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This cinema, popularly called "The Majestic", offers that good-old cinema feel, along with those good old movies. Most of their movies are quite old, many are black and white and often even silent, but they also show some of the modern blockbusters (reluctantly). Every May and September, they host a "tribute to" week. This September, they are paying tribute to Charlie Chaplin.

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14 Nov 2010, 00:56 #1

The lights went on in the movie theater, and almost immediately after, the room was flooded with sounds to accompany the ending credits. There was scuffling of boots, crumpling of popcorn bags, the rustling of coats being put on, and, most prominently after nearly two hours in silence, conversations. Lanny looked around, his eyes still adjusting to the new light. His eyes fell on his companion of the evening - Katrina. A smile appeared on his lips, and he was about to speak, but was interrupted by the people in the neighboring seats wanting to get past them. Knowing from experience that his long legs lent little space for people to pass, he stood instead, trying to make himself small while the couple squeezed past.

When they were gone, he gathered up his jacket from his seat, and shrugged into it. He tugged at the collar for a better fit, but left it open. It would be dark when they ventured outside, and probably a bit more nippy than it had been when the sun had been out still, but Bishop City had seen a pretty mild April so far this year, and he didn't think that he would be cold if he exposed his white tee and navy blue shirt to the elements.

He waited for Katrina to stand with him, and together, they headed towards the glowing green exits signs. They reached the end of their row, but here, the speed was reduced dramatically, thanks to all the people waiting to go through the door. He let Katrina go in front of him, but he followed suit, almost bouncing on the spot with poorly disguised impatience to get out. Now that the movie was no longer rolling to hold his attention, his energetic self was once again taking over, and it was very clear that he had been sitting still for an extended period of time.

"So what did you think?"

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It had certainly been a long time since Katrina Beauford had been to the cinema. Although she was a fan of films, the only time she usually ever sat down for that long to concentrate, was when she was curled up under a duvet, with her sister beside her, at home, with a (normally) soppy chick flick being the choice. But when Lanny had rung only those few days ago, requesting a meeting at the current cinema they now found themselves at, a flicker of objection hadn’t even crossed through Katrina’s mind. She had been waiting for his call every since the ‘night’ – and he hadn’t let her down. In fact, he had flown straight past her expectations, and asked her out for a date. A proper, pick-me-up (albeit, it was on that stupid motorbike) date.

And so, the much younger girl had of course given the affirmative answer.

She had had to force herself not simply to watch the man who sat in the chair beside her, throughout the film, after they had sat down, her cool blue eyes desperately wanting to search every angle of his face once more. Never before had she ever felt like this before; Tommy certainly hadn’t made the butterflies swim in her stomach like Lanny did. But thankfully, the movie had actually been of some interest – and after the first initial nerves of the whole situation had settled in time with her body settling into the seat of the theatre, her attention had finally been glued to the screen; and so, Katrina had truly been entranced for the whole two hours or so.

As the lights flickered on dimly, a soft smile danced across Katrina’s face, as a breath was released through her lips, her shoulders finally loosening slightly. The movie had been a good one, at least in her eyes – and had contained all the romantic drama that she had needed, as well as hopefully enough ‘explosions’ to satisfy Lanny’s request. And thankfully, it had been a happy ending. Calmly, she glanced across to the man who was now, once again, her main interest for the night – and as he stood to his feet, Katrina copied, her hands coming to smooth her jeans free of the slight rumple they were sure to have gained, from sitting down for so long. She was dressed in ‘casual’ clothes – or at least, as casual as she could manage. A top fitted her slim torso perfectly, designer of course, and a fashionable three-quarter length sleeved blazer pulled it together. The tight, dark jeans were of course topped off with her customary pair of heels; and as she edged her way out of the row of seats, one hand came briefly up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. She was careful to flash a smile of appreciation as Lanny allowed her to go first – his manners already seemed impeccable, with the constant offerings of doors being opened, and tickets being paid for; and thankfully, there seemed no end to it. Another trait of his that seemed to only ever add to the list of things she had now decided she liked about him.

