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Hi Craig et al, Just wanted to let your forum peeps know we added National Security Alert to our website>

This is our description/review>
The official flight path of the plane which hit the Pentagon on 911 is disputed throughout this film, and this is done through a variety of witness interviews, and with animations made by the Pilots For 911 Truth organisation. The witnesses within this presentation have never been grilled properly by mainstream media, and their accounts have never been compared to the actual flight path, until this investigation by the Citizen Investigation Team (CIT). And, after viewing the film, you will wonder why? Their words completely discredit the official flight path of American Airlines 'Flight 77', which is very important, as the US government have released data which precisely shows the flight-path they say was taken (NTSB Flight Data Recorder information). If this data which they released is incorrect, then it must have been fabricated by them due to it's preciseness. Those interviewed include police officers, workers at Arlington Cemetery and a security guard at the Pentagon itself, who appears to have seen a plane fly off after the impact/explosion. If the evidence within this CIT investigation is credible - and we believe it is - then that would account for the lack of evidence of a crashed plane at the Pentagon, and the US governments reluctance to release any of the video tapes that would show the impact of an actual plane. All security camera footage was confiscated at all nearby locations (inc hotels, shops, petrol stations) immediately on the day of 911, and throughout the following few days. Some were pointing in the direction of the impact site.

Hope that sounds ok to you guys, we like to keep it simple :)
Cheers for making all the effort, and please keep up the great work!
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