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- The Jacobites

- Jacobite Heritage

- 1745 Jacobite rebellion

- Mara Riley

- Costume terminology

- H. v. Mourik

- The Rise & Fall of the Jacobite Rebellion

- Jacobite uprising

- Jacobite rebellion

- Scotlands History

- Wikipedia

- mooie prints

- nog meer prints


- Site living history uit engeland:

direct naar hun forum:

- Kezarcelts uit amerika:

Direct naar hun forum:

- 18th century women's list:
lots of links to other websites, but not so much info..
I.E.: Walter Scott -> Marmion, a tale of Flodden field... (lots of reading)

Collection documents about historic europe.

collection of links

Site with collection of documents + photo's + drawings etc. regarding the Highlands

Search for McIan Postcards (A bit later in time, but there are women on there )

Scotland's Birthplace

Lots of old teksts

Sourcematerial of the brittish government.
lots of official documents (customs-reports, marketreports, lists with inhabitants etc.)


List of imported goods.

- Smiling fox forge:
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