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Interests Different from majority in a place (though sometimes I can't)
Biography May 27th 2016: The final test begins AGAIN :')
TV Shows No longer watching anime seriously
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My boss' bomb went boom burst in a buff boosted bus boasting more books about bowed bows and cows' balls with a bowl's howl hole of hope ;)
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CLK Eclipse here QQ_badass
i****i I'm currently sitting on the park's bench.
Do you know what I want to say to all Chaos member? (Chinese, but it's not really Chinese, find out yourself) PS: I'm also searching for attention :xxd: Am I so childish? I'm a child after all :pp: Tee hee
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爱 .. 肉副 .. 买 .. 马的二 .. 恩 .. 发的二
恩 .. 爱 .. 肉副 .. 茶我速 .. 热一啊如木
My motto:
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I need money for watching anime, read manga, and playing games
If I need money, I've to work
If I want to work, I've to study
If I want to study, I need to concentrate
If I want to concentrate, I need foods and water
If I need foods and water, I've to be alive
If I want to be alive, I've to keep my body healthy
If I want to have a healthy body, I've to do sports
If I want to do sports, I need other people
If I need other people, I must help them too when they need me
If I want to help them, I've to try associate with them
If I try to associate with them, I mustn't giving them a cold shoulder
If I don't want to give them the cold shoulder, I've to BURN my shoulder