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Discussion Forum Netiquette*

Greetings to all Eagle CAM Discussion Forum members! We would like to remind everyone that this is a public forum that brings together people from all walks of life, philosophies, ages, personalities, etc. It is pretty impressive that we have over 1200 members who have taken the time to join the group and follow the eagles. Following a few simple guidelines will help make the experience that much more enjoyable --- Thank you!

1. The most important rule of netiquette is, "Think before you post." If what you intend to post will not make a positive contribution to the discussion and be of interest to several readers, do not post it! Treat others with the same respect that you would like to receive. Please remember that school age kids are also contributing members so please keep them in mind as you consider the appropriateness of your post.

2. Never forget that the person on the other side is human. Always be courteous. Empathy is one of the best character traits in an online environment.

3. Personal messages to one or two individuals should not be posted to the forums -- use the Personal Message feature instead.

4. Be careful with humor and sarcasm. Without the voice inflections and body language of personal communications, it's easy for a remark meant to be funny to be misinterpreted. We all have different senses of humor – what one person finds funny may not be funny to someone else. Use caution in your display of emoticons. They can be misinterpreted as well.

5. When quoting a previous post, include only the relevant portion of that post. Keeping quotes to a minimum will help make reading the posts more enjoyable for everyone. Please do not quote photos and/or graphics unless absolutely necessary as this makes page loading extremely slow for our dialup members.

6. Avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. (All CAPS is considered "shouting" and makes your posts harder to read.) There are other ways to add emphasis when needed.

7. Please refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war. If a member posts an idea or comment that you disagree with please first try to read the message in the spirit it was intended. If you still disagree, that is your right. However, it is not your right to engage in a war of words nor is it your right to attack the other person’s character. Please don’t gang up on someone whose post you disagree with or feel you have to publicly call attention to the infraction. The moderators are reading the postings and will act accordingly with warnings and/or deletions. If there are major issues you may use the Report to Moderator link. Do not publicly comment on any post you have or will report. Please allow the moderators to do their job.

Again, thank you for your cooperation and your wiliness to engage in positive and productive dialogues. Let’s model some great online communication skills for all the young eagle fans out there.

*Adapted from http://www.washington-heights.us/yabbse ... pic=2680.0
Cathy Reznicek - Ventura County Office of Education