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Hello friends,

The web site shown above is a mirror site that matches our main web site, and demonstrates how your logotype will function on our main page.
The full and presently active web site can be found at this link, chriscraftcommander.com, and we encourage you to visit this site as soon as you read the briefing below.

Your firm is selected because of it represents a quality organization that I believe our readership would benefit knowing about, potentially buying your products and/or services. By showing up on this web site, you become a preferred vendor that is in keeping with the reputation and credibility of our organization and membership.

A little bit about Chris-Craft Commander Forum, Inc.

We have been a leading website for classic fiberglass Chris-Craft
cruisers and runabout boating enthusiasts for 12 years. The web site started out in 2005 as a not-for-profit personal data
archive, and it quickly grew into a world-wide communications network that reaches out to as many as 119 countries each month. This is
not a social chat line, we don't measure our exposure by the number of postings, but rather by the 2-million pages read during the last 12-months. Here is documentation a few years ago when we crossed the 119 country threshold, with increasing readership volume every quarter since then.

We earned a reputation for high quality and carefully vetted technical references, ease of
access, and a positive/respectful tone. By maintaing top quality content, the readership and participation volume of this
web site has increased each quarter since the beginning in 2005.

In 2006 Motor Boating Magazine ran a feature article about the unique qualities of this web site, and since then our
readership has skyrocketed. Here is the article that sent us into the stratospherehttp://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1147979180

Our demographic includes classic yacht and runabout owners, owners of waterfront homes and cottages, many of whom own more than
one vessel, and have the following needs:

• Yacht and runabout acquisition and sale (antique, classic, new)
• Classic/collector/new automobiles and trucks.
• Carburetors, new and replacement/maintenance kits
• Clothing
• Cigars and fine spirits
• Distributors, new, upgrade kits, replacement parts
• Electronics of all kinds
• Epoxy systems
• Exhaust systems, risers, tips
• Fasteners
• HVAC cooling and heating systems
• Instrumentation
• Insurance, marine, automotive, residential
• Marine and automotive hardware
• Maintenance
• Motors, replacement, parts/services
• Outdrives, parts/services
• Paints
• Pumps, impellers, rebuild kits
• Safety related equipment
• Tools of all kinds
• Tow vehicles
• Trailers and hardware
• Marine and automotive transmissions and repair parts/services
• Travel
• Varnish
• Water-sports related gear and clothing


I am the owner and daily moderator of this site, have published two boating related books, and write a regular boating column for a
prestigious internationally circulated boating publication, and I serve on the board of directors of four boating organizations. We associate with whom we believe to be the best organizations and firms in the boating business. The web site is closely monitored and edited for accuracy,
cross-linked, and directly supported by a facebook page and facebook closed group of 450 members, the latter serving as a feeder to our
main web site that is presently getting over two million pages read per year worldwide. We have also sponsored in-the-water events like the largest gathering of Chris-Craft Commander yachts in the world, two years in a row, and have participated with many events and educational programs nationwide.

The intent is to offer low cost advertising exposure to a very select demographic you would otherwise not have direct access to.

Rates are set on quarterly or yearly packages, at $100 per month for a quarterly package, or $1000 for a 1-year package.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can start your exposure to our membership now.


Paul Pletcher

Please contact me here at

(615) 496-6347
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