Words were spoken towards her – and Katrina turned slightly, angling her body so that she could still talk directly to Lanny, as well as continuing with the snail-pace of edging forward towards the exit. “I really liked it,”
She spoke quickly, the grin on her face indicating that she spoke the truth. “I mean.. I thought that they were going to be separated forever – but it all worked out so well in the end!” A giggle slipped through her lips, as her gaze flicked briefly forward once more, to check she was not going to bump into anyone, before returning to Lanny’s. “How about you? Were there enough explosions to keep you interested?”

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He was happy to hear that she liked it, and even happier to see the smile that accompanied the statement. She had a really nice smile, he decided, the kind that didn't just curl her lips in a simple facsimile, but transcended mere expression, and was lifted onto another level. It reached her eyes, and by doing so, it spoke a thousand silent words that reassured him that she had, in fact, enjoyed herself, and it wasn't just trite pleasantry to make him feel better about himself.

"I'm glad you liked it," he laughed, though her reasons for doing so were decidedly different from his own. The great moments for him had not included any of the sweet bits - although he had paid a little extra attention when the female lead lost the clothes - rather, his favorite part of the movie were the action scenes. The movie had contained liberal amounts of explosion, car chases and fist fights, so he too had been more than satisfied with Katrina's choice. At the very least, he had sat through much worse for a girl, and come out on the other side feeling that it was worth it too, because at the end of the night, he'd been on a date with a pretty woman. So tonight had definitely been a success in his book; he'd gotten both the movie and the girl, without having to compromise.

"Yeah, I'd say that it gets a pass," he laughed, just as they exited the movie theater. At once, their surroundings became less crowded, and they could move without being jostled. He grinned, and took advantage of this by putting a protective arm around Katrina's shoulders. Adjusting his pace to hers, he steered them towards the parking lot where he had parked his motorcycle.

"So, would you like to get something to drink, or something?" he asked, raising his eyebrows questioningly as he looked down at her. He didn't want the evening to end just yet, that was for sure. There was still far too much he didn't know about the pretty girl at his side, and spending two hours in the movie theater, though certainly enjoyable, had not done anything to remedy that. "If it's not getting too late, that is." He glanced at the battered watch he was wearing on his left wrist. He'd had it since high school, and it was looking decidedly worse for wear, but the hands still moved with flawless precision, and that, more than style, was what he was concerned with.

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The fresh air was comforting as they stepped out into the open ground, a change from the trapped environment of the cinema; and for the briefest of moments, Katrina paused, suddenly disorientated, her blue eyes blinking as they adjusted to the changing of intensity of light. However, Lanny instantly moved, his hand coming to drape around her shoulder, like the way she had longed it to – and without even thinking, her pace fell identically to his, her body leaning in towards the protection of his body, as the hustle and bustle of the crowd swept past them.

Their steps pulled them away from the building they had just spent the last two hours or so; and Katrina practically couldn’t help but to let the smile flicker across her face. Even now, whilst they walked towards a night that was still hopefully filled with getting to know the man who currently had an arm around her shoulders, there was no sense of boredom that yet filled the young girl’s mind, as it so often did with the men she had gone on dates with before. The night had already been one that could be gossiped about over the phone to her girlfriends – about the way the movie was a success on both parts, and the way he looked so handsome; but there was still potential for so much more. He didn’t seem like he was longing to get away any time soon; and it was with some anticipation that they moved to where they had parked before, both pausing at identical times.

At the mention that time must be getting on late into the night by now, Katrina pulled out her mobile phone, (top of the range, and latest model, of course), her thumb pressing at a button to allow the time to flash up on the screen; and with barely even a glance towards the flashing notification that two messages were currently waiting for her, she smiled, bringing her gaze back up to Lanny’s, whilst pushing the phone back into her bag. Sure, it was getting close to her ‘curfew’; but her sister hardly expected her to keep to it... did she? It was merely something that her parents had told her to tell Katrina no doubt – and at home, those kind of rules had never been followed either. Therefore, there was not going to be any change now; least of all when she had a handsome man offering to go for drinks with her.

