Q & A Transcript Tues Sept 30th 08 Travis Eckroth

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Q & A Transcript Tues Sept 30th 08 Travis Eckroth

CALAMAITY_JANE entered room : Diamond Q Bucking Bulls]
HSHS: hi travis
Summerrain411: there she is, hi robin
CALAMAITY_JANE: Sory i forgot
TravisEckroth: LJ is the man
Summerrain411: thats ok
Summerrain411: ok lets get started
Summerrain411: first question for Travis
[rawrjenrawr entered room : Attack!]
[TACK entered room]
TravisEckroth: i'm not voting this year
rawrjenrawr: Me niether!
Summerrain411: oh just to let you know travis, this only lets you put some much at once
TravisEckroth: gotcha
Summerrain411: question 1
[slidingm entered room]
Summerrain411: How did you get the holes in the top of your shiny trailer while by my house in South Dakota?
TravisEckroth: my bud Randy Routier thinks this is funny, here goes
TravisEckroth: LOL, my dad bought 11 young bulls from the Hight Ranch west of Buffalo, SD, myself and a PRCA bullfighter went to SD to pick them up, it was quite a rodeo.
TravisEckroth: The bulls had never been branded nor tipped, and were 2-3 yrs old and had never seen a trailer!!!
[summers left room.]
[justlooking1 entered room]
TravisEckroth: Josh Rivinius, the bullfighter, had sweat dripping down his face and his eyes were wide open!!!
[TACK left room.]
TravisEckroth: After a few hours of building fence, and getting the 2 trailers strategically positioned for the catch, we managed to get half in one trailer and half in the other.
[candcrodeo entered room]
TravisEckroth: I’d never seen cattle act like this, they were almost like lions in a jungle.
[summers entered room]
TravisEckroth: The next morning I had noticed a lil extra sunlight, 2 holes in the roof of my Featherlite cattle trailer.
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: What bloodlines have been the most influential in your herd?
TravisEckroth: The Hereford/Simmental/Brahma cross cows we started with in 1979,
[TACK entered room]
TravisEckroth: then we crossed with White Sport Coat, 301 Sports Machine, Mudslinger,
TravisEckroth: 210 Sharp Dressed Man (Don Hight breeding) 53 Animal (Jerry Weinberger breeding)
Summerrain411: next we have
TravisEckroth: the animal bull has a real high % of buckers
Summerrain411: What has been your success with implanting embryos and having successful calves produced
TravisEckroth: I’ve raised 26 ET calves out of 5 donor cows. With all the implants, I avg. 70% of them being live calves. I use commercial Black Angus recips.
[andrew=b left room.]
TravisEckroth: I clean them up with a Black Angus bull.
TravisEckroth: I’ve got some very nice females sired by Night Life, Wrangler Rivets, Houdini, and Cash.
TravisEckroth: I’m keeping a Houdini son, Satan’s Own son, and a Night Life son for future breeding.
[candcrodeo left room.]
TravisEckroth: They are exceptional buckers, real hot and athletic, most importantly they also have good maternal traits.
[SethWinston entered room]
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: Did you implant the embryos at the time of the flush or did you put in embryos later that had been frozen?
SethWinston: Who won the 1948 World Series?
TravisEckroth: I always implant the fresh ones first, its far more cost effective, then I implant frozen embryos if I have to.
Summerrain411: next question
Summerrain411: What type breed of cow do you use for your recips?
[SethWinston left room.]
TravisEckroth: Indians did
TravisEckroth: I live in Black Angus country. We also run a commercial heifer operation.
CajaRanch: Did you Google that? LOL
Summerrain411: ok next we have
Summerrain411: do you have mudflap calves old enough to buck? if so what % really bucked?
TravisEckroth: sure did
TravisEckroth: my pc is fast
[woody- left room.]
TravisEckroth: I have raised 16 bulls and 8 heifers, I’ve sold some of the bulls, I’ve gotten very good reports from the buyers,
TravisEckroth: and the oldest being 2.5 yrs old, the rest are yearlings. I don’t think any offspring have been bucked more than 2 times total.
TravisEckroth: I bucked 2 heifers, and they both were real good, had action kick and turned back. There are 5-6 of the bulls that are my dads and they are unbuckled, we will know more in the spring
TravisEckroth: and the heifers will be having their first calves sired by Vortex (Mudslinger son). They are gonna make very nice cows, all of Mud Flap’s offspring are built very well and I am pleased with the way they are progressing.
