Located in the midst of BC's artistic centre, "The Hub", lying amidst galleries, studios and artsy cafés, the bar quickly rose to popularity after it opened its doors early in September 2008. It is renowned for its elegant combination of industrialistic chic and artistic cool, and has become a popular meeting point especially for people in the art scene. Spanning over two floors, the bar offers a chic and buzzing down-stairs environment with several tables scattered seemingly arbitrarily across the floor, and a glass bar that stretches along the length of one wall, it's counter glowing a faint and icy blue, whereas the drinks are shelved against a matted glass surface of fiery red. The even more exclusive upstairs offers a relaxing and lavish atmosphere, with one open space tightly decorated with low tables and comfortable leather chairs, and separate VIP lounge areas for those looking for a bit more privacy. It is upstairs that you find the oxygen bars the place gets its name from. The downstairs area serves as a bar-café during the daylight hours, open from 12am-6pm and also opening for outside seatings, whereas the upstairs do not open until after 6pm, when the bar loses its café side-venue and serves exclusively as a bar until 2am mon-thursday, and 4am fri-sunday.

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