Katrina spoke quickly, “Not quite past my bedtime yet.” A nod of her head copied the affirmative action’s of her words, as the smile grew on her face, before the glance of her surroundings once more reminded her she wasn’t back in her usual hometown of Vermont; therefore, she didn’t know every establishment around like the back of her hand. For once, she was going to have to depend on the guy to make the sole decision of exactly where the place they headed to for a drink would be, instead of being in control. And so, that very specific question now had to be asked; “do you know somewhere nice?”
But even as she asked, her blue gaze flicked briefly to the motorbike they had come to find themselves by – and with a grin, the tiniest of giggles slipping through her mouth, she stepped sideways, her body angling to press slightly closer to Lanny’s, although still allowing his arm to rest around her shoulders. “And preferably somewhere close!” The less time she had to spend on that motorbike, the better...

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His offer was promptly accepted, after a quick checking of her cell phone for the time. He smiled brightly when she said yes; tonight had already been a success in his eyes, but it had also been undeniably unhelpful in terms of getting to know the beautiful young woman that was strolling along next to him, her steps perfectly in time with his, as if this was a gait that they had spent months, or perhaps even years, on perfecting.

"Great," he grinned, excitement shining through. Drinks meant an opportunity to talk, and say what you will of the incorrigible flirt that was Lanny; he did care about what went on inside the minds of the girls he wined and dined. He cared a great deal, in fact. The female mind had always presented an intriguing mystery to him, one that he doubted he would find a satisfactory answer to in his lifetime. But you know what they say about journeys such as these: the destination is not as important as the path there, and that was a philosophy that Lanny embraced to the fullest.

He chuckled at her wish to find somewhere close, guessing that it probably had something to do with a certain two-wheeled vehicle and a desire to keep herself off it. She hadn't seemed overly fond of the experience the last time he had made her try it, but it was just something she would have to get used to if she planned on spending more time with Lanny. It was, after all, his preferred mode of transportation, not to mention the only way he had of getting around, unless you counted public transportation or his own two feet. Besides, she made a lovely little biker babe.

"I know lots of places," he said with a little laugh. "What are you in the mood for?"

Because of the ants that populated his blood, Lanny knew Bishop City like he knew the streets of his childhood haunts back in Texas. Never one for sitting around in his apartment and moping when he could be out and about, he had been to just about every pub, bar and club in Bishop City at least once.

"There's a great little karaoke bar up on Becker Street. It's a little rowdy, but fun. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, there's Joel's over on Alcott. Joel makes a killer Irish Coffee. Really warms you up when it's cold outside. Not that we actually need warming up right now. There's also Jude on Martin Street, but that's a bit further away. Not terribly far though. Only a few blocks. Takes about five, ten minutes, I think. Oh, and there's a Starbucks over there, if you want to make it really simple."

He punctuated his monologue with a little laugh. He could have gone on forever, listing option after option until the city ran out of them, but he thought it best to economize. They didn't have all night, after all.

"I'm game for anything. Take your pick."

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One thing that Katrina was almost certain she would never get bored of with Lanny, was the way all of his emotions that shone through, admittedly often of humour or excitement, appeared to be completely genuine. There was no hidden persona with him, one that caused a small knot of anxiety in your gut to appear, as you began to wonder exactly what they were thinking of you. Where they asking you out for a drink simply because they thought they had an obligation to? Or perhaps they were doing it simply to use you, to prove to others that they could obtain a pretty girl for a date; but they actually had no interest in getting to know you. But as the grin widened across Lanny’s face, his exclamation of ‘great!’ ringing across the small distance between them, the smile couldn’t help but to too amplify on her own. Sure, there was a feeling growing in her stomach; but instead of worry, it was one of happiness; butterflies even. And that certainly wasn’t something Katrina Beauford had experienced very often.

