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Interests I am the pastor and founding bishop of a church that works with people struggling with recovery from addictive behaviors and substances, sexual and physical abuse and trauma. Part of our ministry is a nonprofit, investigative advocacy for people in need who cannot find help any where else. Part of that involves helping people deal with the supernatural. We are affiliated the Coalition of Spirit Filled Churches and the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches. As members of the Convergence Movement with Liturgical, Pentecostal and Evangelical roots, we minister from the Word, with the power of the Holy Spirit around the Altar of the Lord in the Sacraments. That includes dealing with prayers for healing the Dead, deliverance from curse patterns, recognition of genetically based paranormal challenges, cleansing houses and exorcisms. I am also a Christian martial artist, 4th generation African American/Native trained foraging herbalist, sort of bilingual, (trying to be tri-lingual), a serious cook, and an apron and teapot collector. I love to write fan fiction and enjoy working out with weights. Right now I am presently writing a Christian based autobiography on spiritual direction and the paranormal called "Runnin' With the Angels." My mentor was a Spirit filed Jesuit priest who is still in ministry who started training me when I was a novice. That was 40 years ago and I haven't slowed down since. That's about it.
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