A little vetting.

A little vetting.

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June 21st, 2012, 12:04 pm #1

As one of my last connections proved to be a mistake (my fault, since I was fairly warned), I thought I might run another potential outlet through the ringer. As of now, Barry and Brent, in the States, have expressed interest in dealing my blocks, and I have overseas contacts of repute that have also stepped up. One more in the States I am leaning towards is Kuntz Power. I have been reccomended to Jim by some FE guys of renown and have spoken to Jim over the past few years. As far as I know Kuntz power is more than capable to take blocks to wherever any customer wants. I have already recieved pricing from Jim and it appears to be far less expensive than my previous choice outlet, that coming only by word of mouth. As I understand it, Kuntz is well equipped CNC-wise, and has the tooling, expertise, and people to do the job.

Has anyone had dealings with Kuntz? I do not want to end up in a similar situation as a recent one again. I am looking for another source to deal blocks and unless I have reason to back away, I am leaning towards adding Jim Kuntz to the list.

Please do not publicly discuss the matter. Email me privately, as others did with the previous entity.

Blizz, you may lock this down. I would like to keep it private.