A list of numerous bars, ranging from the karaoke to simply coffee was offered towards her; and briefly Katrina let her gaze wander across the surroundings, as her mind quickly took in the brief descriptions of what each bar entailed. As soon as karaoke was mentioned, she knew that was definitely going to be crossed off the list. Sure, she could sing; that much was a given. But to have to sit there, and be forced to endure all those others who believed they could, but really, really couldn’t... well, it was just simply a form of torture, wasn’t it? And so, there she was left with a toss-up between Joel’s, and Jude’s. Two names that she had never heard before, nor really had any indication as to what they contained. Starbucks had almost instantly been thrown out the window, due to the simple fact that it contained no alcohol. She was a coffee drinker; but not for tonight. They needed something a little stronger than coffee.

And so, how was she meant to decide? The only clues she had been given was that one served a nice irish coffee, and the other was slightly further away – and so, the decision was made. “How about we test out Joel’s?”
She spoke softly, her head tilting as her face angled up towards Lanny’s, her gaze once more falling back to his. If Jude’s was further away, than that meant a longer ride on the motorbike – something she would most definitely not purposefully choose. And anyway, it appeared that Lanny had been to Joel’s before, and was willing to go back – therefore it must at least be half-decent. And even though the older man had mentioned what street it was, the name rang no bells. Katrina knew the main ones, where the clubs where – but when it got to the nitty gritty names, for bars etc, she was still that little lost tourist. “Can we walk; or does it require our wonderful transport machine?”

The smile stayed strong on her face, as she talked. She knew Lanny knew her misgivings towards his motorbike; but she also knew how much it meant to him. It was really their only option, if they were having to do something other than walk there – and she guessed she was slowly coming round to being able to sit at least a little more comfortably on it. Just so long as Lanny didn’t perform any silly tricks, or anything like that...

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“Joel’s it is,” Lanny grinned, gently using his arm on her shoulder to steer them in the right direction, weaving through the quickly dissipating crowd of other movie goers. ”It’s only a couple of minutes away,” he assured her, his smile gaining a teasing quality. ”No need to get the bike. We can save that treat for when we go back home.” He smiled, mischief seeping into the curve of his lips. It’s always better after some anticipation, don’t you think?”

Laughing at his own joke, he continued chatting happily about everything and nothing as they strolled along, seemingly without paying any attention to his surroundings, or the direction they were going in, but somehow, they never bumped into anyone and soon, they found themselves outside of Joel’s. The street sigh, reading Alcott Street, gleamed white in the twilight, much easier to read then the actual sign that announced the name of the establishment, little more than a rectangular piece of wood painted in dark colors that had faded with time.

“Here we are,” Lanny said, making a flourish with his free hand, then placed it on the door too push it open. The husky voice of Leonard Cohen greeted them from inside, too low to catch the words that he was singing, but Lanny recognized the melody as I’m your man.

Letting her walk out from under his arm, he held the door open for her, following suit when she was safely inside. As he entered, he surveyed the place; only a handful of the tables were occupied, most of them ignoring the newcomers and continuing their quiet conversations. The bartender - Joel himself, tonight - gave Lanny a friendly nod, which Lanny acknowledged with a small wave.

”How about you go find us a table, and I’ll get the drinks? Want to try one of J’s famous Irish Coffees?”

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The grin crept across the older man’s face – and as his hand gently guided her across the street, the feeling of pure happiness continued to grow within Katrina’s body, exuding a warmth that she had only ever really experienced before from the glow of alcohol, albeit it being slightly different. This one was nicer, one that made her feel genuinely happy without any of the stupid thoughts intoxication normally brought along. And as words were spoken across to her, the hint of a joke mingling amongst the sentences, Katrina couldn’t help but to allow the smile to be replicated on her face, copying the one from the man who stood slightly taller than her.

The two were walking as if they had had a friendship for years, the ease of the conversation flowing without even a thought from either of them. Katrina simply allowed herself to be guided by the comforting presence of Lanny’s arm, her opal gaze barely taking in anything other than the person beside her. In fact, it was with some surprise that their pace finally slowed, Lanny extending an arm to show they had arrived – it felt like they had been walking only moments, before arriving at this destination. It was either the fact that the bar really wasn’t that far away; or she had been so wrapped up in the conversation, she hadn’t even noticed the walk, even in her new heels; and with another widening of her smile, she knew it to be the latter. He had a way of capturing her attention, which no one else had ever had before. For once, she was truly interested in what he had to say – and not just what she did. It was.... weird, to say the least.

