Zeitreise in 18tes jahrhundert (Fulda)

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Still a bit worn out from the last weeks event I packed the last clothes and supplies in the wagon Thursday morning and left to Keara. There we repacked our supplies in the great wagon and left together to Schloss Fasanerie near Fulda in Germany. William had already left on Wednesday and was supposed to stay the night at Duncan, Moira, Kirsten and Rose. Kirsten had planned to stay at home, but the rest was joining William on Thursday for the next part of the trip.

After a long trip with some change’s we reached the Schloss. No medieval castle, but a troughly Baroc Schloss with many side-buildings in a truly lovely environment. One of our hosts Roidsear (Roger) had already put up his tent in the orchard as did a great number of other groups. The rest of Clan MacBran had already arrived as planned. After making a short acquaintance we helped with setting the rest of the camp up. On advice off Roidsear we got our diner at the local baker. It was really noticeable that everybody was already walking around in nice outfits.

After a calm evening together the orchard and the lower gardens where flooded with regiments, people, kids, dogs, donkeys, horses, tents and supplies on Friday morning. The rest of Clan Chattan also arrived. We, of course, had to make an extensive acquaintance with them after they had set up camp as well. Many people already had their prettiest clothes on on arrival and wagons were quickly emptied and stalled. This really helped the festive mood which was present during this day. Our Tsjech colleague’s arrived and needed greeting. It was a fine day for doing some things for your self, looking around, and especially enjoying the company and the environment.

Saterday morning everybody was up early so all MacBrans were able to have breakfast together. An hour and a half before opening the camp was completely in order. This lead to a relaxed start of the day. Quit possibly this was due to the fact that we already had been operational for a whole day. It surely wasn’t due to everybody being in bed early. ;)

The weather stayed fine, with a little shower every once in a while, and quit some wind. But it was lovely to be outside. Slowly the crowds trickled in, and the gentlemen of Clan MacBran and Clan Chattan left for their inspection and the first parade. This mend that we stayed behind with the women and children to keep the camp running. In the afternoon the gents had to go away again to do battle. Luckily all came home safely, it was really quiet in the camp with them all gone.

Moira has been really busy making her new coat, with quite some help from Duncan. Keara was constantly busy with giving information to people at her wool-stall. Rose was having fun with the kids from Clan Chattan and the other neighbours. William gave lots of explanations about the muskets and how they must be used and maintained. In the meanwhile I finished Mick’s jacket, so next time he can wear a new coat.

Because of the combined activities the contact between both Clans got better and because both had planned to make stew for the evening their was decided to have a joined dinner together. It was really nice to sit together with both Clans on 1 table. The evening was also spend together and was completed with whisky, songs, music, tales and laughter. Some people from other camps also came by so we got to know many new people.

Sunday-morning everybody was up early again and this time also it wasn’t because we went to bed early. In the morning we combined the clans again and had breakfast together. It’s surely funny to so that two different groups are doing the same things and keep the same rhythms. It’s surely interesting to watch the difference’s and similarities. It was surely nice that both Clans integrated further and further when the weekend progressed.

Sunday the rhythm was almost like the Saturday, although there was more public. In the morning all women were invited for the women’s-breakfast at Nanny. Although we had already eaten breakfast we went, and it was really nice to have “a ladies-thing” with all the women. Really hilarious when men came walking at us, came closer, saw how many women where sitting together and then decided half way to come back later…

After that the gentlemen of course went to the parade again and did another battle in the afternoon. At that battle unluckily Roidsear was wounded and needed to get 3 stitches to close his battle-wound. Afterwards we knew it was nothing really serious but he had to miss the rest of the Sunday-afternoon and evening, and that was really unfortunately.

I think we women need to push the gents a little bit more to finally put an end to all these small battles and finish the English for once and for all. We really don’t like all these small battle’s and now we even got a man back wounded… We think it’s time to put a final end to the English! Well perhaps after the harvest and winter are over….!!

Sunday evening it was unfortunately already time to say goodbye to most off Clan Chattan. This was done with the promise to see each other again soon, and to see where we can meet together next year.

Duncan, Moira and Rose unluckily had to leave on Sunday-evening as well, cause Duncan needed to help with accompanying some “English” prisoners. For us nothing else was to do than to pack as much as possible. This so that we could leave early for the journey back home on Monday.

Monday-morning we where really glad to be able to say good-bye to Roidsear, and then we had to travel back home as well.

We would like to thank Roidsear, Nadine, Micheal, Niambh, Alisdair, Grainne, Chrisdean, Manus and of course the organisation of the “Zeitreise in 18tes jahrhundert” for the invitation, their warm welcome and the lovely weekend we had! We feel blessed that we’ve met you all and hope to see you very soon again. We’re sure that we’ve met some new friends this weekend!