A question

A question

Christopher Pollard
Christopher Pollard

April 26th, 2017, 4:23 pm #1

In searching old posts I found the following from Michelle Sandelier posted back in 2012 and I added a few questions at the bottom:

"Not sure what, "any one of these", actually refers to, some document of the clan, perhaps? The following are listed as CLANSMEN; being Blood related to the Chiefs (as opposed to septs or affiliated families who are not blood related): Allan, Allanson, Bain, Bayne, Kay, Key, MacAllan, MacBain, MacCaa, MacCaw, MacCay, MacGaa, MacGaw, MacGee, MacGhee, MacGhie, MacKay, MacKee, Mackie, MacPhail, MacQue, MacQuey, MacQuoid, MacVail, MacVain, MacVane, Morgan, Neilson, Nelson, Paul, Pole, Poleson, Pollard, Polson, Reay, Scobie, Williamson.

Note that "MacKay" is , in fact, a blood related Clansman to the Chief and of course would be considered a Member of the Clan.

The other 200+ affiliated families gained access to the clan rolls because they petitioned the Chief for his protection and a place to live and work and he accepted them upon their promise to fight for the clan when the time came... throught the history of the clan up until the Battle of culloden.

NO NEW NAMES have been added to the rolls since the Battle of Culloden when the clan system was abolished by the English Crown as an instrument of war (nor could they be without breaking the laws that governed the aftermath of the battle and the total domination of the people of Scotland). Today we have no clan in the exact sense of the term; we have CLAN SOCIETIES that strive to preserve and promote the Scottish history and in particular the history of our own clan, of which the clan system was a central tenant."

I was wondering if anyone had any insight that they may share with me?

Question #1 - I have seen the Pollard surname listed on a few websites as Clansmen of the MacKay clan and in other areas as a Sept. Any idea why there is a discrepancy?

Question #2 - Does anyone have any idea how or when the Pollard surname became affiliated (as blood or as a sept) with Clan MacKay?

Thank you in advance!