Q & A Transcript with Kody Lostroh, Aug. 19th

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Q & A Transcript with Kody Lostroh, Aug. 19th

Summerrain411: kody,do you love reindeer dippin from keith nabours
Lostroh: yeah, I'd love him on my plate!
Summerrain411: next couple questions is from Luann
Summerrain411: Besides Reindeer, we know you want to ride him, Which bull out there would you really lilke to ride that you haven't had the chance to ride yet?
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Lostroh: I would sure like to have the chance to get on Voodoo. I really like the way he bucks and i think he would fit me well.
Summerrain411: next, Which bull out there would you like to use to breed to, that you haven't had a chance to use as a sire?
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Lostroh: I would love to breed to Troubador. Who knows if his calves will buck as good as him, but I sure like him. That sucker bucks hard, and I like the size of him also. His breeding is great too...but I like the way he bucks
[JCrawford entered room]
Summerrain411: next few questions from Cindy
Summerrain411: What makes a bull rider want to ride bulls....... You know you can get hurt or killed, and I just wanted to know this
Lostroh: The reason i ride bulls is because I love to do it. I love the challenge, the adrenaline, the excitement, and I actually like the fact that death is always right in your face. It seems to me that I feel more alive when injury or death could be right around the corner. And to top it all off, God h
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Lostroh: has a purpose for me to ride bulls. It makes no sense to ride them if God isn't involved in it. It's motivating to know that when I'm riding to glorify God, there will be a lasting effect. The buckles and money will be forgotten and spent, but the lives I get to effect is what I love the most
Summerrain411: How many bulls do you average in a year getting on... also do you practice in between events?
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Lostroh: I get on about 100-125 bulls a year. It might be even more, but that would be a pretty good average. I practice mostly mentally between events. Being in the right mind-set is the whole key to staying consistant. If I feel like I need to work on something I will get on some practice bulls. And d
Lostroh: during the week just for fun
Summerrain411: next, Do you ever ride your own bulls? Which one of your bulls is your favorite and why
Lostroh: I've ridden a few of my own bulls. Mostly just practice bulls that aren't really that good. I only own a couple older bulls that can buck right now, and I haven't been on them yet. I'm looking forward to getting on one of my younger bulls next year when he's a little bigger though!
Summerrain411: this question is from bushrat, aka bob adams
Summerrain411: we all know how much you love ol' Reindeer as a bucking bull, how many calves do you have coming from the ol' boy?
Lostroh: I'm very happy to say I will have appoximatly 0 calves out of the deer this year. I am hoping to double that number next year also...
Lostroh: haha
Summerrain411: lol
Bushrat: LOL kody
Summerrain411: another question from cindy
Summerrain411: Kody, I hear all this talk about Reindeer.... Will you or someone tell the story?
Lostroh: Well, most people like to give me a hard time about reindeer because the fans like him, and I think he should be called rundeer. I'm reminded of the old John Deere logo that says "nothin runs like a deer." Haha, I just think the bull doesn't buck anymore. He was as rank as anything for a year or
Lostroh: or so, but then decided it was easier to run, and lunge, and kick at his belly and roll than to buck like a real bull. Anyways, the people that have heard me say that about him like to give me a hard time about it. Which is fine with me, cuz it's not changing my opinion about it. Fans do like him
JCrawford: like his trip as paso robles
Lostroh: though...
Summerrain411: next from Byron
Summerrain411: oops go ahead kody
Lostroh: sorry, it won't let me type it all in at once
Summerrain411: thats ok go ahead
Lostroh: yeah, like paso
Summerrain411: ok this is from byron
Summerrain411: Kody, where did you start riding at? ron and kevins? billy scmidt? doug joeseph? just curios i graduted from skyline i was wondering if there are more or fewer places to practice since i quit riding.
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Lostroh: I started riding steers at fairs and youth rodeos. But I really cut my teeth at Ron and Kevin's place, and then later at Doug Josephs. I bet I've been on more bulls at the old barn in Greeley than any other place. Shoot, I still go over there to get on practice bulls sometimes!
Summerrain411: from BARC3 in the NW
Summerrain411: What bull rider did you look up to growing up and why?
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Summerrain411: kody screen might have froze lol
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ERRN: he'll be back
Lostroh: there's still quite a few places to get on around here
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Lostroh: ok, it froze for a min
Summerrain411: it does that sorry kody
Summerrain411: next question
Lostroh: You know, I never really looked up to any particular rider. I thought there were a few guys I really like to watch ride because they made it look good, but that's about it.
