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New to Celestial Refresh? We've got quite a few rules to allow for all sorts of different styles of play, and we know it can be a lot to take in at first. As you brainstorm ideas for your first character and get rolling with your form, follow along below:

Before Getting Stats
  • Character Creation: To see what character you can get and what you need to do to get it. Remember that you need to complete your first quest before you can have a second character!
  • Role-Playing: To see what we, as community, expect from your roleplaying.
  • Core Rules: Check these out to get a general idea of just about everything that can be found below. This is handy for learning the 101 on our basic stat terminology as well.
After Getting Your Stats
  • Post your stats into the Public Storage forum and put a link to the storage topic in your signature.
  • Paydays: Get some money!
  • The Mall and The Pool of Awakening: Spend your money! Tactician characters can buy followers and vehicles at the Recruitment Center, and Summons can be purchased in the "Special Techniques" section of Celestial Strikes.
  • Setting Primer: Learn more about the multiverse!
  • (Recommended) Newbie Fight Quest: If you prefer a more concise tutorial that gets you into action more quickly, but with less initial story, you can partake in a newbie fight quest instead of a standard quest! You can become a full member and unlock your second slot this way. Post in the Request Thread in the Discussion forum if this interests you. Only available to your first character.
  • Questing: Start up your first quest! This is another way you can unlock your second character slot! Yay! Not recommended until after you already finish your Newbie Fight Quest.
  • Quickstart, Primers and FAQs: For quick and easy answers on many of our rules and systems; also covers how things work in the community OOC.
Reading Your Stats For any other random questions you might have that aren't answered above, try the FAQ.
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