Sytholm: Tales of Heaven

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Sytholm: Tales of Heaven

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First 5 pages of my new story finally came up with a name, this however will haven no prolauge and it's my new style of writting. It must be in a quite for it to look right but even then it doesn't keep the 5 space tab button thing. I curse it!!! Well, I hope you enjoy, I love writting and would LOVE!!! To hear what'cha think.

Again there is a map, to keep track of charecter movements. And I must thank my friends BW and FL for the inspiration and aid when I needed help (I looked at their map) Oh and WL I used the mountains and trees from the CoE map to give detail.

Sytholm: Tales of Heaven

Chapter One: Fate

Cynewolf sat under a large oak tree and watched the other knights’ train. Cynewolf preferred watching he was never one for fighting. No matter what anyone one said or how mad he got he would accept it with a smile. He stood up his silver armor gleamed in the morning sunlight. The gold on it seemed to be blinding to look at. It was the armor of the knights. He was a knight of Tisor a castle on the very end of the southern lands. Armand a king of vigilance ruled it, it always amazed people when they should be sent to death when he sparred them, he thought human life should be loved and cared for not wasted. Cynewolf walked over to two other knights resting after their long spar.
“Cynewolf,” one greeted him. “Want to spar?” He said nudging Cyonewolf’s arm with his elbow.
Cynewolf ignored the gesture. The one that nudged him was Erick, a playful knight who enjoyed sparring more then anyone Cynewolf had ever met. The other was Garvin, Erick’s best friend.
“I have only come to watch,” Cynewolf said coldly. “I’ am ready for battle at anytime. I do not feel any need to—
“Get beat,” Garvin interrupted. “Sorry but we’ve never seen you fight. The land is peaceful war has yet to come upon the southern lands. Only the northerners are at war. We need something to keep us on edge.”
“Very well then,” Cynewolf muttered. “I will fight you Garvin, but do not be surprised if you have a hard time beating me.”
Garvin snickered at the thought. Garvin was the strongest knight there no one could beat him. Cynewolf was the only one left he had to beat to prove he was the strongest. Cynewolf walked over to the middle of the field, where there was the most room, and drew his two handed sword from his back. Garvin walked over and drew his one-handed blade and shield. They put their blades together and said a silent prayer, this was how knights prepared before battle, and then took a few steps back when they finished. Garvin stepped sideways and watched as Cynewolf stood there in his odd stance. He took a swing but Cynewolf blocked it and then hit his head with the hilt of his sword. Garvin however wore a helmet, which absorbed the blow but made his dizzy. He thrusted his shield forward and then catching Cynewolf off guard managed to hit his armor with his sword. Cynewolf retaliated by swinging his two handed sword as hard as he could against Garvin’s armor. Garvin was shaken at how much that blow actually hurt even with his armor. He stepped back and looked at his armor seeing a dent in it. He was happy no one had put such a large dent in his armor before. He staggered forward the pain coursed through his right arm where Cynewolf had hit him. Cynewolf swung his sword only to meet Garvin’s shield Garvin swung his sword hitting Cynewolf’s left arm. He didn’t leave any dent or anything and Cynewolf wasn’t even shaken.
“Enough,” Cried a knight rushing forward. “Monsters…at the gate Kobolds!”
Cynewolf immediately sheathed his sword and raced over to the tree he was sitting under. Behind it he grabbed a large bow and a quiver that he strapped to his side. The quiver carried many arrows, poisoned arrows.
“We must leave immediately,” Cynewolf said coolly. “How many do we fight?”
“An army,” the knight exclaimed. “There is more then a small number they’re after the mines in the mountains in the south. That’s our fastest resource if we lose it we lose our weapons!
“We defend the castle,” Erick said racing off.
“Wait up,” Garvin said running after him.