Summerrain411: from Mickie Murray
Summerrain411: i have allot of people ask me what the bull riders do to stay in shape and to keep your muscles supple and as free as you can from injury?
Lostroh: I used to lift heavy weights through high school and college. But now I do more body weight stuff and balance and coordination training. Lots of excersizes on a stability ball and some plyometric stuff. Riding horses really helps also. Bareback, saddle, anything like that is great for staying in
Lostroh: shape
Summerrain411: from hoot, How important is predictability out of the chute to a successful ride?
Lostroh: Predictability out of the chute means nothing to a successful ride. It's a reaction sport, so any planning ahead makes the reactions slower. Experience is a different story. Knowing what a bull feels like when he's bucking trains our minds to react differently to certain moves. For instance when
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Lostroh: Dr. Proctor was at his prime, everyone knew he would really rear and drop out of the air, but no one could get by him for a long time. After I had the experience of getting on him 2 or 3 times, I could retrain my mind to react to his style of bucking. But there was no way I could have done that wi
Lostroh: without experiencing it firsthand. Hope that makes sense...
Summerrain411: from cindy again, Kody, which type bull do you prefer to ride? The bigger ones or smaller ones?
[Cappy entered room]
ERRN: hoot says thanks
Lostroh: no problem!
Lostroh: Well, it depends! haha, if I'm beat up and sore, i want a little one! But for the most part i like bigger bulls. They have more area to hang on to and they seem to fit me better. I like to really break over and get over the front end of a bull, and big bulls are easier to do that on. Probably b
Lostroh: because they actually rear and kick. A lot of smaller bulls just spin
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Summerrain411: shh keith lol, next question
Summerrain411: from luann,
Lostroh: yep, those spotted tail-chasers!
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KEITH-NABOURS: whiteparks
Summerrain411: Congratulations winning the World Finals down in Mexico, hope you're not to beat-up. Did y'all go out and really cerebrate after, and of the bulls that were down there which one did you like the best?
Lostroh: Thanks a bunch. It was a honor to be able to represent the USA and to top it off take home the title. I think most of the guys really celebrated, but I actually wasn't with them the night after it was over. I celebrated by eating a big dinner with some good desert, taking a shower and relaxing.
Lostroh: Well, one of the bulls I liked the best was good ol' Cat Man Do. I sure like riding him, and look forward to drawing him again! One of the other ones I liked was a bull called Full Throttle that drilled me the first night. Lots of rear and kick and buck. He got me stretched out and bucked me off
Lostroh: but I liked him too. I'm sure there were other bulls there that I would have liked, but I really didn't get to see that many because I was always in the back trying to get my rope on my bull and trying to get those stupid jerseys over my vest! Its hard to watch with a jersey stuck on your head!
Summerrain411: and the last one, I had asked, Kody how do you like the new vest they said you were wearing in Mexico under the jersey?
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Lostroh: You know, i never did try one out. I like my own equipment, so I used my own vest. The new ones were a little lighter than a normal vest though.
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Summerrain411: thats all the pre questions, if any have some now, go for it as long as kody has some time, thanks kody
[Hotflash entered room]
ERRN: thanks kody
Lostroh: yep, I got all kinds of time
Lostroh: your welcome
KEITH-NABOURS: so kody how many whitepaks cattle you have
JCrawford: Kody with all the talks of helmets etc, do u think it should be mandatory in the youth events?
JCrawford: and if this has been asked already i apologise
Lostroh: I have a couple of those spotted tail chasers...but mine are cows
Lostroh: I think helmets are madatory in most youth organizations
[tiny entered room]
billsummers: Keith you aren't thru are you?
Lostroh: But I think it's a good idea for the kids
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Summerrain411: kody I know its early, who do you think Might get BBOY
Lostroh: either Troubador or Voodoo
JCrawford: in tx its still optional, but i know at the Youth Bullriding World Finals it was brought up about making it mandatory next year, do you agree with this? especialy for say the older bullriders that are there that dont wear one?
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Lostroh: I think it should be grandfathered in...if you already compete without one, they shouldn't make you put one on
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JCrawford: thanks
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billsummers: Kody, when you went to visit Marcia, did she whine the whole time?
[poppybull entered room]
Lostroh: yeah, but after a while I was able to tune it out...
flyinhigh: Good luck in Nashville,we will be there watching
Summerrain411: lol ohhhhhhhhh nooooo
Lostroh: just joking. I had a great time visiting her!