Summerrain411: ok next question
Summerrain411: If your just starting out what would you prefer to do, buy cows or heifers?
[AKCT left room.]
[akct entered room]
TravisEckroth: I think If I started all over again, I’d go to successful breeders with a good reputation and buy bred heifers, they’re young, cheaper, and also buy a well bred young bull that has attitude and bucks.
Summerrain411: and next
Summerrain411: who will be BBOY?
TravisEckroth: Troubadour and Voodoo Child should take home all the awards!!!
[Hotflash left room.]
Summerrain411: and our last pre question
TravisEckroth: They are the best 2 all year long in both associations.
[justlooking1 left room.]
Summerrain411: which rider will win the world?
[Hotflash entered room]
TravisEckroth: I think Cochise will win CBR BBOY
TravisEckroth: Marchi is gonna win it. He’s a machine. I like Mauney, his time will come. LJ is gonna win one too.
[JoeShaw left room.]
[Leb left room.]
Summerrain411: ok thats all the pre questions, if you have questions lets here them
[JoeShaw entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: Travis what are your plans to breed to in the next cuple of years?
[KEITH2 entered room]
TravisEckroth: ---
[skybull entered room]
[Leb entered room]
HSHS: how many head of rodeo bred mother cows do you run
TravisEckroth: and ---
[AndrewB entered room]
TravisEckroth: 75
[joesmoe left room.]
HSHS: smart move using an angus as a clean up
CajaRanch: An old guy should know not to ask how many cows,acres or money you have.
TravisEckroth: most of them are younger than 3
Summerrain411: what are some of the challenges you face there in your part of the country vs the south states
JoeShaw: i see you had a post about ivf having higher birth weight than a reg flush are they that much higher weight on avg and what would be the reason
TravisEckroth: thats funny norm
CajaRanch: LOL
[flyinhigh left room.]
HSHS: trying to desipher big boys from little guys lol
[flyinhigh entered room]
[skybull left room.]
TravisEckroth: I think a northern raised bull will do better in all climates, I've seen too many southern bred bulls freeze
[NYcowboy entered room]
Summerrain411: true
TravisEckroth: its a long drive to any events, ABBI, NBBA, PBR
CALAMAITY_JANE: When is the best time of the year you have found to do best to tip horns?
TravisEckroth: i can't afford to haul that much
[Wimberley entered room]
TravisEckroth: all the ivf research said that about higher birth weights
CajaRanch: Robin the Vet droped off you Horn Wire
[slidingm left room.]
CALAMAITY_JANE: ok thanks i will call you tomarow
TravisEckroth: dad and I tip horns in the spring and fall, and whenever needed, along with trimming feet as needed
TravisEckroth: we do it ourselves
TravisEckroth: and we let them bleed
[LRTX entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: do yall trim the feet your selfs or have a vet to do it
CajaRanch: Horns of feet
[slidingm entered room]
Summerrain411: do you feed anything special to your yearlings/future competition bulls
NYcowboy: What is your favorite Bloodline
TravisEckroth: we do both, and we catch them early before the infection or foot injury
TravisEckroth: i have fed 2 bulls feed to breeding bulls before collecting and live cover, it works great
[griggs entered room]
TravisEckroth: all of our cattle get salt, mineral, fresh water, and pasture
Summerrain411: how old do you buck your bull calves
TravisEckroth: we grind hay and mix with corn gluten pellet during winter
TravisEckroth: 2 yr olds
[TACK left room.]
LRTX: HI Travis how is William
TravisEckroth: ornery
Summerrain411: lol
TravisEckroth: he looks good for an old bull
NYcowboy: If you could pick any bull in the country to breed with which would it be?
TravisEckroth: his heifers are the nicest we've had in 20 yrs
[TACK entered room]
LRTX: still mean i guess
CALAMAITY_JANE: What do you do to keep your bulls inshap? Do you do anything for your heffers before you buck to give them a better chance to buck?
[Wimberley left room.]
[TACK left room.]
TravisEckroth: my fave bloodline is White Sport Coat and Whitewater
LRTX: one first time bucking on a scale of 1-10 how tight do you flank
TravisEckroth: Troubadour
CALAMAITY_JANE: That corn gluten is good stulf. We youse corn glutent (not spelled wright) with it all so.