The blast of warm air was emitted as soon as the door opened, followed by the soft sound of private conversations, and the gentle tinkle of music in the background. Quickly, Katrina stepped in, taking the lead given to her, and allowed her gaze to travel across the room, taking in exactly where Lanny had brought her. Thankfully, it seemed neither too packed nor rowdy; and of course, thankfully, no karaoke. Quiet enough to be able to have a normal conversation, and yet loud enough to think that you were still part of the city’s social life. Perfect.

Quickly, Katrina turned as Lanny spoke once more towards her – and calmly, she nodded, the smile still true on her face. “That sounds perfect.”
The answer to both questions; and although Katrina had never tried Irish Coffee before, she was almost certain that it contained alcohol – and that always spelled good times. Her fake ID that had yet to be turned away was tucked safely away in her purse, just in case – and with a brief parting smile, Katrina turned, her gaze searching again for the desired table.

Silently she moved forward, moving past the few empty tables near to the door – she knew from experience that to sit there would simply be a night full of cold draughts every time someone entered or left. The crowd of regulars were mainly situated around the middle, and carefully, Katrina moved past those too. And then, finally, she made it to the desired table. Quickly, she slipped into one of the empty chairs, her slim frame nestling into the wooden frame, one hand coming up to briefly tuck away a stray piece of hair. Her back was to the bar, a decision she instantly regretted, for now she had no idea of when Lanny was going to be done – and silently, Katrina had to fight the urge to simply crane her neck around, her gaze seeking for the older man. She had to act cool, calm, stop acting like a lovesick teenager... or at least, stop outwardly showing it.

And so, with a deep breath, Katrina caught her nerves once more, her hands falling back into her lap, the soft smile trickling across her face again, as she waited, with the excitement and anticipation merging to race through her body once again...

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”Excellent,” he smiled, waiting for her to move away from him before he started towards the bar. He greeted Joel with a casual ‘hey’, slipping onto one of the weathered bar stools.

”Two Irish coffees please.”

Rummaging through the front pockets of his jeans, he managed to come up with a crumpled twenty, which he threw carelessly onto the counter.

”Who’s the girl?” Joel asked as he picked up the money between two fingers, raising an eyebrow at Lanny.

”Katrina,” Lanny grinned. ”First date.”

He glanced back towards the young woman, whose back was turned to them. Her pale hair was cascading down in lose waves, bouncing with each step that she took. Vaguely, he remembered wrapping strands of gold around his fingers. The thought brought out a sly smile to play on his lips.

”Looks a bit young for you,” Joel said dryly. ”How old is she?”

In response, Lanny shrugged sheepishly. This wasn’t quite so bad as waking up next to a beautiful woman and not knowing her name, but it still felt slightly sleazy to say that he didn’t know that much about this girl that he was dating. ”Like I said, first date. We went to see a movie. Haven’t gotten to the talking bit yet.” He gave a short little laugh to punctuate the statement, and Joel joined in with it, shaking his head as he busied himself with a pair of clear glass mugs. Lanny watched idly as he worked, mixing coffee and whiskey and then finishing with a generous helping of whipped cream on top.

”Here. Good luck with the talking bit,” Joel said, chuckling to himself as he lifted the mugs to put them on the counter in front of Lanny.


With a final smile for Joel, Lanny grabbed the mugs, turned and surveyed the locale for Katrina. He took a few steps in the direction he had last seen her, until he finally caught sight of the back of her head at a table in a cozy corner of the pub, incidentally the one that would be most convenient for intimate conversations with new flames. He wondered if she had picked it on purpose. There were other tables, nearer to the door, that she could have chosen, but she had walked past all of them to sit at this one.

