New book "Inside 9/11"

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Inside 9/11: New facts and backgrounds ten years after
is a new book from the German freelance author and journalist Paul Schreyer.
Ten years after 9/11 new details keep emerging. In this German book the latest findings are presented and considered comprehensively for the first time:

How close the intelligence agencies really were to the terrorists, how and by whom the air defense was obstructed systematically on 9/11, how the absence of the highest military commanders aided the attack, and how a secret emergency plan was put in action on 9/11, bypassing the constitution and still running today.

No theories, just hard facts. Transparent and understandable for everyone through over 300 footnotes leading to sources from "9/11 Commission" to "New York Times". No anti-americanism but concern for a country still setting standards worldwide.

At the moment the book is not yet translated but Schreyer made an English 10 Minute video.
This film contains a short summary of the publicly available - but still widely unnoticed - evidence for a supposed attempt to obstruct the air defense on September 11th, 2001.


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