TravisEckroth: 6
[Leb left room.]
TravisEckroth: we live in some hill country
TravisEckroth: cattle get alot of exercise
[KEITH2 left room.]
[Pookie2 entered room]
TravisEckroth: during the hauling season we round up the bulls we use 1 time per week, its a mile trek
Pookie2: cool
Summerrain411: anymore questions
TravisEckroth: the bulls have alot of room to roam
Pookie2: Did whynot Minot used to jerk dudes down
TravisEckroth: no
Pookie2: it would be a funny name if he did
TravisEckroth: there was a bull named that before we sold ours to Vold
CALAMAITY_JANE: Do you have a lot of problems with your bulls fighting each other?
TravisEckroth: only when we get them corraled, they do fight sometimes in the pasture, our bulls stay in a 3 wire fence
[akct left room.]
[akct entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: What type of shots do you give your cattle?
[NYcowboy left room.]
Pookie2: Intramuscular?
[CajaRanch left room.]
[Hotflash left room.]
TravisEckroth: we bangs vaccinate heifers, our calves get 2 sets of shots before weaning, and we give our hauling bulls a shot to prevent joint injury's
[Hotflash entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: All so what type of fly control do you use and wormer?
[Tristesse_Royal entered room : Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.]
TravisEckroth: we use ivomec 2 times/year on all cattle
[flyinhigh left room.]
[Wimberley entered room]
Pookie2: Did you ever sell your alum trailer?
TravisEckroth: yes
CALAMAITY_JANE: what type of shot do they get to prevent joint injury? I have not thought of doing that.
TravisEckroth: 7way
JoeShaw: does mud flap throw larger birth weight calves than most and would you hesitate on breeding him to first calf heifers
[Wimberley left room.]
[Tristesse_Royal left room. : If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.]
[AndrewB left room.]
TravisEckroth: i bred him to my heifers for 2 yrs, his calves have all been small, 50-60#
Pookie2: Do you think they should sign the bailout bill?
[AndrewB entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: Where do you buy your from? And how long before do you have to give this to your bulls before the buck?
TravisEckroth: Mud Flap is gonna be a very good sire, I've got some bulls to buck out of him in the spring
[HSHS left room.]
TravisEckroth: let those banks go belly up, we should not be accountable for their problems
Pookie2: You are the MAN!!
[HSHS entered room]
TravisEckroth: we give the shot in the spring couple weeks before we start hauling them
Summerrain411: any other questions for travis
CALAMAITY_JANE: how long have you been yousing 7way with the bucking bulls?
TravisEckroth: that 2 bulls feed also helps keep a bull in tip top condition and keeps them healthy
TravisEckroth: 5 yrs
griggs: How ong before you cull a bull. Like how many time do you buck them or at what age?
TravisEckroth: i buck bulls at 2 one time with a dummy
TravisEckroth: then I give them some time off, then take them with a rider 2-3 times
Pookie2: You don't buck them till they are two?????
TravisEckroth: very seldom do we go earlier than that
TravisEckroth: depends on size
Pookie2: How will you know which ones to register? Are you going to pay $250 to register all of them?
[slidingm left room.]
TravisEckroth: by 3, after they've been to a HS rodeo, if they don't turn back and have some kick, they go to salebarn
[KWcattleco> left room (idled too long).]
Pookie2: SO you are going to have to register all of your culls or pay $500 to register the keepers
[buckem entered room]
TravisEckroth: now I have to change things because of the $250 deal
griggs: Thanks i am fighting that with my dad (partner) now. I think we give up on some too early. But it is hard to keep them all.
TravisEckroth: i'm gonna start reg. all my weanlings now
Pookie2: That kinda sux
TravisEckroth: yeah
CALAMAITY_JANE: I tried to google 7way and can't find a link when you get the time could you eather send me or summerfain the info on it? I would relly like to try it on one of my bulls.
JoeShaw: do you buck them with a dummy first or go strait a rider on them
[--zarathustra-- entered room]
[KWcattleco> entered room]
TravisEckroth: one time with a dummy to get them used to the loading, hauling, sorting, bucking chute, and the out gate
[Jerryw entered room]
[--zarathustra-- left room.]
