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Transcript from the Q and A with Randy Schmutz XS Ranch, Look West Productions

NOTE: due to connection problems some questions and answers were not copied, sorry.. we do the best we can with what we have and the connection problem is something that couldnt be helped. thank you SR

Pre Questions

First Question:

Randys Answer:
We are very pleased with the Mud Pack calves. Our first crop was born in 2007 and we have a really nice two year old that we've entered in this year's American Heritage Futurity. His heifers are very athletic and we're looking forward to breeding some of those this year.


Randys Answer:
I chose Mud Pack 1st because he bucked and was competitive as a futurity calf, went on to be used at PRCA rodeos and PBR events and 2nd because of his pedigree. He's a son of Mudslinger and out of a Broke Back V female, making him a double bred Broke Back V. We wanted to use that type of breeding to try to produce some futurity stylye bulls.


Randys Answer:
We've used him over a little bit of everything and he seems to be doing well with the Kish and Nacarrato breeding we have.

4. Ask SMUTS how come he doesn't like Van and Nabours?
Randys Answer:
No need to respond!

5.how come randy hasnt ever pursued his music career?

Randys Answer:
I sang a little and picked guitar and wrote a few songs as a young man and traveled to Nashville to check out the music scene. I recorded two albums back in the early nineties. Anyone can do that. We just paid for the studio time, the musicians and got 1000 cassettes packaged to sell. I gave most of them away, so the projects didn't make any money but it was a lot of fun. I realized that the Nashville music scene was gonna be a lot tougher than I thought so I came back to Texas, got married and concentrated on my announcing career. Since then I've had the opportunity to travel all over the country as announcer and I've sang the National Anthem in some pretty special places.

6. When do you think cattle prices will get better and why?

Randys Answer:
That's not an easy answer. There are several reasons why prices in our industry have dropped. 1) Economy. . . . .it's not as easy to justify purchases that will not create an immediate return like we did 2 to 3 years ago. 2) Folks that got into the bull breeding industry and purchased females to create their own bulls also created their own females. By creating their own females there was no need to re-stock or invest in additional females from outside their own program. In fact, they also needed to sell females creating additional females offered to the public. Supply and demand. . . . . .much more supply than demand. 3) I believe that a large amount of breeders realized that it may be less costly simply to buy good yearling prospects from good programs rather than raise them themselves, thus offering even more females to a saturated market. Price will get better when we attract new buyers in need of quality females.

7. Do you think the Embryo transfer program is killing heifer prices and do you think these are as good as natural ones?

Randys Answer:
It goes back to supply and demand. If there is a demand for 20 full sisters to Night Life and that embryo transfer program creates quality females that are in demand, I'd consider that a plus. If your embryo transfer program is creating "just more females" to put into an already crowded market, I'd consider that a negative. As for an embryo transfer heifer being as good as the naturally produced ones, I'm not sure how you could prove or dis-prove that. I know of several programs that are producing quality cattle with embyro transfer.

9. What is your biggest challenge in putting on a production sale?

Randys Answer:
Trying to attract new and informed buyers and offer current breeders unique opportunities to improve their current programs. Simply put, the biggest challenge, is creating new markets to place an abundant number of quality animals. As big as our industry looks from the outside, it's still a relatively small industry. A new breeder added is a new opportunity to market quality cattle.

10. Do you think its better to have Live sales or video sales with the internet?

Randys Answer:
Both platforms have proven successful. What is difficult about our society is that everyone wants to be able to purchase the "easy" way. We are always trying to create ways to provide more "convenience" when purchasing animals at a sale. The opportunities that we have created to purchase through television and the internet is a double-edged sword. We have created an attitude of. . . ."if I don't go to the sale I can watch it on TV or the Internet" and then they don't tune in for whatever reason. If their only chance to buy was to be present at the sale, with a live auctioneer and the excitement of a live sale you create an atmosphere that you cannot create throught tv or internet. I would prefer a "live only" sale, but today we must use every medium to allow everyone possible to view and bid.

11 your herd is based around kish bloodlines, what do you feel is the best outcross with the kish females and what are you planning on outcrossing with in the future?

Randys Answer:
When we purchased the Kish cattle in 2002 we also purchased Winchester and Velvet Hour, both Kish bulls to use as breed bulls. We have outcrossed with Spotted Lizard and been successful, we've used Little Yellow Jacket and Panhandle Slim and #36 Junior and have had success. We plan to use some Houdini this year.

