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I got up one morning at 3 a.m. and started this poem. I finished it at 5:30 a.m. when the sun was showing up.
6/22/15 © Lois A. Wiederhoeft

Solitude is necessary

in many areas of my life.

Sometimes I want to run from it.

Sometimes it is just mental strife.

Sometimes I need God’s voice of peace.

He also needs to hear from me.

He is the forever listener,

who hears whispers across the sea.

He helps me compose lines that rhyme,

When sleep fails during the long night.

He’s the experienced author

of what He says is wrong or right.

Daily quiet times, solitude

I spend time in reading His book.

He allows His Living water

to wash away a gloomy look.

When events from years in the past,

go rolling through the quiet mind

Many memories are cherished.

Many have hurts and are unkind.

My Savior died for the hurting;

Those who caused emotional pain

and those who received the distress.

Forgiveness wipes clean the tear stain.

Daylight has cleared away darkness

Sunrise is owning a new day.

Sleepless solitude is over.

God will show His merciful way.
Seek ye
first the Kingdom of God.

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Thank you so much Lois.We all need solitude in our lives.I think the best time we can make contact with our Heavenly Father is in solitude

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Thank you Lois, and I agree with Frida, we do need solitude in our lives from time to time.
To hear what the Spirit is telling us! If we have no quiet times with the Lord, we lose our power to be a witness for Him!God Bless you and may He continue to use you to be a blessing wherever you go, and whatever you do!

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Thanks to both for your encouraging comments. 
Seek ye
first the Kingdom of God.