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Rules of Chaos

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Through Chaos Comes Order !!

Forum Rules
1.NO Spamming !
2.NO Necroposting !
3.NO Warez, Cracks, Serials or Illegally obtained copyrighted content ! (This is also a rule of Zetaboards)
4.NO Racism or any type of Mobbing !
5.NO Excessive Swearing !
6.NO Porn/Adult content !
7.Respect the other members !
8.The Official Language spoken on the forum is English. If you have issues with speaking English please use the Google translator.
9.DONT Post Unprotected maps of other people without their agreement.
10."Private" Models CAN be shared.
Definition of Spamming
1.Double or Multiple Posting, in the same thread, in a short period of time, of irrelevant text that makes no sense or advertises different kind products like NIKE, etc.
2.Create the same nonsense or advertisement threads over and over again.
3.Junking on someone's PM, like asking over and over again even if that person doesn't reply on previous pms.
Definition of Necroposting
Posting in a thread that has 3 or more months of inactivity will start the following:


-Chaos Tavern threads

-Request Threads

-Resources and Tools if the download links are missing/broken, if people add new and improved versions or discover bugs, If people simply post elaborated positive feedback - basically more than one word.

-Tutorials - if people add new ideas or discover mistakes, If people simply post elaborated positive feedback - basically more than one word.

-Important Topics that can't die (Donations, Clans, Improving Thread, Recruiting Thread, Advertisement Threads and so on)
Penalty for Breaking Forum Rules
1stWarning Message
2ndIncrease Warn Level
3rdIncrease Warn Level + Decrease Posts by 100
4thIncrease Warn Level + Decrease Posts by 200 + Banned Temporary (3 days)
5thIncrease Warn Level + Banned Temporary (a month)
6thIncrease Warn Level + Banned Permanent / Exiled
Staff/Moderation Rules
1.Follow the Forum Rules !
2.Do Not Edit other members Posts/Threads, unless it's for censoring!
3.Do Not Delete/Trash other members Posts/Threads, if they're not breaking the forum rules !
4.Do Not Abuse of the Moderator Powers !
5.Provide explanations/reasons when giving any warnings !
Promotion/Demotion Rules
1.This rules will be applied if GV is absent or if it a real Emergency
2.If 5 Blue Generals (Co-Admins) vote for the demotion of one of the Blue Generals, he will be demoted.
3.If 2 Blue Generals (Co-Admins) vote for the demotion/promotion of a Colonel/Lieutenent/Wizard/etc he will be demoted/promoted.
4.If 3 Colonels or Wizards (Moderators) of a certain Section vote for the demotion/promotion of a Colonel/Lieutenent/Wizard/etc he will be demoted/promoted.
5.Any Blue General CAN promote a user to Paladin.
6.STAFF Members MUST provide explanation for every Promotion/Demotion
6.GV has the right to VETO (vota against such demotions/promotions) BUT only after giving a solid reason.
Penalty for Breaking Staff/Moderation/Co-Admin Rules
Demoted from his/her Position.
Uploading Resouces
ChaosRealm is a site for everyone who seeks resources for their maps and everyone can upload any resources usable for Warcraft 3 modding.

We allowed uploading resources made by others but with certain conditions. Here are the different kind of resources that you can upload on this site.

As we all know, maps are the fruit of hard work putted on Warcraft 3 modding custom resources are made purely for making a custom map. Thus custom maps need heavy crediting for the author and probably its team.

If you uploaded map by others on our Map Section you have to:

-Ask permission from the author. Its not really necessary if you have the intention to give credits, but sometimes a map author will really complain about this. If the map wasn't updated for 8 months and its surely will never be updated again then you don't need to ask permission to upload it to other sites.

-Give credits and the original link of the map. If the map was made by a team, put all their names and if they have then put their team name.

-Put proper description about the map. Screenshots are not necessary but useful to attract users to play the map.

-Don't ever claim that you made the map.

2D arts is a big part of Warcraft maps as its the one brings beauty for the game. From UI's, icons, skins. Its the one who brings life to the game. 2D arts is not that easy to learn so we really appreciate the effort of every 2D artist who shares their work for the sake of Warcraft 3 modding. So uploading 2D arts made by other people should be credited properly.

-Give credits for the author. Original link is not necessary but advisable.

-Edited/Recolored icons/skins by other users is not acceptable without credit.

-Respect the artist so don't claim their works.

Spells and Systems what makes a custom map enjoyable. It really is hard to go through a lot of triggering and coding stuffs just to make a unique gameplay for a map. And sharing this awesome materials are really a big gift to any modders who lacks knowledge about triggering and coding. So proper credit for out hard working coders should be given.

-Give credits for the author. Original link is not necessary but advisable.

-Spells that was only edited in-terms of damage/aoe/effects/re-naming variables then claiming it your own is unacceptable.

-Systems that was edited only in slight terms then claiming it your own is unacceptable.

ChaosRealm is the home for any modelers. Specially for anyone who makes models and animations from scratch. We also have talented modelers/animators that are willing to teach others. Also most of the models here are being use by many maps out there. Some are privately made just for that map. We allow models that came from other sites. Models that was ripped from a game etc. But we really demand proper credits for it.
Models from other sites

-All Allowed!
Rip Models

-All Allowed. Give proper credits to the company who made the resources. Credit to yourself or to the one who:
  • Ripped
  • Boned
  • Animated
  • etc
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