Summerrain411: ok thats all the pre questions, now one at a time please, ask any other questions

Summerrain411: any other questions for randy?

JeremyW: Is Winchester still alive
RandySchmutz: no he passed away about 3 years ago
JeremyW: If so can I borrow him for a while
mel69: stan do you deliver?

Summerrain411: randy do you sell semen out of him
RandySchmutz: not anymore
Summerrain411: is he one of the bulls the abbi has listed for the breeders certificates?
JeremyW: What would it take for me to get a straw
RandySchmutz: he is not a breeders cert bull
JeremyW: seriously, whats it gonna take
RandySchmutz: I discontinued offering any semen on winchester earlier this spring
mel69: Has Doo Dad produced anything good?
JeremyW: I got a friend named bejamin franklin that might change your mind...
Doo_Dad's_mom: I guess it all depends on what you think is good
Leb: Hey, Doo_Dad
Summerrain411: randy i herd that the 800 cows were the best from kish
swe1966: nabours you got anything to ask your brother
mel69: futurity calves
KEITH-NABOURS: there's only 11 cows out of doo dad and i have one of them
Doo_Dad's_mom: Zorros's pretty good I think, Hi Larry!
RandySchmutz: several 800 cows have produced great bulls
RandySchmutz: hebee gebee's mom is an 800 cow
ron_emberton: x
Summerrain411: now that might be some good watching
JeremyW: lol
Doo_Dad's_mom: We enter futurities
JeremyW: I went to Stephenville a while back, I thought you did a good job!
KEITH-NABOURS: wonder why
Leb: y
mel69: lol
Summerrain411: so for that , you invite folks to bring their bulls?
JeremyW: Randy, are you still on board with the $250 registations
RandySchmutz: it's a classic competition
swe1966: nabours i quit dealing with CROOKS
RandySchmutz: $250 registrations? ? ?
KEITH-NABOURS: crooks???????????????
ron_emberton: x
JeremyW: It cost 250 to reg a yearling
Summerrain411: the abbi registration fees

RandySchmutz: i don't agree with the $250
mel69: Is semen available on Doo Dad?
KEITH-NABOURS: alot of duds
RandySchmutz: i don't understand the question marcia
bullfan: Randy do you know of any 500 kish cows that might cross well with Winchester?
Doo_Dad's_mom: Melanie Mann, that's a new name in the bucking bull bix
JeremyW: Yes, it forces people to register culls
Doo_Dad's_mom: NO
RandySchmutz: I'll use XS Ranch as an example
Summerrain411: i know its a saving. but most folks dont cull that early
JDR: $
mel69: How do you become a friend?
LRTX: dont raise culls
RandySchmutz: we registered 34 calves by december
Doo_Dad's_mom: grow up
RandySchmutz: no i don't buck until the spring of their yearling year
Leb: o
Summerrain411: ok i understand that, but if they are in the registry and go to the sale barn
Doo_Dad's_mom: Melanie Mann, Bob said to become a friend you have to dance better than Ty and go out with Razor.
RandySchmutz: yearling bulls are run through the chutes until they learn to leave the arena and then bucked once
LittleStewey: Did he already answer my Q's?
mel69: ok
LRTX: thanks
RandySchmutz: yes
Summerrain411: yes brandon, i will post the transcript later in the board
LittleStewey: alright thanks
bullfan: Randy ,do you know of any 500 Kish cow's that might cross well with Winchester?
JDR: %
Summerrain411: *on
Doo_Dad's_mom: anybody else on here know Melanie Mann?
mel69: I do
RandySchmutz: i think it's fair to say that the abbi should have considered letting members register bull calves before the end of their yearling year, not their birth year
Doo_Dad's_mom: I bet you do Keith, "He's your man" lol
JeremyW: I agree 100%
Summerrain411: very true
RandySchmutz: 500 cows would by 14 years old
JeremyW: Let us go though them at leat once before we have to register them
KEITH-NABOURS: data!!!!!!!!!!!!!
swe1966: keith at least he is not my brother
JeremyW: I love ketih nabours
Doo_Dad's_mom: why is that mel69?
mel69: competation
RandySchmutz: i have two brothers Ricky Schmutz and Rodney Schmutz
Summerrain411: what is the best producing cow you currently have
JeremyW: Randy, who do you think would win if me and Nabours arm-wrestled
bullfan: Do You know of any500 Kish cow's that might cross well with Winchester?
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