He stood a moment with the drinks in hand, simply looking at her. She looked a little out of place in here. A little too elegant, perhaps, but also - as Joel had pointed out - a little too young. She was easily the youngest person in the room. The rest of the crowd were Lanny’s age and older, their faces showing or starting to show the lines of life.

”Here you go,” he said, placing both drinks on the table before slipping into the chair on the opposite side of the table. ”One Irish coffee, just for you.”

He pulled his own towards himself, lifting the mug to have a quick sip, trying to not let any whipped cream attach itself to the tip of his nose. Still holding on to the mug with one hand - the warmth seeped so nicely into the skin of his palm - he leaned back into his chair, waiting for Katrina to taste hers.

”What’s the verdict? Best Irish Coffee in town, yeah?”

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The swell of the soft murmurs of the other people present in the bar swum around her, filling her ears with mindless chatter that had no real words present; but currently, Katrina had no one to talk to. Instead, her mind was left to wander by itself; and of course, her mind fell back on the subject of the man she was present with for the night. This was a date, there was no doubt about that – but they had, of course, already gone way past first date acquaintances. Seeing as he had requested her company after the swirl of the other night they had first met, plus he had yet to run away tonight, surely meant that he liked her at least a little? And even as she thought about it, a small knot of worry (or was it guilt?) formed in her stomach – should she tell him how old she was? Should she place the cards on the table now, and let him decide whether the age gap was too large for himself? But no... she couldn’t. She had no idea whether he even properly liked her; there was no point in ruining a night that may not have any future behind it. She would tell him later, maybe... if she was ever to see him again.

Finally, after what felt like years had stretched out, sitting by herself, words that actually made sense, and were directed towards her, were spoken; and with a small start, stirring herself out of her thoughts, Katrina glanced up, watching as Lanny moved to sit opposite her, the smile present on her face once more. A mug was edged towards her, an identical one already wrapped in Lanny’s hands; and automatically, Katrina reached forward for it, imitating the older man’s actions, and drinking deeply from it. Instantly, the warmth of the coffee swam through her body - but Katrina knew the nicer warmth would come when the alcohol started to make its effect. She had never had an ‘Irish Coffee’ before; but seeing as it contained both alcohol, and coffee, two of her most favourite things, it really hadn’t sounded like something that could go wrong; and it was with a broad smile, that Katrina nodded, placing her mug back down on the table. “I think I’m going to have to give you that one,”
She spoke quickly, one hand too laced within the confines of the handle, the warmth emanating, comforting her racing mind. If it stayed like this, relaxed, simply enjoying one another’s company, than surely nothing could go wrong... right?

But now it was Katrina’s turn to start the conversation. He had done the gentlemanly thing of buying her a drink; and now she was the one whose role it was to start the rest off. Woman were meant to be known for the higher abilities of being able to talk, right? And even though Katrina normally managed to fulfil that stereotype perfectly, right now, her mind was racing around too much, to settle on one conversation. She wanted to know everything about him, to figure out if all this happiness, this friendliness was simply a facade. Was he actually a raving lunatic, one who locked up small animals in his basement for fun? ... She kind of hoped not. But to find out, would require talking; and so, that was what she had to do.

“So tell me about yourself, Lanny... You weren’t born in Bishop, were you?” Judging from the twang of the accent that seemed to lace through some of his words, Katrina figured she could probably easily answer that herself, without any help – but they needed to start somewhere simple; and heritage was always a good place to start with most...

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He chuckled as he shook his head no. He was most certainly not born in Bishop, though his muddled accent made it hard to pinpoint exactly where it was he had spent his formative years. It had bits of his native Texas, parts of his parents’ New York honk, a touch of the city he had lived in for the past decade or so, as well as a smattering of every accented individual he had ever had an extended relationship with. Different parts of his accent surfaced at different parts of conversations, at different points in time, all according to what he was thinking and talking about.

“I was born in a lil’ town called Bandera,” he said, his Southern twang especially evident now. “It’s tiny. Barely a thousand people livin’ there. My parents are New Yorkers though. A couple of juvenile delinquents who needed to get out of the big city to somewhere with less trouble to get themselves into.”