Summerrain411: i know you are kody and Im still so thankful you and josh came
Hotflash: Marica, time for Bill's meds and bedtime
Lostroh: Thanks, I'm looking forward to Nashville
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billsummers: not hard to do is it?
Summerrain411: the transcript for this will be posted on chute the bull for any that missed any of the questions
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Summerrain411: are you looking forward to the brazilian bulls next year kody
JCrawford: Kody what do u think your best cow is? and how is she bred? what is something u would like to breed her to
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tiny: Cody what did you think about Marchi getting bucked off of most of his bull in Mexico?
Lostroh: yeah, I heard they are all really big and kick hard
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Lostroh: My best cow is probably Walk This Ways dam. She's a Wrangler Rivet daughter
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Lostroh: I'm still not sure what the perfect sire for her would be...
Summerrain411: reindeer
[ralph2 entered room]
Summerrain411: couldnt resist
[Bushrat left room.]
VidaleMcCracken: LOL Whistle Britches has jokes
ERRN: Marcia I was gonna say that
Lostroh: Marchi is human, and he just happened to show it in Mexico. (That doesn't happen very often!)
[Bushrat entered room]
AKCT: How many cows do you have altogether
[rectum-wart entered room : nıbble me]
[rectum-wart left room. : need to scratch bbl]
Lostroh: around 20. Not a bunch, but enough to keep me busy when I'm home
Lostroh: I promise reindeer will get no part of my cows!
tiny: Cody did you earn points in Mexico that went towards the point standings?
Lostroh: No, just a little cash and braggin rights
ERRN: Kody.. have you ever ridden any bulls from Johnny Williams place??? J BAR W
tiny: Thats to bad since he was off for the weekend.
canbuck: the $$ counts for vegas ??
Lostroh: I don't know
Lostroh: yeah, the $ counts
Summerrain411: the canadians gave yall a run for first place
Lostroh: I know it! What a surprise! They sure rode good down there
tiny: DId they end up with 2nd?
ERRN: they must have gotten thawed out down there
Lostroh: yeah, Canada 2rd, and Brazil 3rd by .25 of a point
ClydeChapman: Whats bloodlines do you like?
Lostroh: I really like the kick and Page's and Alex Naccaratto bloodlines have
[Colts18 left room.]
Lostroh: A6 is one of my favorites
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JCrawford: for the team deal, did yall have a select group of guys you could chose from? or just any one with a pbr card? and what was the reasoning behind your pick
[woody- left room.]
Hotflash: What do you think of the k-bulls and would you use them in your breed program
Lostroh: We could pick from anyone with a pbr card
ClydeChapman: I can't afford it but I sure like the paint brahmer
Lostroh: I picked Matt Austin because he rides awesome!
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Lostroh: I think the K bulls can sure buck, but most seem to be pretty inconsistant to me
JCrawford: i think if matt could ever get fully healthy he could be top dog in the pbr as well
[Lanesmith entered room]
Lostroh: I personally have no interest in breeding to them
Lostroh: He's on his way... I might be wishing I would have kept him out in a couple years!
Summerrain411: lol
ClydeChapman: gunslinger
Lostroh: Gunslinger throws some nice calves too huh?
Summerrain411: do you think breeders should try and produce bigger bulls for PBR events because of the brazillians
Lostroh: I admit I have a little of him and playboy in my herd too
ClydeChapman: yea he does
ClydeChapman: I got a gson
Lostroh: lol, I think the brazilians need normal ropes!
Summerrain411: agree
Summerrain411: anymore questions anyone?
Lostroh: Making bigger bulls might help, but that probably won't happen
tiny: They will still soak them
AKCT: are you happy with the range of bulls that the PBR is coming up with?
JCrawford: it sure fun watching them guys at mesquite get on some of them big bucking suckers there, like big d, hico, them soaking those bulls dont have much affect on them
tiny: Kinda looks like Marchi gets on and pulls his rope tight long before he is ready to go Just my opinion
Lostroh: yeah, I think everyone has a chance to win at the events because of all the good bulls
[BrentNelson entered room]
Summerrain411: with the challenge clock now, do you think that is been a benefit for the riders
Lostroh: I always liked it when a brazilian would try and soak Huskers Red
BrentNelson: Hey, hows it going this evening?
