cooper on the other side, as expected. Despite his reservations about letting the other man into his space, Devon still felt a rush of warmth, culminating in a small smile.

“Hey.” He couldn’t help the slightly nervous flicker of his eyes out into the hallway to see who was about but it seemed fairly quiet. Reaching out, he grabbed hold of Cooper’s hand and pulled him into his apartment. “You should come inside. Amber texted me to say you were coming.” Devon said, thinking he should offer an explanation for his lack of surprise. Locking the door behind the two of them, Devon shifted his weight awkwardly and nudged his glasses upwards, although he didn’t really need to and offered a lame joke. “Do you want the grand tour?”