He laughed softly at the story his mother loved to tell. It had taken petty crime and community service to bring those two lovebirds together, and everyone had predicted the doom of their relationship, especially when Evette had gotten pregnant with Lanny’s older sister at such a young age. Although he suspected that his view of his parents marriage was a somewhat glorified one, to this day, Lanny still put their union up on a pedestal as the ideal that he strove to achieve one day. Independent and strong headed, neither Kurt nor Evette pulled their punches in arguments, but at the end of the day, the passion made their squabbles heated, also made their love last.

“I got two siblings, both older. Cassidy and Aidan. He’s a doctor, she’s a journalist. They still live in Bandera, where we grew up. Mom’s thrilled about that and she’s always asking me when I’m gonna come back home.”

He laughed, making a slight grimace. Sometimes, he wondered that very thing himself. His plan had always been to go back to Bandera some day, when he had made all his dreams come true. He had made that decision in his last semester of college, when real life hovered on the horizon. As much as he loved his family, he needed to be on his own, seeing things, hearing things and living things until he’d seen, heard and lived it all and could write the masterpiece that he’d always known was in him.

The problem was, however, that he always seemed to live more than he wrote, and his works in progress were a reflection of his scatterbrainy nature. His laptop was full of fragments, beginnings, endings, grandiose climaxes, but never the parts in between.

“I studied English in college. Did okay. Coulda done better, but the pull of the parties was always too strong.”

He laughed, lifting his mug to take a sip, as if to illustrate the point he had just made.

“Now I’m here, working at Cessy’s in South End, but I told you that already. I don’t know what else to say. My life isn’t particularly interesting, unless you start talking about the wild party stories, and I don’t know if a first dates is when I want to open that particular can of worms.”

He winked conspiratorially at her, his eyes dancing with the memories of shenanigans running through his mind.

“What about you?”

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If there was one thing that could be determined from Lanny, it was that he always seemed happy. Even with the simple question of asking whether he had been born here or not, there came a chuckle – not one that seemed patronizing, or sarcastic at all, but one with genuine warmth; and it was without even thinking that the smile grew a little on Katrina’s face too. The man clearly exuded happiness without even thinking, a trait that you most certainly could only be born with – it didn’t feel fake, or forced at all. In fact, it was putting Katrina at a strange sort of ease; something that wasn’t easily achieved by anyone outside her family, least of all by a man she was hoping to impress. Her head tilted slightly, her chin rested delicately in an upturned palm, as she watched him, smiling softly, the sound of his voice drifting just perfectly across the table.

A flash of genuine what Katrina could only guess to be some sort of pride, moved within the older man’s words, as he started to talk about his family. Katrina’s family had never exactly been a particularly ‘normal’ one; ever since they were young, the two daughters had known that they could twist mummy and daddy any which way they wanted to, with just a simple flash of their smiles. If anything, the children contained more power on each other, than their parents ever did; and that had only increased further, as they grew older. They would use their father for the money, and their mother for the contacts – but otherwise, they never contained the kind of ‘love’ that Katrina had witnessed in movies and television programmes. Not that she particularly missed it; independence, for her, was far more important than anything else.... or at least, that was what she thought.... No doubt what most adults would come to realize as the usual teenage ‘pride’.

But as Lanny talked, images and dreams of what his family would be like, all chatting happily over home cooked food around the table, laughter spilling from every mouth couldn’t help but to swim through Katrina’s mind. Although her parents did occasionally ask when she too was coming home, there had never really been any urgency behind the words – but even as Lanny spoke of his own mother calling him back in a minor sentence, the smile increased again on her face, imagining the woman that he was talking of. A older woman, with a comforting face, grey hair, who still longed for her youngest boy to come home – it was cute, to say the least. And before she could even stop herself, the image of her meeting this woman too crossed her mind....
She was thinking too far ahead, she knew that already. It was crazy to be even dreaming of meeting his mother; this was, more or less, their first date. But still... There was something special about this man. The way he had brought her to a nice easy-going pub, instead of trying to impress with splashing money on a stupidly expensive meal. Not that it wasn’t nice to have those kind of dates; but Lanny was confident enough on his conversational skills that he didn’t feel the need to simply depend on money... And although Katrina had never thought she would prefer anything over money... This time, she really, really did.

