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Funny, I see "Ulmar's Saga" being the last responded to post in the list, and man, that was a while ago. The story sure has gotten... different from there. Ulmares Vintorez Mauricio is still in it, but given a very minor role. So is the viking Starkhandr, who was being considered to be a protagonist at one point.

So, what have I been doing? Well, that is an interesting question indeed. I have moved, and with that, I began working on a new idea. While in the process recycling old ideas (some dating back to when I was 11) I have been turning this into an incredibly ambitious project, the biggest I have ever done.

An entire world. As in, an entire planet, set roughly in the renaissance, with all it's cultures, religions, alliances, histories, all of it.

This lego project will be just cover a small part of it, of course. I am currently balling between making short stories set in the universe or focusing on a single character and his/her exploits.

I have spent years now adding new countries and more lore, so much lore that it is probably comparable to Elder Scrolls at this point, but with a bigger scope than a single continent.

So, what is this world like? Imagine a world were legendary countries are real, and exist side by side with countries you have never heard of. Imagine a world were the Romans weren't the major super power of their time, but the Saxons grew into an empire spanning almost the entire globe. This is not a place of good vs evil, but a place of people being people, and as such prioritize themselves and their families, if not their god(s) or their ideals, all seeing themselves as the heroes of their own stories.

Due to an event roughly 400 years ago, a mist covers the oceans that shifts were you end up traveling through it every 50 years, making any imperial expansion impossible. The Sagoran Empire that once ruled the world is no more, and it is a golden age of trade, the threat of a great war is on the rise. Two men, a merchant king and a self-proclaimed messiah claim both that they can end the age of shifts, and empires can flourish once again. In the meantime, the Finmen, dwelling deep beneath the ocean in their crystal cities, are plotting against both. Afterall, the shifts continuation would allow them, who are unaffected by the mist, to conquer all without any problem, or have they not acted yet because they want to keep the status quo?
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