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These are the questions and answers submitted to Russ Gant, President of the ABBI for answering.
I was not able to copy the chat room transcript and do the questions and moderate the room at the same time, I apologize for that. But this is the main questions that was asked , Russ answered them.

Also, this q and a will be put in an article form and I will have it in the March issue of Humps n Horns, I may be contacting some of you that asked questions to get like a mini interview with you about your questions.Thank you SR

Q. 1. IF you were not a ABBI member in 2008, but you bought a membership for 2009, if you were going to register a 2008 calf how much would it cost?
From Drew Walters

A If you were a NEW MEMBER in 09, you could register 08 calves for $50. Note: this is taking advantage of the New Breeder discount program.

Q.2 any plans for people to make a payment plan for a lifetime membership.

A Not at this time, but only because I haven't brought it up for discussion. We should look into this.

Q.3 why dont we get membership cards anymore?
From Keith Strickland

A. Membership cards are still sent out when a member renews. We have just gone to a more cost effective card, as the only use for the card is for quick reference of your ABBI number.

Q 4 Will you offer financing to register yearlings?
From Jeremy Willis

A. Not at this time.

Q 5 I would like to know if what I have heard is true.. I heard that the ABBI lost over $300,00.00 last year. If this is true how and why? from Johnny Massucci

A. In 2007, the loss was $349,128.82. This was the audited number provided by the CPA firm that does the audit. So, yes it is true. It happened for multiple reasons. Let me just say that we are working hard not to let this happen again.

Q 6 Also if they did why are they raising the cost so high as to run off potential members and registrations? from Johnny Massucci

A. We lowered the cost to register calves in their birth year. It was lowered to entice people to register early and also to register the entire calve crop.

Q 7. Do they honestly think that they can make money this way?
from Johnny Massucci

A. Yes.

Q 8. Why can't t I get someone to fix the membership screen? I have tried to get into our inventory for months and it keeps telling me to pay. How many time a year to we have to join? from Sandy Lotz

A. The website software was having glitches on the renewal screens, but this was fixed once we became aware of what it was doing.

Q 9. Do all the directors and board members pay the same as we do ? Do they have to pay all the late fees ?
from Sandy Lotz

A Yes, as far as late fees. The only discount shareholder's receive is on a limited number of registrations.

Q 10. Do you think there will be a spike in calves registered as January 09 models over previous years?

A. If more are born in January, it would be expected.

Q 11. If you had a calf born on the last day or two of December could we expect that calve to be registered as a 08 even though it would cost an arm and a leg?
from Heath Prosser

A. It is expected that you (Heath) or anyone else would do the right thing. As with anything else, integrity is expected.

Q 12. It is a little confusing, one of the board members said they lost $300,000. Then another one said they donated all their profits (over $200,000) to the ABBI Finals. Which is it?
from Jeremy Willis

A. We added over $200,000 of the ABBI profits to the Classic and Futurity finals. We feel it was the right thing to do.

Q 13. My question is regarding the following statement at the top of 2008/2009 Application for Registration: "Neither clones nor cloned off spring will knowingly be entered into the registry by ABBI staff.
More important than the application wording is the following boardmember vote: NO CLONES OR CLONED OFF-SPRING IN THE REGISTRY. I know you and other directors were made aware that Jason Miller registered a 2006 cow out of cloned animal CP 1 KUNG FOO. Just for reference, prior to Jason Miller's cloned off-spring, the last registered calf out of CP 1 KUNG FOO was born in 1998.

Q. My question is why are cloned off-spring in the registry and when will they be revoked? from Melanie Wolfong

A. I guess in 06, this one slipped by or our previous administration decided to allow them into the registry. A filter has now been added to the database to not allow any animals to be registered back to this animal. The staff is also now aware of this animal being in the registry and it is flagged.

Q 14. Is there any thought on creating classes/divisions for competition, based on earnings that season, to separate the competitors a little better and create a more competitive environment, and more importantly, a place to bring bulls that might not be BFTS short-go caliber

A. Claiming Classic, page 22 of the 2008 rule book. All we neeed is a promoter to do the event. Are you willing or do you know someone? This is just one option.

Q 15 and awhile and communicate with the bree. Would it be possible to have some one come onto the boards every once ders?

A. We are on here quite a bit.. I will say that if people would read the rules in the book or online, we would not have so many problems.

Q 16. Is there any chance the ABBI might regionalize like the PRCA has done? Also, what about a more centralized futurity championship (or at the very least the long-go)?

A. Not at this time.

Q 17. What about restructuring the payment for the championships?
It's hard for me to think about competing with a bull, taking him to the finals, finishing 20th and walking away with about as much as it costs to enter, get there and get home. I know there has been some talk that a big payday is needed, but I think the Classic champion walking away with $150K instead of $250K is still a big payday, plus it would free up $100K for the other 19 spots.
from Arthur Lidral

A. Much thought has been put into this decision. The Board feels this is the right way to go.

Q 18. Why are the junior breeders not allowed to view the registry?

