Your research used in 'AlienScientist' video

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen
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12:34 AM - Jan 05, 2013 #1

Hi guys,

I just want to alert you to a discussion between AlienScientist and Aidan Monaghan where some of your evidence is discussed although not in detail (they mention you by name at 41:00):

Have you been in contact with this AlienScientist guy by any chance? I was sending him your research a while back to look at, I don't know if that's what poked him in your direction but he apparently did look at it which is great (but it appears he doesn't get how firmly it establishes the consequences) - he has very well researched videos focused on WTC mostly.

Maybe you could arrange a debate/discussion with him, I'm sure that it would be very fruitful as he is well researched, open to consider evidence and has a good number of viewers.

btw: feel free to move this into more appropriate section if needed ( I did not notice the 'detractors' section)