Agenda for today's AGM

Agenda for today's AGM

Andrea McKay Cable
Andrea McKay Cable

September 9th, 2017, 2:23 pm #1

Purpose: 2017 AGM
Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017, time: 5:30pmvEST
Location: Longs Peek Scottish Irish Festival in Estes Park, CO; Call in 719-457-0816 (code 158289)


• Treasurer report
• Membership report
• Scholarship report
• January Elections
• Old business
• New Business
o 2018 AGM to be hosted by Western Region (Jaime); possible games are Seaside Games in Ventura, CA in October or Costa Mesa Games in Costa Mesa, CA Memorial Weekend
o Online Facebook survey determined 2020 AGM in Edinburgh Scotland possibly. Trip to be in August to be in time with Tattoo in Edinburgh and then a trip up to Mackay country. Trip would be approximately 10 days and coordinate out of JFK in NYC. Scottish American Foundation is offering grants to groups to host event in Scotland. Grant application due by end of 2017 and grant awards in 2018. The grant is $7-8k approximately. Last group trip to Scotland was in 2005.
o Only region not to host an AGM in the last rotation is Mid-West.
 2013-Georgia (Southeast Region)
 2014-New Hampshire (Northeast Region)
 2015-Virginia (Mid-Atlantic Region)
 2016-Texas (Central Region)
 2017-Colorado (Rocky Mountain Region)
 2018-California (Western Region)
o Appointing 2 interim positions for Western Regional VP; Jeffrey to step down due to health concerns, Jaime will step up and Ellen to step down in Southeast, John Allen to step up. Permanent positions to be elected.
o John to be speaking at dinner in Edinburgh, wants to get Lord Reay to visit USA. NYC Tartan Day parade committee attempting the same.
o Next t-shirt order to be in October. Looking for new design for back of shirt.
o Tumblers by Tervis were made incorrectly (purple and green not blue and green), company to pick them up and do them again.
o Need other ideas of what can be sold at tents. Suggestions: Mugs, bumper stickers, pins, bags (Jaime sells reusable grocery bags with crest, black and white)
o Social Media outlets to draw in younger members
• Questions, concerns, and discussion topics