Commander Forum Site Changes

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May 9th, 2018, 1:46 am #1

Hey Paul,

Clicked on my usual bookmark for the Commander Forum (i.e. Network54) and was directed to the forum on a new host "Tapatalk".  Even the icon on my bookmark bar changed automatically.

Navigating around a bit I found the Discussion tab to be pretty straightforward, I recognize the recent topics.  Not sure about the Forum tab though other than that seems to be where to start a new thread.  Several "forums" with the same CHRISCRAFTCOMMANDERFORUM INC. title.  The big one seems to be the same posts as the "discussion" tab except it has you sticky on the photobucket change.  Tried out the search function and it works well.

Perhaps you can give us some background on the change and provide a few pointers like where to find the master index, etc.

I'm also going to miss the photo of the day, if that is indeed a lost function.


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May 9th, 2018, 4:37 pm #2

Hi Keith,

Yes things do change and this one is not my doing.   However, virtually all of the info has been archived on various hard drives and flash drives and we will be resurrecting the core of the information base in a supportive format we can get to easier.   Thanks for the note, and your continuing support.

regards, Paul