Old Chris Craft Hardware For Sale

Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor

August 1st, 2014, 4:46 pm #1

This hardware is from a (I think) 1938 Chris Craft./ This must have been a very high end model. The stuff is amazing. I have upper handrails that have Navigation Lights built into the front mount, They are about 8' long. I have the twin engine control panel. It has shifters and throttle handles. The steering column. It has a worm gear style box like a old truck. A automatic fire extinguisher bottle. There is also a piece that mounted to the deck at the stem/bow that has nav light, and a gentle curl on both sides to hold the bow line as a chock. It's very heavy chrome plated brass. All the parts came from the same boat. I don't know the model but it was about 26' with twin engines. I can send you pics of any of the parts. My phone number is 360-200-3982