Q & A Transcript, Wes Bruce, CEO CBR 2/19/09

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Q and A with Wes Bruce, CEO, CBR Feb. 19th, 09

Summerrain411: ok we will get started
Summerrain411: Im going to do this by posting the question
rjp: you got an in minner?
Summerrain411: then wes answer to the question
Summerrain411: after the questions you can ask wes others if you like
Summerrain411: question 1

Summerrain411: How many CBR bullriding will be NBBA events as well?

Summerrain411: wes answered

Summerrain411: 3 to 4 this year

Summerrain411: question 2

Summerrain411: Does the CBR make you signed a detail contract if you once worked for the PBR?

Summerrain411: wes answered: NO

Summerrain411: question 3

Summerrain411: Wes are you branching out into the MINNER business

Summerrain411: wes answered: NO MONEY IN IT

wesbruce: i changed my mind on that one
socattleco: lol
GetBuckedRodeo: LMAO
billyelswick: lol
nolan: lol
Summerrain411: lol
Darkarbullman90: lol
flatlander: k
Summerrain411: Question 4

Summerrain411: Are there any plans to show events the week after they are held?

Summerrain411: wes answered: not in the foreseeable future. the cost to produce those shows in a day or two is very high.

bulldogge: m
billyelswick: k
NationBulls: k

Summerrain411: question 5
Summerrain411: On your website where you give a synopsis of each event by round, could you please show all the bull scores instead of just the total score when there is a qualified ride?

Summerrain411: wes answered; we are working on being able to post all bull scores from our events immediately. we should have this done very soon

Summerrain411: question 6

Summerrain411: Wes do you think that the CBR will come up into Oklahoma or Kansas in the near future? (next year or so).

Summerrain411: wes answered: we go where the promoters are that want us. we don’t promote our events. we are open to going anywhere if someone wants to promote the event.

Summerrain411: question 7

Summerrain411: Who bought the #642 bull that you had ( Super Jacket x #42 cow) and do you think we'll get to see him at the 3yr. old events this year?

Summerrain411: wes answered: i am not sure who ended up with him. let me check.

Summerrain411: question 8

Summerrain411: How about the East Coast, North East, Mid West? Any plans on bringing the CBR this way?

Summerrain411: wes answered: same answer as above. looking for promoters that want us to come

Summerrain411: question 9
Summerrain411: has the CBR ever considered the draft concept, and what are your thoughts?

Summerrain411: wes answered: no we haven’t. tuff puts good bulls under our guys that take away the need for the riders to pick..

Summerrain411: question 10

Summerrain411: and what about doing a "spot light bull" just to show the fans more about the bulls at home and where they come from?

Summerrain411: wes answered: we have been doing that. we will have entire shows dedicated to that this year on our rfd-tv program.

Summerrain411: question 11
Summerrain411: Is the CBR planning on expanding to the East Coast? What about the Mid-west?

Summerrain411: wes answered: SEE ABOVE

Summerrain411: question 12
Summerrain411: What do you have to do to get a bull to a CBR?

Summerrain411: wes answered: send stats, info and video to me and i will forward it to tuff. he picks them and is the best in my opinion.

Summerrain411: question 13
Summerrain411: Do you have a date set for the futurity for the bull calves that was bron from your sale in 2007.

Summerrain411: wes answered: it’s a year long points race, not any single event. better enter up.

wesbruce: march 3rd on the new GAC program
LizardLipps: !

Summerrain411: question 14
Summerrain411: If you were going to have a draft for the short go, and the 2 top riders were tied, how would you decide which one gets to pick first?.

Summerrain411: wes answered: we would not have a draft.

Summerrain411: question 15
Summerrain411: Can you give us a hint on what the "special event" scheduled in May is? A CBR event in Oklahoma perhaps?

Summerrain411: wes answered: still working on it. won’t be in oklahoma, though.

Summerrain411: question 16

socattleco: In Wichita Falls?
billyelswick: k
Summerrain411: The switch to GAC will definitely be a great move, but is there a chance we will see any Live broadcasts or one-to-two day delays anytime soon? It's tough staying off the website while waiting on the TV broadcast a week or two later

akct: k
Summerrain411: wes answered: not in the foreseeable future. we will have a short delay this year with our finals (about a week)

Summerrain411: question 17

Summerrain411: what is the process for hauling bulls to cbr events

Summerrain411: would be happy to bring some bulls and if they do not perform you would not owe me a dime and you would never hear from me again

Summerrain411: wes answered: are you in or out ? if the bulls didn’t perform we wouldn’t pay anyway so that’s not an attractive offer. see above response as far as video, etc. we have good bulls running out of our ears right now so its gonna take a 22 pointer to get our attention.

Summerrain411: question 18
Summerrain411: Why don't you have a rider draft and let the bottom riders pick first and make the top riders earn their money

billyelswick: k
Leb: x

Summerrain411: wes answered: we like traditional bull riding with a good set of bulls. let the guys ride or not, just like old times

Summerrain411: question 19
JDR: :}
Summerrain411: the new website looks great, however, will you eventually have the draft up for an upcoming event a day or so before the event, then have the results of that round on the site by the next day?
socattleco: amen brother!

Summerrain411: wes answered: yes we will. very soon
billyelswick: k

Summerrain411: question 20

Summerrain411: is there any chance that the CBR will stop posting the results til after the airing of each individual event?
[tdteel entered room]
brokent: e

Summerrain411: wes answerd: no. there are a lot of people that follow the event on the web.

Summerrain411: question 20 part 2

Summerrain411: Or, perhaps just make it a link on the homepage so that when someone goes to www.cbrbull.com they would actually have to click on that link to view the results, maybe?
Summerrain411: wes answerd: i understand. let me look into that. makes some sense

JDR: ~
woody-: 1+1=
raftert: k
Summerrain411: ok thats all the prequestions, now you may ask more questions of wes, please keep it in reference to the CBR
flatlander: k
Leb: ~
GetBuckedRodeo: :0)
Griggs-4G: 2
JDR: 3
billyelswick: k
flatlander: what does a out pay at the cbr
NationBulls: k
wesbruce: 200 long 350 short
VidaleMcCracken: Wes have the bulls for the Ft. Worth event been set yet?
akct: a
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wesbruce: probably but i am not sure. its an nbba deal so we dont need many
brokent: f
flatlander: to get in they have to be tru 22 ?
Jaye: Is there a chance you can televise the first and final rounds on the same day instead of a week apart?
[Jerryw entered room]
Griggs-4G: I cant wait for the NBBA and CBR Ft Worth event!
billyelswick: how many bulls do you have that are 22 pointers, which is what is req. to get yall
billyelswick: 's attention
billyelswick: therefore how long would the wait list be
billyelswick: for avg. joe to get his 22 pnt bull in
billyelswick: ?
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JDR: get em summerrain
brokent: g
GetBuckedRodeo: over achiever
Leb: "boot"
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wesbruce: no. we don't charge people for the opportunity for us to use their bulls. we pay them
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WizardWipps: Do you think that it helps or hurts our industry for the ABBI to keep raising their prices
Summerrain411: are pbr riders allowed to ride in the cbr
bulldogge: x
NationBulls: k
JDR: >
nolan: k
raftert: k
mrbillsummers2: g
socattleco: wes must have got booted
wesbruce: sure. as long as they can get in. we are having 120+ guys entering our deals trying to get in. we only take 40 and our guys in the points race get first crack.
akct: k
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WizardWipps: Who would win if you and Acamozzo got in a brawl
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