Lostroh: it never worked out very well for em
Summerrain411: welcome brent
JCrawford: have u thought bout entering any of the mesquite events?
Lostroh: I like the challenge clock. It gives everyone a chance to make the right call
[Bucker left room.]
Lostroh: Hey brent
[kbrat entered room]
Summerrain411: we are asking questions to Kody brent, you have any
Lostroh: I probably won't go to Mesqute. It's quite a ways from the house for a small event
BrentNelson: Have you spent all that money yet from the weekend?
Summerrain411: lol
Lostroh: no! haven't even got the check yet! haha
JCrawford: i agree kody, the bigger name guys ive saw there have either been to an event down this way or live in the area
[Hotflash left room.]
Lostroh: If I was down there I might go
ClydeChapman: did yall cut jw in?
[barmrcattle entered room]
[Hotflash entered room]
[flyinhigh left room.]
tiny: Cody I am sure everyone here could use a loan when you get it LOL
Lostroh: no, JW got the trophy. We did give Luke a cut though
[billsummers left room.]
[milkbaby entered room]
JCrawford: Kody next time u see JW ask him bout some one stole his bull at the YBR Finals in ft worth, its a very good story, this goes for every one that runs across jw hart
[billsummers entered room]
Lostroh: I'll give someone a loan in exchange for some good semen to use on WTW mom!
Lostroh: k, I'll ask him
Summerrain411: whats her breeding kody, I can t remember
BrentNelson: What do you consider good semen?
Summerrain411: wrangler rivet over
[kbrat left room.]
JCrawford: its the bull that he is partner with the QB
[Creamer left room.]
Lostroh: some cow...nothing special
Lostroh: good semen...one that will make a bucker
[ralph2 left room.]
[VidaleMcCracken left room.]
Summerrain411: oh where you get that semen at
Summerrain411: lol
[VidaleMcCracken entered room]
[Bushrat left room.]
Lostroh: I don't know yet!
milkbaby: what have i missed
[Bushrat entered room]
Summerrain411: alot Milkbaby, your late, you must stay after class LOL
Lostroh: I was kinda thinkin Cowtown might be kinda fun to try on her
Summerrain411: oh that would be a good cross
[yatahey entered room]
JCrawford: that would be interesting cross
Hotflash: Oh man SR got homework for you Milkbaby
Summerrain411: lol
Summerrain411: well you got to get some cowtown then Kody
milkbaby: i hoping she will post all the answers on the board and be open book test
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[Leroy entered room]
Lostroh: I guess I do
[Leroy left room.]
Summerrain411: the transcript will be posted
Summerrain411: what about night life
[AKCT left room.]
CALAMAITYJANE: Ok Kody i have a question. Where is my pic. and autograph? LOL I had to put that in.
ERRN: SR... that's pretty personal isn't it?????lol
Lostroh: Was I supposed to send you one?
Lostroh: My night life is none of your business! haha
Summerrain411: lol
JCrawford: kody what has been the funnest bull you have been on this yr? and what has been the rankest
Summerrain411: you know robin when he was here I forgot to get his autograph
Lostroh: The two funnest bulls have been Cat Man Do and troubador
Hotflash: CJ ,I was going to ask that, but chicken out, you got more guts then me
CALAMAITYJANE: well about 6 mts a go u said that you would send me one. that is the last time i got to talk to you in the chat room
CALAMAITYJANE: and why don
Lostroh: Shoot I'm sorry. Shoot me a message with your address and I'll get one to ya right away
CALAMAITYJANE: don't you come to chat
[ShayneOwen entered room]
CALAMAITYJANE: LOL you are the best
[Bolton entered room]
ERRN: Kody.... I think you will have lots of messages soon!!!!!
[Bolton left room.]
Lostroh: I get in trouble with my wife when I sit on the computer all night! lol
Summerrain411: lol
CALAMAITYJANE: and dont forget SR and Hotflast LOL
milkbaby: kody, how long to you plan on competing? and what are your plans after?
ClydeChapman: thanks kody, night yall
Summerrain411: night clyde
VidaleMcCracken: I want Shayne Owens autograph LOL
[dscattle entered room]
tiny: me too
Summerrain411: lol
CALAMAITYJANE: well ask your wife the chat with us
milkbaby: on a check!
Lostroh: I will compete until it's time to quit. I ahve no clue when that will be
tiny: before he is to wet to give it
[ClydeChapman left room.]
