Mariner's Museum-Chris Craft Archives

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May 24th, 2018, 2:32 am #1

As you may know, the Mariner's Museum holds the complete Chris Craft factory archives.  They have been going through a multi-year update of their collection and most of their stuff has been unavailable.  The update is still in progress, but some material, including a significant amount of Chris Craft Commander drawings are now accessible.

A significant number of drawings have been digitized and are now available.  They include deck arrangements, shop drawings, electrical diagrams hardtop details, hull sections, hull stiffener locations and so on.  Going thorough the 1400 or so images, I saw a lot of Commander related info.  There is no search function that I could find, but it took only around an hour to scroll the whole set.

So if you are wondering what's behind that bulkhead or trying to figure out a maze of wiring, you may want to consult the original factory drawings for the answers.  Or if your just looking for some nice artwork for your boathouse.......

Here is the link. ... s-drawings