Direct Links to the Wing-Bling Reference Charts.

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When the eaglets are 8 weeks old .. the IWS Team enter their nests and ‘band’ them ... these wingblings help to ID the eagles .. wherever they go.

In order to know who the IWS team are referring to in their various Updates .. two reference charts were created and kept updated .. as time & information allows .. and you will find them in Eagle Media.

They are 'Pinned and Closed' threads at the top of All Eagles All The Time. (AEATT)

Here are the direct links to them

Wing-Bling Reference Chart, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Anacapa Islands Banded Eagles

Wing-Bling Reference Chart, Santa Catalina and San Clemente Islands Banded Eagles
Nanaimo, on beautiful Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.

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