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So after SG's departure we redid a lot of the website. If you notice anything funky let one of the admins know. I'm posting this here in website because the barracks was down earlier. I didn't want to run the risk of anyone not seeing this.

Here is a comprehensive list of changes:

Forum Access Masks:
Guests can now see PC forum.
Guests can no longer see the history section.
Regular members can no longer upload files.
Regular members can no longer post or start topic in the history/archive section.
MERC Leaders can now do everything everywhere.
MERC members can now see the barracks.
MERC members can upload in all forums they can post in.
MERC members cannot post or start topics in the history section.
MERC officers can post/upload everywhere except council chambers.
MERC recruits can no longer upload.
MERC recruits can see that there is a barracks, but not read any threads in it. (incentive to become a full member).
Redundant masks removed/combined.

Forum Groups:
Validating users can only read things. Not post.
Validating users may PM, but can only send three per day. This is so they can ask an admin for help with validation.
Guests can no longer post either.
Regular members may no longer use the calendar (it's bad enough when actual MERCs spam it).
Redundant groups removed/combined.
General Settings:
No flash videos as avatars (WTF?! I'm not even sure how someone would do that. I'm even less sure why it was turned on)
You can now see how other people have voted before voting yourself.
Global moderators can now warn up to three people per day (versus only one before).
New buttons for BB code because I know some of you suck at coding. Please don't abuse them. They can be taken back down. The forums are not a coloring book.

Dante is a MERC member again.
MERC mods was demoted.
Notifications were sent to staff members with weak passwords.

Forum Sections:
SOCOM CA section added.
360 category expanded and moved to top.
Categories reorganized.
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