A. Junior breeder memberships are for those 18 years and under. We have seen that some members have tried to get around the system by using the Junior memberships to their advantage. Again, integrity. Junior members are welcome to upgrade to a premium membership, if they are truly using the full registry for research.

Q 19. Why was the birth year picked to be the deadline for registering calves before an increase in the fee?

A. It made sense to us.

Q20. Were breeders asked concerning this dealine picked or was it soley the voice of the board of directors?

A. Board members and shareholder all had a voice, either for or against it. I think in the summer of 07 we had a shareholder's meeting in OKC and fought this out.

Q 21. Why are the addresses and phone numbers of the board of directors not listed on the ABBI website?

A. If you follow the proper chain of command, I bet you could talk to any member you need to, if it makes sense.

Q 22. Can members request the DNA profile (DNA markers) of their animals, not just the certificate showing parentage?
from T D. Teel

A. The DNA marker results are considered the intellectual proper of the ABBI.

Q 23. Will the ABBI consider putting a representative from a breeders association who is not a shareholder, on the board as a spokesperson?

A. I will not say, never.

Q 24.
Does the ABBI have any intentions or desire to expand it's classic and futurity system to other areas of the country, specifcally the Northwest? Note- With the current PBR schedule including Tacoma, Portland, Nampa, Billings, and California events, they could be ran in conjunction. The Northwest also has numerous Enterprise and Challenger events that could be turned into Classic/Futurities

A. We are always looking at expansion. It is important that we support the futurity in Nampa, Idaho and the Classic in Reno, Nevada. We are always welcome to discuss making some of the Classic events in the Northwest ABBI events, but we have to make sure that we are able to fill the events and make a good showing for the promoters.

Q 25. Will the Junior futurities be expanded? I see there are 100 plus Junior members. There are three junior futurities in Oklahoma and Texas.

A. We tried on in Kansas City in March of 08, but there weren't enough entries, due to conflicting with school. We had to cancel the event. We are had 3 in the summer of 2008.

Q 26. Will the Wild Card be held as it was in 2008?

A. The Wild Card will be taking on a new look for 2009.

Q 27. With the prices going up, why are the membership benefits going down rather than up? Example- Membership cards, Calendars and full access to the registry.
from Chris Fitzpatrick

A. Let's remember that prices went down to register animals in 2008. It is going up for those that didn't register their 08 calves in 2008. Our goal is to help our members grow and enjoy the membership. We have added educational seminars and more experts writing columns in the magazine and will start to have a questions and answer session available from experts and our Vet Advisory Board. The online access is a benefit to make it more convenient for our breeders to do research or register animals when they have time, not just during business hours. Membership cards are still provided, so members will have a quick reference for their membership numbers. Calendars are still available through FANCORP, the publisher of our magazine.

Q 28. The online access is a benefit to make it more convenient for our breeders to do research or register animals when they have time, not just during business hours. Membership cards are still provided, so members will have a quick reference for their membership numbers. Calendars are still available through FANCORP, the publisher of our magazine.

A. The newly created Vet Advisory Committee is working on new guidelines to standardize our Vet participation, as we speak.

Q 29. What exactly are the new rules for EID tags and mouthing? I was told the vet now has to take pictures of the bull's mouth and brands. Is that true?
from Tammy

A. The rule is:
Bulls must FIRST be ABBI Registered, have a permanent branded ID number and an original Certificate of Registration prior to age verification. Bulls must be ABBI age verified, no sooner than 18 months old and no later than 34 months old from date of birth in the registry. Bulls must be verified by an ABBI approved licensed veterinarian according to the ABBI approved mouth chart (L. Man Cropsey, DVM Golden, Colorado) and be verified to be 34 months or less, prior to competing in an ABBI produced or sanctioned futurity and have an EID tag in place.

The Vet's obtain the EID tags and the paperwork from the ABBI office and return the forms, after filling them out, to the ABBI office. A picture of the animal's teeth are submitted, as well as a photo of the animal showing the brand. This stays in the owner's file for verification purposes, should any questions arise.

Q 30. Why have so many ABBI members payed their dues, check gets cashed and a over 12 months later they have not recieved certificates?

A. Certificates are sent out on a weekly basis from the office, usually between 1000-1500 at a time. If there is a specific instance of someone not receiving a certificate, a simple call to the ABBI office will allow us to check on the certificate to see if it has been mailed or if it is lost in mailing, allow the certificate to be reprinted.

Q 31. Are shares still being sold in the ABBI?

A. Currently, no. But, if you are interested, I can check it out.
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