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80s Cartoon God
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9:24 PM - Aug 12, 2011 #1

Dear all!

The new 80sCartoons website will be launching on September 1st 2011! And there will be a very special auction taking place on eBay in support of the NSPCC with loads of exclusive 80s cartoon related goodies!! Hope you can make it.

I do however, need to explain that this forum will NOT be linked to from the new site. I haven't decided the future of the content - for the foreseeable future it will certainly still be online, but as times change and people interact differently, I'm afraid Facebook has won me, and 80sCartoons, over.

Some of you might say that I haven't promoted this forum enough, which might well be true. This forum was a lively place 6 years ago, with enough new visitors and regulars to really make it a fun place to hang-out... but as the regulars have dissipated, leaving only a select few, and less new members that post regularly, a forum only used to 10% of its capacity isn't much good to anyone, and will reflect badly on a brand spanking new website trying to promote new-ness and activity. I often think that the move to ZetaBoards did damage to the forum, and it's a decision I do regret. I didn't have the time or resources to rebuilt it, though I do thank Mikey for trying!

If you have a Facebook account, I truly urge you to join the 80sCartoons page - it's great fun, with lots of interaction, and is just beginning to develop its own "regulars", and currently has over 7,000 fans.

I'm sorry if this news comes badly to anyone, and trust me - it's not a decision I've made lightly! I've made some good friends through this forum, and had some real laughs, and for that I thank you all!

But please, I'd love your support at the auction, and please check out the new site on September 1st, I hope you'll all love it.

This isn't good-bye, just a news flash.




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