Cynewolf raced up to Erick, Erick was short and had long brown hair tied into a ponytail. Garvin was tall and bigger, though he worked on his fighting skills he lost barely any weight. He also had short wavy golden brown hair. They split when they got into the castle Cynewolf ran up a flight of stairs while Erick, Garvin, and the other knights went through two large iron doors leading to the drawbridge.
Erick drew his sword and shield and came to the drawbridge. He could hear the kobolds trying to devise a plan on how to get across. He looked at the other knights and they all shook their heads in agreement and Erick let the drawbridge down. Garvin and Erick were the first to get onto the battlefield. Erick slashed a kobold in the face killing and blocked a pickaxe coming towards his face. He let out a battle cry and killed the one that attacked him. Another jumped for him and was shot with an arrow. Erick knew Cynewolf was watching everyone and was support for them. He stabbed another attacking Garvin and then bashed another in the face with a shield then slashed it in two. Kobolds had frail skin and weak bones, the only thing that made them a threat were strong arms. Erick placed his hand in front of his and spread his fingers apart and a fireball shot from his hand incinerating everything in its path. The kobolds looked at each other with awe and disbelief. They began to run away from the castle many were shot with arrows or magical attacks. All the knights walked eagerly back to castle carry the few wounded they had. Erick stood beside Garvin who awaited Cynewolf’s return from the upper wall.
Cynewolf starred out into the horizon watching the kobolds run for their lives. Kobolds had never run away from a battle it was against their nature, they stood and fought to death, they normally stayed even when all odds were against them. This puzzled Cynewolf, nothing made sense “why would kobolds run,” he thought as he walked down the stairs meeting Garvin and Erick.
“We showed those bastards,” Garvin grinned. “It was fun too.”
Erick shook his head and smiled at Cynewolf.
“Doesn’t it seem odd that they ran though,” Erick asked. “I mean kobolds never run. They always stay and try and finish the job even if they are bound to fail.”
“They may have been sent to do something,” Garvin said coolly. “But what would they want besides our mines?”
Cynewolf shook his head in thought. Garvin was right kobolds were born to mine, carve statues, and fight intruders. They were simple and they hardly ever tried to take a mine that had many guards.
“The treasure,” Erick asked. “Armand does have gems, gold, and shards and maybe they wanted them for something.”
“I doubt it,” hissed a man in all black robes walking towards them. “Kobolds only mine to carve statues but if you offer them something…they will do whatever you ask.”
“May I ask your name,” Cynewolf asked with a slight bow.
“Where are my manners,” The man asked himself. “I’ am Clarke, the kings new advisor.”
“What happened to the old one,” Garvin asked. “I hadn’t heard of him dieing or anything of the sort.”
“He died of an illness,” Clarke hissed. “I was a high magician to…deal with prisoners and he asked me to be his advisor…personally.”
Cynewolf saw the Clarke’s eyes glow a slight red then dim to the light blue they were. Clarke walked up the stairs to the upper wall and Cynewolf looked at Erick.
“Something isn’t right with that guy,” Cynewolf said coldly. “He is up to something—“
“You think,” Garvin snorted. “Of course he is up to something!”
Erick clenched his fists in anger as he looked at Garvin.
“Why would the king hire an advisor in black robes,” Erick asked. “Black is impurity and corruption. The king must be losing his mind.”
“Hold on now we don’t know this,” Cynewolf said coolly. “If he is up to something we will find out in time, for now though, we will have to keep an eye on him.”
“We will have to deal with his orders though,” Garvin said with a heavy sigh. “I don’t know about you two but I don’t want to listen to him.”
Cynewolf sighed, that thought hadn’t crossed his mind they would have to listen to him, without questioning his methods.
“We will deal with it,” Cynewolf said coldly. “I will take into account what he does and says to me. You two must do the same. But it is late the sun has begin to set, we should attend dinner.”
