Transcript of Q and A with Genex Rep, Russ Princ,

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Transcript of Q and A with Genex Rep, Russ Princ, Oct. 28th 08

[CALAMAITY_JANE entered room : Diamond Q Bucking Bulls]
CALAMAITY_JANE: ok iam back yall ready?
Summerrain411: if you copy your answers, this will only let you paste so much at a time
Summerrain411: in just a few mins robin
genex-al: Sounds good
Summerrain411: are you up in Wy russ
genex-al: In green Bay, WI
Summerrain411: bet its cold up there lol
genex-al: It is actually about the same as it was in AL this morning
[Diamond_E entered room]
Summerrain411: hi diamond e
Diamond_E: Hello how is everyone
genex-al: Trea better get on here.
Summerrain411: good, we havent started yet, just in a few mins
Summerrain411: Im ticked at Trae, he dont answer my voice messages or PMs LOL
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genex-al: He never answers his phone. We have been trying for months!
Summerrain411: lol
[kalikokittycat entered room]
Summerrain411: the business hes in you would think he would answer it
summers: Robin, how's my bull?
genex-al: You would think he would answer every call you never know I may need him at some time.
summers: Good
[redneckbaby77 entered room]
Summerrain411: hi redneck
redneckbaby77: Hi yall
Summerrain411: we will start in couple mins
CALAMAITY_JANE: I think he realy likes the peanut hay
redneckbaby77: okey dokey everyone doing ok?
Summerrain411: yep
[Lol2 entered room]
summers: the ones here wont eat much else than peanut hay
[HSHS entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: these eat tomuch, cant get them full
Summerrain411: ok lets get started
Summerrain411: Tonight we have Russ Princ, Genex Ala, we will do the prequestions first, then open it up for yall
[LRTX entered room]
Summerrain411: first question
Summerrain411: When doing a flush and you have one straw of one bull, do you think it is better to put another straw of another one in also?
Summerrain411: personally I think I would rather have, say 5 embryo's of a cartain bull, than have 8 and have 2 different sires to find
Summerrain411: from robert
genex-al: With the cost of a flush I personally would either use a different bull, or use that bull and straws from another bull.
genex-al: The last thing you want is for a complete bust on a flush.
genex-al: If I had only one straw and really wanted to use it on a flush I would do an IVF flush on the cow.
Summerrain411: next question
[joesmoe entered room]
Summerrain411: 2. i would like to know exactly how russ and rickey west are kin ? trae
genex-al: We to know when Trae and Terry are getting married in their matching pink shirts.
genex-al: Good job feeding that black bull to Trae
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: 3. When a bull does noy collect good what is some things you can do to turn him around? Greg
genex-al: Some bulls just need collected more to get cleaned out.
genex-al: can be done by collecting or by natural breeding to get to freshly produced semen.
joesmoe: I hear that
genex-al: You also need to look at stress factors that could cause for poor semen quality. ie environment or nutrition
Summerrain411: next
Summerrain411: What types of medications or drugs can effect the fertility(positive and negative) of bulls? RJP
genex-al: As we all know high doses of steroids are bad on semen production.
genex-al: On bulls that may have pus in their semen we will use Excenel or LA200.
genex-al: We also use a lot of Multi-min to help bulls out with production. This is a injectable product.
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: Is it better to let a bull live cover before collecting him?
genex-al: This always helps. It gets the bulls about sex and gets the reproduction system going.
genex-al: If a bull has bred cows naturally he has a better idea of what he is doing when it comes time to collecting him.
genex-al: We do jump bulls all of the time that have never bred cows but it does help with them actually jumping and with semen quality.
Summerrain411: next
Summerrain411: At what age can a bull be collected?
[Diamond_E left room.]
genex-al: I have collected dairy bulls as early as 9 months old. Most beef bulls at 12-16 months.
genex-al: Bucking bulls seem to best off around 2 years old. We have not collected many that are younger than that.
genex-al: They are a later maturing animal
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: dang
Summerrain411: having technical problems LOL just a min
Summerrain411: oh an average how many straws can you expect to be collected Heath
genex-al: It completely depends on the age, breed, and condition of the bull. A “good” average would be around 150-250 straws.
genex-al: I have had some bucking bulls at 2 years old that have made up to 700 units.
genex-al: It completely is bull dependant.
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: if a bulls semen wont freeze is there any procerure to correct this? hs
genex-al: There was a post about turning down the temperature!!! This can be correct during the summer months.
genex-al: Last year we added 6 stalls that are air conditioned. That barn is kept at 65-72 degrees.
genex-al: We also have fans throughout the barns.
genex-al: Some bulls just need time to get cleaned out to get to good freezable semen either by collecting or natural breeding.
genex-al: We have used multimin shots and some different feed additive to help with this as well.
genex-al: It seems with this type of bull that they either have good semen or they don’t.
genex-al: Some that we have had that had poor semen never seem to get better even a year or so down the road.
[Leb entered room]
Summerrain411: someone asked about splitting embryos, not exactly sure what they meant
[KWCattleco>> left room.]