Lostroh: Then I'm gonna be a race car driver
ShayneOwen: Gosh who would want his autograph
[ClydeChapman entered room]
[ClydeChapman left room.]
ERRN: like living on the edge Kody?
milkbaby: retire after a world championship thats always cool
Lostroh: I guess God will show me what to do when bullriding is over
CALAMAITYJANE: And i relly whont Vidale McCracken autograph all so and pic.
tiny: Cody do you fly to most events orand or drive to the ones that are closer than 4 or 5 hours?
Hotflash: Well if you have to use a cane or a walker to get to the bull its time to quit
Lostroh: I drive to everything within about 15 hours...don't like planes much
ERRN: With all these nurses here... We could keep puttin on the duct tape
[Lanesmith left room.]
ShayneOwen: Kody What is your opinion now on the bull draw now
Lostroh: I still want it to be a draw instead of a draft
[poppybull left room.]
Lostroh: I liked that part of the sport
[JCrawford left room.]
ERRN: what's the difference
[poppybull entered room]
tiny: I like the draw better than the draft, as it was always set up to be
Lostroh: at some events they let us pick our bulls based on our ride the previous night
Lostroh: yeah, I like a random draw and cowboy shirts...not drafts and jerseys
Summerrain411: didnt like those jerseys huh lol
Hotflash: Did they let you keep your jersey
milkbaby: anything with the USA on it is good tho
ShayneOwen: How was the new protective vest
Summerrain411: yes but were they made in china lol
[hoops entered room]
Bushrat: lol Marcia, Kody said he had hard time watching with the jersey stuck on his head
[012who entered room]
[hoops left room.]
Summerrain411: oh thats right, guess that would make it difficult
[SlashKrodeo entered room]
VidaleMcCracken: pay attention whistle britches
[poppybull left room.]
Bushrat: they shoulda had eye holes cut in them lol
Summerrain411: i was doing the questions
[poppybull entered room]
SlashKrodeo: wowwww lots of ppl lol\
tiny: let her have it Vidale she will get even sometime I am sure
[billsummers left room.]
Hotflash: Hey if your got to keep the jersey you could always get all the guys to sign it and auction it off for a good cause
CALAMAITYJANE: TO all of the chat room gest i will be on here till 9:30 then i will copy the tex and send it to SR.
VidaleMcCracken: She can get even with me pretty easy
Summerrain411: thanks robin
ShayneOwen: Kody how was the new protective vest and did you like it
Hotflash: Did we scare Koty off?
SlashKrodeo: what kind of vest is it
[barmrcattle left room.]
Bushrat: guess his screen froze again
ShayneOwen: they wore new vest that were redesigned to be wore under shirts
SlashKrodeo: oh when did they do this
[ShayneOwen left room.]
Summerrain411: Kody just called, his computer locked up
[ShayneOwen entered room]
Summerrain411: he cant even get back on the internet and apologizes
[Lostroh3 entered room]
Summerrain411: he enjoyed it and thanks everyone for coming
CALAMAITYJANE: hi lostroh3
VidaleMcCracken: Whistle Britches would trying to sell a bull in here be considered against board rules since I am not a paid advertiser?
Summerrain411: in here you can sell whatever you like
VidaleMcCracken: cool, just curious
CALAMAITYJANE: yep so what do you have V?
Hotflash: How's your bull doing vidale
Summerrain411: did you sell your bull that was on the auction
yatahey: got semen from a froggy son!!! lol
Summerrain411: let the sale begin
yatahey: he he
VidaleMcCracken: nope they are both for sale I need to sell them to pay for a big vet bill at OSU Vet
yatahey: oh also got flanks

Lostroh2: my compute was givin me fits
tiny: wb cody
Summerrain411: thats technology for you
Hotflash: I'm saling rain and wind right now, and looks like I have more tomarrow
[elliott entered room]
Lostroh2: sorry summerrain, it started working as soon as I hung up with you
Summerrain411: thats ok Kody
Summerrain411: it happens
Summerrain411: we have 3 of you in the chat room now LOL
VidaleMcCracken: Hotflash he is doing as good as could be expected. Took off a horn drilled 3 holes in his skull. He will be at OSU for a month. He had major sinus infection putting pressure on his brain. They will be flushing his skull for 3 weeks releasing pressure on his brain.
Hotflash: dail up will do that to you Kody
tiny: Back to Shaynes question Kody do you like the new vest?