TravisEckroth: i've seen alot of bulls only come around at about 3-4 yrs old
HSHS: calam, just ask a vet or feed store when they sell livestock medicine
TravisEckroth: i'm not a futurity guy, mainly because of the location I live in
Pookie2: How many bull calves do you wean per year
TravisEckroth: futurity and classic system is great though for all breeders
KWcattleco>: how much does it cost a jr breeder to register until jan 1 and how much is transfer
TravisEckroth: 25-40
[Leroy entered room]
CALAMAITY_JANE: I have seen that all so the blood lines that i like to work with they yousley don't show you anything till they are about 2 1/2 or 3 yr's
[Leroy left room.]
TravisEckroth: KW, check out the ABBI site for that info
[LRTX left room.]
TravisEckroth: right now our 3 yr olds are exceptional, they didn't buck very well at all with the dummy
Pookie2: Or you can call their 800 number. I hear they are changing it to $19.99 per minute/
[LRTX entered room]
Summerrain411: if you came in late the transcript will be posted on the message board
Summerrain411: any other questions
[Coolyoyo entered room]
TravisEckroth: some bloodlines won't mature til 3-4
LRTX: thanks travis and Marcia
JoeShaw: have you put your hammer down with any cows this year
TravisEckroth: take care Larry
HSHS: i'm gone, thanks travis
Summerrain411: yw larry
TravisEckroth: see ya HS
TravisEckroth: yeah, 20 head of outside cows
Summerrain411: thanks everyone that came, next week we have LJ Jenkins
[akct left room.]
[HSHS left room.]
[Jerryw left room.]
Summerrain411: again thank you travis
TravisEckroth: i offer a live calf guarantee on all of the bulls i have semen on
TravisEckroth: thank you Marcia
Summerrain411: tell what semen you have thats exportable travis
KWcattleco>: what is the abbi site?
TravisEckroth: and everyone for joining us tonight
griggs: Hey travis few months ago you emailed me about a moody blues son i ran on the breedersconnection. Your not still interested are you?
Summerrain411: kw just type in abbi in your search, it will come up
TravisEckroth: Mud Flap and Hammer Down straws are in Canada
TravisEckroth: Mud Flap is in Australia too
JoeShaw: your getting impatiant again marcia dacing with the stars on again
Summerrain411: nooooooooooooooo Joe lol
TravisEckroth: I also have them available for Brazil and Mexico
[AndrewB left room.]
Pookie2: Travis, thanks for the info! -JW
Summerrain411: what about embryos, you have them for export
TravisEckroth: griggs, sorry i'm not interested, he is a nice bull, I liked him alot
[Hotflash left room.]
[Hotflash entered room]
TravisEckroth: i don't get export embryos because of the lack of interest and the high price of doing it
griggs: I understand. If you know anyone that is i really need to move him on not for money issues so he can have a steady job
JoeShaw: you had never had William tested for export
Pookie2: How many dollars do you want for him griggs
TravisEckroth: William has not been export qualified
griggs: UMMM haha i like olks to make me an offer.
Pookie2: $1500
KWcattleco>: travis i have a question, i have some calves that are really wirey , how do you calm them down?
TravisEckroth: i like em hot!!!
Pookie2: Aceapromizne
KWcattleco>: i do to if you like to fix fence lol
TravisEckroth: fencing is just part of it
KWcattleco>: but i like mine to be calm in the pens and chute , how do you get them like that?
TravisEckroth: ace
griggs: no i would need clise to 4 for him. He was marked 22 and an open classic. placed second. 88 in denton
TravisEckroth: also, a hockey stick works across the nose
Pookie2: Thats a pretty good deal
griggs: pookie2 want him he can be yours haha
[summers left room.]
KWcattleco>: ace? whats that
TravisEckroth: sedative
KWcattleco>: oh
TravisEckroth: i prefer the stick across the nose
TravisEckroth: lol
JoeShaw: Travis right now Jane and marcia are googling hocky stick
TravisEckroth: lol
KWcattleco>: what if they wont hit you they are just nervous and wont come up and eat and will just plum run off lol
[pookie3 entered room]
TravisEckroth: i make them do what i want them to do
TravisEckroth: except the cows
pookie3: Griggs I will give you 3k
griggs: Pookie 2 who are you.
TravisEckroth: they usually give me a fight
[MS_gurl1 entered room]
[MS_gurl1 left room.]
pookie3: I is you neighbor to the south-est aprox 55 miles
griggs: o lord?
griggs: let me hink
[~*~Cali_Girl~*~ entered room]
Summerrain411: Joe I know what a hockey stick is, sheesh you canuks!
