4th May PA CGAA Meetup Costs & payment info

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4th May PA CGAA Meetup Costs & payment info

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If you have business forum access, click here for full info: 4th-may-pa-cgaa-meetup-costs-payment-info-t1639.html

PM me for forum access, PayPal info, or how to pay by check.

I made the payment of $400 on the rental house in Bushkill, PA.  If you're coming, please send your contribution as soon as you can.  I'll keep all the bookkeeping and post it here as the money comes in and goes out.

Several people will be driving from the New York City area, so we can coordinate carpooling from Newark airport and other nearby airports.  Arrive by 3 or 4pm to catch a ride with people driving from that area.
Bookkeeping report: wrote: Number of people expected: 12
Money collected: $90
Money paid for rent and deposit: $400
Money for group groceries: $350
Damage deposit: $0
Total paid: $400
Leftover: $- (will be donated to CGAA or refunded to n)
There are nine beds and five BYOM (Bring Your Own Mattress/cot/tent) spots in the house.  If we have more than 14 people, some will need to find other lodging.

We will buy groceries for the group, depending on how much money we collect.  If any money is charged for damage repair, we will need to collect more contributions to cover it.  (In the past three years, there was no damage and no deposit money withheld.)