Greetings to all

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I just joined and wanted to say hello.
I am a full time chainsaw carver and I have a website that offers carving and tool tips videos.
check it out ( I have shops in both Wisconsin and Missouri and onsite carve all over the midwest south and west )

I look forward to reading and posting here

Carver Jim

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I checked out your site and it looks good. Looks like your pretty versatile in what you do.
I been at it over 25 years, mainly as a supplement to a weekly working paycheck.
Back when the forums were birthed. The wealth of information one could find here was priceless. And the friendships one can make last forever, sometimes, LOL.
Now most have moved on to other things and others moved on to Facebook, etc. Only a hand full of us diehard 'hate to change' are still lurking around here.
All the info you could ever want is still here. Just put in the search box what you want to know. The answer is there.
Anyways good luck and welcome.

I don't check in much, but when I do I'll response if I feel I can contribute anything.