Finally Started the Saw

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5:57 PM - May 10, 2018 #1

Hello again.Please accept my apologies for not being able to respond all the helpful and encouraging texts of yours as i am still having troubles accessing my account possibly from my own faults.So far i found an old dried log from the neighborhood which measured 50x55 centimeters and decided to try carving it.I tried to shape the log into a mushroom but i failed in many aspects.It was 30°c and as its my first time pulling the cord of a chainsaw i wore protective pants , headset and boots.The heat , stress of being a virgin at saw , the smell of fumes and bar oil combined with the smell of this resinous wood was a bit harsh.My biggest problem was the lack ofna dedicated carving stand.The log gave adverse reactions and tried to roll over every direction as i tried to cut it.The saw was generally okey.It's embarrassing to share the pictures of this weird end result but i will do it..Thanks in advence for all your help and comments.

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