Bishop City gangs

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Bishop City gangs

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B I S H O P . C I T Y . G A N G S
T H E . C A N O N . G A N G S

T H E . S I L V E R . S N A K E S

Adrian Silverman, originally a well-off West Sider, fled to the East Side after a complicated childhood, where he would have perished was it not for the kindness of a stranger, Mr. James Miller of Miller's Bar. He lived with the Millers for many years, getting involved with their underground boxing ring, and eventually branching out and joining a gang. This was where he got his new name, Snake. After a few years, this gang disbanded, but Snake, gathering what members he could, started a new gang, naming it the Silver Snakes, a combination of his new name (Snake) and his old (Silverman), to always remind him what he was running from. The gang slowly grew stronger under Snake's leadership, and after Snake was approached by the Goncharovs and offered the position of Colonel, it has grown into the strongest gang in the city.

Answers to the Goncharov family (only leadership is directly associated)

Deals in: The members bring the Goncharov drugs to the streets, making sure that the family itself isn't incriminated. They also supply muscle at the Strip'n'Tease, keep an eye on the Goncharov prostitutes and carry out errands for the Goncharovs, under cover of it being for Snake, of course, as only he answers directly to them.
Area: The Docks
Recognized by: A tattoo of a snake wrapped around a dagger on the inside of the forearm (usually right arm) in all grayscale. The penalty for treachery is to have the arm chopped off - chopping off half the tattoo to symbolize the separation from the gang - and drowning.
Who can join? The Silver Snakes is a mainly male-oriented gang, and it is very unlikely that women would be allowed to join, and on the off chance that one did, she certainly would not have it easy. Members are expected to relinquish most bonds to their blood-families and consider the gang their new family, so mostly people estranged from their families or without families (strays are welcome) will join, and almost exclusively people from poor conditions (East Siders). Must be able to fight and handle a gun, and must be loyal.

Leader: Snake (Adrian Silverman)
2nd in command: Chef (George Harris)
Members: Hawk (Quentin Hawkins), Lucky (Topher Haart), Picasso (Costel Novak)

T H E . K E S T R E L S

Alexandra Striker came to Bishop City at age of eighteen, full of hope for a future different from anything she had imagined while growing up in her home town of Seattle. Her wish came true: eventually, she got involved with a young man named Snake, who was the leader of the largest gang in the city. He taught her everything she needed to know about life on the street, and when he'd done that, he dumped her.

Faced with living on the street with no money and nothing going for her, Allie started dealing drugs as a way to get by, and her network of deviants grew quickly. She developed a small inner circle, who would later become the first members of the Kestrels. Then fate lead her to a meeting with Hwa Young Choi, who had just taken over as leader of the Korean Yakuza in Bishop city. They were both young women with a lot to prove, and Hwa Young decided to make use of Allie's Kestrels in her quest to further the Yakuza. Allie, on her side, readily agreed, mostly because it was a good 'career move', but also in part because a connection with the Chois would allow her to step on Snake's turf to a larger extent than before. With the help of the Koreans, Allie's gang grew larger and larger, and now, its size is only outdone by that of the Silver Snakes - the gang lead by none other than Allie's ex-boyfriend.

Answers to the Choi family (only leadership is directly associated)

Deals in: The members bring the Choi drugs to the streets, making sure that the family itself isn't incriminated. They also protect the whores of the Red Light District.
Area: The Red Light District.
Recognized by: A tattoo of a kestrel in flight, always directly over the heart. The penalty for betraying the gang is a severe beating, followed by having a knife plunged through the tattoo.
Who can join: Anyone, though a female will be more easily accepted than a male. If a male is to join, he had better be prepared to submit to a woman.

Leader: Alley Cat (Alexandra Striker)
2nd in command: Joker (Jeanine Connors)
Members: Ryder (Zoe Craig), Twinkle (Sabina Battista)

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