A pause was left slightly after Lanny’s questions were posed towards her, as the mug of steaming drink lifted to her lips, letting the fluid slip down her throat, as she thought quickly what to say. It was a distraction method perhaps, an easy way to allow her to compose her thoughts, without pulling any attention to the fact that it perhaps wasn’t all coming quite as easily to her as it should’ve been. However, as the mug was lowered to the table, her slightly painted lips smiled again, as she tilted her head slightly, watching him. “I wasn’t born in Bishop either...”
the soft words started, “Actually, in Vermont. But I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Too boring... Everyone’s just the same there, stuck up, and pretentious.” Of course, Katrina probably fitted into that category more than anyone she was thinking of – but she did it in the right way; and that was all that mattered. “So I came here...”

Now was the time when she had to decide what lie to take – or even, perhaps, whether to tell the truth. But as her gaze scanned across Lanny again, the smile still drifting over her lips, she knew the truth certainly wasn’t something to be told. So she had to make the lies as simple as possible – something she wouldn’t catch herself out on in the future. If there was a future...
“I started college... But fashion was always my dream; and so I worked part time as an intern at A-Line magazines.” Her gaze dropped slightly to her drink, her long fingers running up and down the surface of the mug, before flicking back up to meet his once more. “And when they offered me a job; I figured I might as well take the opportunity whilst it was there. No point in getting a fashion degree, if no one wants to be your contacts.”

A flash of pearly white teeth was shown as a soft giggle slipped out of her mouth, a shrug of her shoulders, and a flick of her blonde hair out of her eyes. There were half truths in those last sentences if you looked really closely... But it was enough to fend Lanny off with for now. She had said enough to answer his question, without going into any real depth; and none of it was too complicated, that she wouldn’t be able to answer later on, if questioned. Her hand carefully slipped down from where it had been under her chin, resting on top of the table, her gaze still firm on him. “You know, seeing as this technically isn’t a first date... I think I should hear one of those wild party stories.” A mischievous grin darted across her face, a sparkle shining in her light blue eyes. Now was testing time to see exactly how interesting Lanny could be..

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If he noticed the slight pause that lasted but a moment before Katrina concealed it by sipping her drink, Lanny gave no outward sign of it. He leaned back in his seat, an expectant smile curving his lips lightly. His left hand rested on his thigh, fingers tapping gently, soundlessly against the fabric of his jeans. The other hand was still on the table, wrapped loosely around his own mug.

Vermont was too boring for her, she said, and his smile grew wider. He had been to Vermont once, on a skiing holiday with an old girlfriend, but most of their time had not been spent socializing with the locals, or even on the slopes that they had allegedly gone there for. Now, the weekend was a fuzzy memory of tangled limbs and sheets, room service devoured in bed amidst laughter and breaks for lingering kisses. Needless to say, Vermont was anything but boring to him, but he could see how Katrina would think so. Despite realizing that there were probably more things he did not know about her than things he did, he already had an image of her, an expectation, and he couldn't see her in a place where admiring the snow capped mountains against the brilliant sunset was the biggest selling point. Even their collision of a first meeting indicated that she liked to put her fingers directly on the pulse, to see everything, feel everything, be everything.

Different as they might be, he recognized himself in her; the constant need to simply live. Maybe that's what drew him to her, a kindred spirit recognizing something in another. Their dreams were different, but they were chasing them just as hard.

"This isn't a first date?" he grinned, his eyes twinkling. "I beg to differ. Fun as..." He paused to wiggle his eyebrows at her. "It was, I would hardly call us having sex - and me not remembering much - a first date. You're supposed to try and impress the girl on your first date, and I can hardly do that if I let you in on all the sordid details, can I?"