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No monitor on start up

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No longer a newbie!
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April 17th, 2018, 9:08 am #1

Hello all,

Sometimes on start up, the screens (I have a 2 monitor set up) remain blank. I have to restar or close down and start up, perhaps two or three times before a normal boot comes up on screen.
3 possible things come to mind as causing this.
1 I thought I'd do a gentle bit of overclocking (since reset back)
2 USB ports, both 2 and 3 are my personal nemesis. I loathe them because of the appallingly poor design. Occasionally I try to insert a USB cable into the floor mounted PC, get it the wrong way round, and although it won't fit, of course, it can make an incorrect contact - which invariably forces a shut down.Either of those two issues makes me suspicious that they are related to the fault, which occurs intermittently. Sometimes start up is quite normal, sometimes I just get a blank display, which only 'cures itself after a few attempts at start up.

Anyone had this issue?

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