SlashKrodeo: anyone got a bareback vest im tired of whiplash lol
Lostroh2: no dial up, just a weird computer
Hotflash: Man V that is a vet bill !
Lostroh2: I didn't try the new vest
CALAMAITYJANE: Ok sr i went a head and sent the tex to you but will be in here for a little longer just got the girls to bed.
Summerrain411: thanks robin
ShayneOwen: Kody what do yuo think about PBR Stock Contrators that are over the age of 60 do you think their should be a limit on the age to bring bulls to the Built Ford Toughs lol
poppybull: lol
VidaleMcCracken: The vet said he was eating well and acting better. Said it would be a week or so before he really starts improving. They still had to do xrays to see if the other side of his skull was ok after the 1st operation
ShayneOwen: LOL
VidaleMcCracken: I agree Shayne, them coots are something else.
Summerrain411: shayne your bad
ShayneOwen: Poppy is the age right?
poppybull: yep
Lostroh2: So who do you guys want to win bull of the year?
Hotflash: Hey,Hey, Hey, watch that age remark, you whipper snapper
Summerrain411: voodoo
Hotflash: Just kidding
[Lostroh2 left room.]
ShayneOwen: Kody i still like VOO DOO Child
VidaleMcCracken: not going to happen but one of ours. : )
[dscattle left room.]
[Lostroh2 entered room]
tiny: king solomon !!!!!
VidaleMcCracken: Voo Doo or Troubadour are very deserving
Lostroh2: I agree
SlashKrodeo: i agree with vidale
poppybull: we're just proud to be hauling
VidaleMcCracken: I just watched Paso Robles earlier, LJ dang sure had a good one going on T. That bull is one of very few I consider rank.
Hotflash: Hey Kody you drop off the putor when we asked you if you got to keep your jersey and if you did you can alway get all the guys to sign it and auction it off for a good cause.
Summerrain411: LJ told me they scored that ride although it would not count and it was 97pts
VidaleMcCracken: as shayne puts in Poppy your just proud to be still kicking. LOL
poppybull: yep
Lostroh2: Do you think anyone will breed to him with as much as they want for those breeder certificates?
VidaleMcCracken: what do they want for them?
[milkbaby left room.]
Lostroh2: We got to keep eveything
[punch entered room]
Lostroh2: I believe they want something like 6500
ShayneOwen: I wasnt to keen on them new jerseys ,coulnt really tell if it was a bullridin or a soccer game
Summerrain411: only the deep pocket folks will breed to him
poppybull: cost 25 bucks each
[ERRN left room.]
VidaleMcCracken: That will sure keep the demand for his calf high. I think thats a good idea, sure wont flood the market
[Lostroh left room.]
ShayneOwen: thats a lot of money
VidaleMcCracken: I would rather see that then a guy buy his semen and IVF with it
Summerrain411: true
SlashKrodeo: i cant afford to register my cows had to sell half the herd to register the other half
Lostroh2: Yeah, its a good deal to control the IVF, but darn sure a bunch of money
Summerrain411: is that for just his semen?
Summerrain411: or live breeding
Hotflash: Geezzz I wish I'd win the lottery, then maybe I could afford that kind of breeding
poppybull: for the breeders certificate
ShayneOwen: Vidale are you about to float away like us we only had about 12 inches of rain the last 2 days
Summerrain411: ohhhhh
Lostroh2: that's for the certificate...another 5000 for the semen
VidaleMcCracken: It rained all day yesterday and today, made football practice intresting
Summerrain411: oh thats so much money and hes not proven as far as a producer
poppybull: v we owe kenny 25 for certificates on calves
tiny: Vidale you got frogg toggs for the rain?
ShayneOwen: its still raining here after 12 inches
VidaleMcCracken: if I get any calves I owe him, not sure if any took POP
[012who left room.]
Lostroh2: well guys, i'm gonna go eat dinner. Thanks for having me in! Kody
[012who entered room]
ShayneOwen: Kody tell us a little about your bloodlines in your cows
Hotflash: Has anyone hear is Tater swimming yet
Summerrain411: thanks kody for coming inn
Summerrain411: we loved it
tiny: Kody good luck in the future
poppybull: later
VidaleMcCracken: Kody good luck the rest of the year, I will try to introduce myself at the finals
[poppybull left room.]
Hotflash: Thanks Koty
ShayneOwen: Good Luck !
SlashKrodeo: good luck kody
Lostroh2: Thanks! Look forward to meeting all of you at some point!
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