Cynewolf walked through the halls while Garvin and Erick silently followed. The trio was quiet, they each had to figure out why the king would trust someone who wore the symbol of impurity. The came to a long hall with a long dinner table with several chairs around it, it had food on it leaving barely any room for their plates. The other knights had begun eating with their armor still on. The battle wasn’t that long ago and the wounded knights were eating as well, most of them had small scratches or cuts but others has gashes on the back of their arms where a pickaxe must’ve hit. Cynewolf sat on the west side of the table and began slowly eating. He had lost sights of Erick and Garvin and that usually meant they were trying to be mischievous.
Erick sat on his bed in his room. Garvin sat on a chair looking at him. Both of them knew what the other was think, “who is Clarke and what is he doing?” Erick looked up at Garvin then looked at the doorway. Clarke stood watching them.
“Can I help you,” Erick offered.
“No, I’m here to…observe the knights behavior,” Clarke said coolly. “I must learn of my units if I’ am to advise the king on where you should be in battle.”
“We’re fine,” Garvin snapped. “Erick and I always fight side by side and, nothing you say can change that.”
“Garvin,” Erick said putting his hand on the bulky warrior’s shoulder. “Sorry he has had a long day pay no mind to—“
“It is fine,” Clarke snorted. “Knights should know their place.”
Erick looked at Clarke with disbelief. How could he say such a thing?
“Listen you impure bastard,” Garvin stood up and glared at Clarke. “We know your up to something and, don’t think we can’t figure it out before you even do whatever your doing!”
“Garvin,” Erick yelled. “Your not supposed to—“
“It is fine,” The man hissed. “If you do not trust me so be it. I don’t expect all the knights to trust me. You still however must know your place, you are beneath me!”
“That’s enough,” Yelled a voice from behind Clarke. “Clarke leave at once the king has sent for you.”
The man growled under his hood and walked off. Cynewolf walked into the room with a scowl on his face.
“Garvin,” Cynewolf said coolly. “You are not supposed to make the king’s advisor mad!”
Garvin looked at Erick who had a sympathetic look on his face.
“I didn’t mean to make him angry,” Garvin said coldly. “I just told him that—“
“I know what you told him,” Cynewolf said coldly. “I was standing behind him the entire time. You should know to respect even those you dislike, it’s basic chivalry.”
“I’m sorry,” Garvin said coldly. “I didn’t mean to make him angry.”
A small boy in all red clothes walked into the room with his hand on his sword at his side.
“Kobolds have returned,” He said coldly. “They have breached the drawbridge and are planning an attack on the castle some of them made it into the castle so watch your backs.”
Erick looked at Garvin then Cynewolf and remembered Clarke’s saying “if you give the kobolds something they want they will do anything for you.”
Garvin looked at Cynewolf and grabbed his sword and shield.
“I say we go hunt ourselves some kobolds,” He said excitedly.
Cynewolf and Erick both raved out of the room and Garvin followed close behind. They ran up the stairs to the upper gate and looked down at the millions of kobolds that had set up camp.
“Cynewolf,” Erick said slowly. “We are outnumbered…”
“I know,” Cynewolf said coldly. “We have to worn the king and quickly.”
The trio ran down the stairs and made their way to the throne room. They looked at the throne and saw no one the king was gone!
“Cynewolf,” Garvin said coldly. “Where is the king!?”
“I don’t know,” Cynewolf yelled. “Damn it we have to find him.”
“I know where your king lay,” Said a familiar voice.
Everyone turned around and saw Clarke holding a staff with a crystal at the top. Cynewolf drew his sword, he saw a look in Clarke’s blue eyes that sent a chill down his spine. It was the look like the demons of hold had in their eyes but it was also a look of purity and largess.
“What is you want,” Cynewolf asked. “You must be after something, hiring kobolds like that, Gold, jewels, books of old, or is it something more?”
“I seek Sytholm the book of the angels,” The man hissed. “A book whose value exceeds that of any life on earth. It is more precious to your God then your own lives. Why I need it is none of your concern for you see…that army outside is awaiting my signal to attack and kill all the knights. Try anything to save your tails and they will kill everything.”