My as well stir the pot here too

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September 2nd, 2017, 3:37 am #1

We have a good debate going on over my CNCrough out bears on Facebook. We may as well add a few more opinions. ... 1629159054

The Big Buzz has a great site this year I can't say everything about it I'm waiting for a signed contract but the whole event could be under cover this year which is absolutely amazing.

I hope everyone had a good Summer.


September 2nd, 2017, 3:54 am #2

Very hard but yet simple...
Selling bears. Lol..
Not my style Barre with the funky shoes...
I have enough old cowboy boots to get me through , and a roll of duck tape.

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go getem Barre
September 4 2017, 9:05 AM

Followed that thread on Facebook you got the rookies stirred up pretty good,sales buy time for art.

why is a painter allowed to make prints off an original but sculptors cant make reproductions?

Its an insatiable market that cant be filled according to my uncle mike McVay in 1976, he had been carving with a chainsaw for twenty years at that point.

In the pacific northwest I know of at least 3 carvers that have duplicators {Terrco'S from north Dakota from at least twenty years one guy upgraded to a machine that did twenty at a time,he is still spewing carvings out.

This is old news.

We have been discharging carvings into the pacific northwest bloodstream for forty years handmade or handcrafted with no end in sight, there is in my estimation 100s of carvers from the canadian border to Portland Oregon.

Anyone willing to work is as busy as they want to be.

The common problem unique to all is a lack of inventory so thank you barre for your pulic service and pot stirring!

These new carvers are like Teenagers and Sex, they think they invented it when they merely discovered it!