I´m back again

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I´m back again

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen
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October 7th, 2016, 10:38 am #1

I needed a longer time-out.
The reason was, that the fate wasn´t very kind to me in the last years.
I had to suffer more than a dozen of strokes including 7 cases of death in my nearest circle of family and friends.
Furthermore I was forced to move two times during this horrible time and due to an over-voltage in the house where I lived before my last move a number of electric devices including my computer, the monitor and the printer were destroyed.
So for a longer time I even had no access to the internet.
But meanwhile I´m getting better and I hope that the next surprises which the fate has on offer for me will be delightful.

So I can continue my work regarding the Shanksville-attack. But first of all I have to care about a really nasty job. Obviously the site “zooomer.com” where I uploaded all my pictures disappeared. So I will try to repair all the broken links step by step.

But unfortunately I have no good idea where to find a reliable “provider” for my pictures. At the moment I think to use “http://www.imagebam.com/” as a “provider”. If you have a better idea then please let me know.

BTW: The CIT-forum especially the Shanksville-forum is very, very calm. How did this come ?
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