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odd ball electrical issue...

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June 1st, 2018, 6:57 pm #1

me 644 R30 has just gave me this little problem ! :chin: switch ign on green neautral light on but flickering bright then low then slowly gets brighter and no start hit starter button ign light goes off release starter button ign light slowly starts to get brighter but still flickering ! i checked battery 12.6v when ign is off 6v when you turn ign on ! lights wont even come on when ign turned on either, iv removed all the fuses 1 at a time and checked voltage with ign on no difference !, i get the odd click from a relay next to the fuse box but no starter :what:

more investigation found the battery is nacked, i disconected bike battery used a small spare battery i have from emergency lighting system and it started 1st touch also shows nearly 14v across battery when engine is running so charging ok.
i checked bike battery while it was disconnected from the bike and it shows 12.6v so that looked good ! i have a car indicator bulb i use as a test light i put that across the battery light just manages to come on and battery falls to 3v lol remove test bulb battery straight back up to 12.6v ! i connected battery charger to it and it just says fully charged so looks like a new battery tomorrow. these yellow motoblat batteries so i was told are the dogs ! well this is the 2nd 1 of these i have had to change just out side its 12 month warranty this 1 on me ccm and other on me triumph datona so not to hot if you ask me.
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Glad you sorted it, I would have said battery, then read your second paragraph and you had already sussed it,

yes some batteries measure fine till they have a load, I bought a digi battery tester just to prove a point, as they put a load on battery.
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Had the same issue, took ages to work out that the battery was knackered. I bought 1 from fleabay as it was cheap-by cheap by twice!!!!!!