And when you do em people think taht yer cool =P ^^]
genex-al: We don't do anything with ET at Genex. We solely collect bulls.
Summerrain411: thats all the prequestions, if you have a question ask
genex-al: We do work with several ET centers but I can not even begin to answer the question.
redneckbaby77: Genex La does not like to collect when its too hot or too cold they say they find results r better at a middle of the line temparature what is the general rule on this and when do u feel collection is prime?
genex-al: Bulls do work better in the spring and fall. I have found with the bucking bulls that we do here that
genex-al: they work well all year long.
Summerrain411: when a bull has been or sustained an injury, what time frame should you wait before collecting them
genex-al: I know James very well and I know they collect year round the heat does affect the bulls there and there entire facility is AC
genex-al: Semen that is taken today is produced 60 days ago. So we need to wait atleast 60 days after the bull is better.
genex-al: Temp of the bull will cause the most problems with semen quality
[STXJ entered room]
Summerrain411: would you consider this also if they have been hauled for awhile
Lol2: How long can a straw be stored
genex-al: No I have had bulls that have been dropped off from a Ford event and collected the next morning that do great.
[dfrom entered room]
redneckbaby77: We brought a bull to an undisclosed vet and they began treating him for something without running proper test his semen is all dead or broken tail could bantamine have this effect--the bantamine started to shut down his kidneys and we ended up having to rush him to Dr Warner to get him back on his feet--he is healthy and bucking again I just wonder if I should try again to have him collected?
genex-al: As long as semen is kept froze in nitrogen it will last forever
[summers left room.]
genex-al: The banamine would not cause the semen problems until the kidneys started to shut down. This is stress and infection in the bull that would have caused poor semen.
[HSHS left room.]
[summers entered room]
[HSHS entered room]
genex-al: I would have a semen check done on the bull before you take him in but I would wait atleast 90 days from when he really became healthy again
Summerrain411: what pecentage of motility do you freeze the semen
[KWcattleco>> entered room]
genex-al: We need semen to be atleast 60% live pre freeze and 40% live post freeze
[LRTX left room.]
[LRTX entered room]
Summerrain411: I heard back when they first started collection, they froze semen and it might be poor quality
genex-al: It all depends on who put the semen up and how it has been handled over the years. I have looked at a lot of semen that was put up in amps that was absolutely wonderful.
Summerrain411: yall ask your questions
genex-al: If semen is passed from tank to tank it can and will get damaged. The more you have it out of nitrogen passing it around and re freezing it the more damage you do to it.
[heath entered room]
dfrom: above you stated 40%live post freeze is that a normal number or does it run higher on most bulls
summers: Is there a specific mineral program you wouls use prior to collecting?
[joesmoe left room.]
genex-al: That is my min standard. It also depends on the number of cells that is put into the straw
redneckbaby77: How many straws are really necessary in AIing some ppl recommend 1 some 2 some 3 what is the standard
[joesmoe entered room]
[joesmoe left room.]
genex-al: I don't have a magic mineral program to use just talk with your local feed store or extensison agent.
Lol2: Some places don't like to work with amps, why?
genex-al: You sould only have to use 1 straw of our semen to AI with. It also depends on heat detection and AI tech and condition of the cow.
genex-al: I dont like to work with amps either. They were made different ways and can in your face.
[Leb left room.]
genex-al: Most people these days don't like using them because they never have. You need to find someone that used them years ago to be good with them.
Summerrain411: anymore questions yall
Lol2: Had an IVF failure that was blamed on the quality of the straw. Shouldn't that have been detected before it was used? There was a spare.
redneckbaby77: Well I think that answer all my questions Thank u for ur time
genex-al: I have never been around an IVF procedure but I would think that they would look at the semen when they used it.
genex-al: Thank you for asking. If anyone comes up with more feel free to contact me or any other of our facilities anytime.
Lol2: Thanks for the info. night
Summerrain411: has genex every used a mild sedation on rodeo cows for AIing
[Lol2 left room.]
[heath left room.]
[redneckbaby77 left room.]
genex-al: I have had reps in VA that AIed a bunch for me and I am sure they didn't use any. They had really good results with it as well.
[HSHS2 entered room]
Summerrain411: anymore questions for Russ
Summerrain411: thanks for doing this Russ, we really appreciate it
HSHS2: thanks hs
Summerrain411: the transcript will be posted on the board
genex-al: Not a problem thanks for having me
[HotNawtyGuy entered room]
[HotNawtyGuy left room.]
[romkema entered room]
summers: HS did you clone yourself?
[dfrom left room.]
Summerrain411: lol
[LRTX left room.]
HSHS2: stupid comp cuts off and i have to reappear
Summerrain411: awww
genex-al: If that is all of the questions I am going to leave. Thanks again for having me
Summerrain411: thanks russ have a great night
[genex-al left room.]
STXJ: ty
Summerrain411: robin just email this to me when you get a chance
[bull'othewoods entered room]
[HSHS2 left room.]
CALAMAITY_JANE: ok i will now
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