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April 15th, 2018, 7:09 pm #1

Welcome.  Video gaming addiction is powerful condition that affects every area of the lives of those suffering.  We're glad you are looking into resources that can help your son or daughter.  Here are some links that you may find of use.

We recommend that your child listens to some stories shared by members that have been posted to the CGAA youtube channel. See 

We also have daily voice meetings via smartphone or computer.  If your child wants to stop gaming, there is much we can do to help him or her.  If he or she does not want to stop, there is only a little we can do.  The members of CGAA can share their stories, and if your child listens, he will become familiar with the red flags of video gaming addiction.  Even if it has no effect on his behavior in the short term, it may help him come to terms with his situation in the future and enable him to seek help much faster.

There are other parents dealing with this situation who share experience with each other on the forums and chat room of OLG-Anon.  They have a weekly Thursday evening chat meeting.  Please check out these webpages:

For parents of adults
For parents of minors
What can I do?

This forum is for people who want to stop gaming or think they might have a problem with gaming.  We ask that you don't post here.  The forum at OLG-Anon is intended for family and friends of compulsive gamers.

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