[~*~Cali_Girl~*~ left room.]
pookie3: The ABBI rant against the $250 shoukd have gave me away
Summerrain411: pookie dont be bashfull tell us who you are
KWcattleco>: i got me a vindicator daughter out of a kish cow , what do yall think of that blood?
TravisEckroth: I am from NORTH DAKOTA, not Southern Canada
[buckem left room.]
Summerrain411: im was referring to joe travis LOL
pookie3: Jeremy Willis 903.948.9603 2030 ACR 125 Elkhart Texas 75839
Summerrain411: ohhhhhhhh well lizard
[buckem entered room]
pookie3: ss# 487-34-1874
TravisEckroth: i'm talking about the guys who think i live in Canada
Summerrain411: height
TravisEckroth: ayyyy
Summerrain411: weight
Summerrain411: eyes
Summerrain411: lol
Summerrain411: jeremy you know lance thomas
pookie3: yup
TravisEckroth: I'm a big fan of Kish and his program KW
Summerrain411: just did his site for his boys
JoeShaw: iv got one that has no respect for anything pannels hotshot sticks absolutly nothing he might respect a pipe for a few days but forgets real easy
TravisEckroth: vind. was a good one
pookie3: Cool whats the URL
Summerrain411: www.thomasrodeo.com
[A&Erodeobulls entered room]
JoeShaw: close enough to the border arnt ya eh
griggs: hey jeremy i seriously dont think dad would take less that 4. he really wants 5 for him.
TravisEckroth: 200 miles
pookie3: Joe I put a horse halter on one and chained it to a 55 gallon drum/
KWcattleco>: i like her, her calf from last year is being used as a fighting bull right now lol
griggs: i figured that was you.
TravisEckroth: lol
Summerrain411: joe wonder if you would forget if you were hit with a pipe LOL
KWcattleco>: i think he was out of a cash son he is mean tho
pookie3: It kept him from going though fences
TravisEckroth: c cash calves usually are mean, mine have been
pookie3: Griggs can you send em some videos
griggs: ya i can.
TravisEckroth: hi A&E
Summerrain411: jeremy you want me to keep your ad on behind the barn for the bulls
A&Erodeobulls: hello man
Summerrain411: hi a an de
Summerrain411: e
TravisEckroth: my cows didn't dna to Buff
pookie3: No, i ment to tell you I sold em all
JoeShaw: marcia i get hit every other event from a few and usualy forget by the next one
Summerrain411: ok
Summerrain411: lol figures joe
A&Erodeobulls: that sucks
pookie3: Thank you!!
Hotflash: So what do you think of breeding a Nowata Dustslinger granddaughter to Cash
Summerrain411: I take it off
KWcattleco>: anyone on here deer hunt?
TravisEckroth: yes
[LRTX left room.]
A&Erodeobulls: yes
pookie3: BTW I gave Lance your number...
Summerrain411: whos number
KWcattleco>: bowhunt?
pookie3: yours
Summerrain411: oh thanks
pookie3: for the website
[buckem left room.]
Summerrain411: thank you very much
pookie3: no p.
griggs: I lost the last one from him in denton i have a harddrive camera and it crashed. I have the ones from when he was second at the futurity in glen rose and from the open event in belton. He is just a baby need to get bigger and stronger like i said they won denton on him
[Coolyoyo left room.]
Summerrain411: i enjoyed doing that one for his boys
TravisEckroth: just rifle
KWcattleco>: bow season starts tommorrow, i plan on going before school tomorrow and then after
JoeShaw: deer hunt for sure kw they dont taste as good as the ones you get down their
pookie3: can get him sold for ya
Summerrain411: ok Im out of here, thanks everyone
pookie3: Later SR
TravisEckroth: thanks SR
Summerrain411: thank you travis
Summerrain411: did great!
A&Erodeobulls: see ya
griggs: ---
Summerrain411: byyeeeee
JoeShaw: see ya Marcia
[Summerrain411 left room.]
KWcattleco>: if i didnt have my important classes before lunch id hunt half of the day lol
CALAMAITY_JANE: ok Sr i will send the tex to you now
[Hotflash left room.]
pookie3: griggs can you send them to jeremy@rodeolivestock.com
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